10 Best Fire Pit Burners You Can Buy in 2021 | Buying Guide

The Best Fire Pit Burners

When it comes to gas fire pits, the burner is one of the parts that can make or break its performance. It’s size, shape, and construction can make or break the performance of your fire feature.

This is why you need to know what to look for in a burner when you’re building or improving the features of your gas fire pit.

How exactly do you find the top rated fire pit burner? Surprisingly, it’s not so hard to do.

To help carry out this task, we’ve whipped up a quick guide containing tips and product recommendations that should help you find the right burner for your fire pit. Check it out below.

Top Rated 10 Fire Pit Burners in 2021 – Get The Right Model:

Picture Product Name

12″ Round Fire Pit Burner Ring

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Stanbroil 30″ Round Fire Pit Burner Ring

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Onlyfire 30-inch Stainless Steel Round Burner

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Skyflame 18-Inch Round Stainless Steel

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Stanbroil Rect Drop-in Fire Pit Pan & Burner

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American Fireglass Stainless Steel Burner

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Celestial Fire Glass 12″ Round

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Golden Flame 24″ x 6″ H-Burner

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Fire Ring Burner for Fire Pits and Fireplaces, 36 Inch

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Dreffco 36″ Stainless Steel Ring Fire Pit Burner

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Our Picks of 10 Best Fire Pit Burners Reviews:

If you don’t know where to start looking, here’s a roundup of 10 of the best gas fire pit burner in the market today.

This list can give you an idea of what to expect from the finest options and maybe even help you find the very item you’re looking for.

1. 12″ Round Fire Pit Burner Ring

With an impressive set of features, the Golden Flame 12” Round Gas Fire Pit Burner Ring is undeniably one of the best items to start this list with. It promises to be a step up from all the other burner rings that you can find in the market today.

What sets it apart from its competition is its construction. Made from a material that’s 42% thicker than what others use, you can definitely count on it to withstand high temperatures.

The fact that its holes are drilled and not punched is also notable as punched holes tend to create a disturbing whistling sound.

While some folks might not mind, it can certainly be a bit annoying if you want to spend quiet evenings by the fire.


  • 12” round SS Fire Ring Burner
  • 1/2″ center gas fitting
  • Very thick 304-series stainless steel material
  • Machine drilled holes
  • Up to 90,000 BTU rating
  • 10-year warranty

2. Stanbroil 30″ Round Fire Pit Burner Ring

Those with dark-colored fire pits who want a seamless appearance should check out the Stanbroil 30” Round Fire Pit Burner Ring.

With its black coloring, you might be able to conceal it more easily to achieve a more professional-looking setup.

Aside from its appearance, this burner ring also promises an attractive fire. Its crossbar design with concentric rings promises a nice flame height and distribution so your fire pit will look more alive and attractive.

Quality-wise, you can count on it to last you a long while. It has a high BTU rating and is made of high-grade material.


  • 30″ round fire ring
  • 3/4″ center gas fitting
  • Female gas inlet
  • Up to 435,000 BTU rating
  • Warp-resistant, heavy-duty steel with black paint
  • Crossbar design promises an effective gas distribution
  • Drilled gas holes
  • Inlet plug and wrench included

3. Onlyfire 30-inch Stainless Steel Round

For a relatively fuss-free setup, the Onlyfire 30-inch Stainless Steel Round Burner Ring is a solid choice.

It might not look too different from all the other burners listed here but the fact that it’s outfitted for a natural gas fire pit gives it an edge.

With this design, you don’t need a converter anymore if you’ve always planned on hooking up your fire pit to your gas line.

It’s not just for natural gas fire pits, however. You can still use it with a propane gas set up by adding an air mixer valve, making it even more versatile.


  • 30” round fire ring
  • Triple ring burner
  • ¾” center gas fitting
  • Up to 435,000 BTU rating
  • 3 crossbar design
  • Drilled gas holes
  • Inlet plug, wrench, and brass conversion connector included
  • Made for natural gas fire pits but can also be used with propane gas with an air mixer valve

4. Skyflame 18-Inch Round Stainless Steel

The Skyflame 18-inch Round Stainless Steel burner ring is a nice option for small fire pits not just because of its size.

Its flame jet outlets are also worth noting as they can be a great choice for those who are worried about having the flame outlets getting covered by fire glass or lava rocks.

Not only will the jet outlets keep you from worrying for your fire pit’s safety but it can also offer great results. These outlets offer more gas pressure for stronger flames so your fire pit will surely look full of life despite its small size.


  • 18” round burner ring
  • 1/2″ NPT high-capacity inlet
  • 304 stainless steel material
  • Double concentric burner
  • Flame jet outlets
  • Up to 150,000 BTU rating
  • Natural-gas ready but can also be used with propane with the addition of an air mixer valve

5. Stanbroil Rect Drop-in Fire Pit Pan & Burner

Those who are looking for a burner for their rectangular fire pit should check out the Stanbroil Rect Drop-in Fire Pit Pan & Burner.

Aside from allowing you to create an elegant fire feature, it’s also very easy to install so it can be a quick solution for your desired backyard addition.

This item is relatively large as it can hold up to 35 lbs of lava rocks or fire glass. Its size can also guarantee that you’ll be able to install a large fire feature that can become a focal point in your backyard.


  • 30″ x 10″ drop-in fire pit pan
  • H-shaped welded burner
  • 1 1/4″ top flange
  • Male ½” gas inlet
  • ½” pan lip
  • Up to 90,000 BTU rating
  • Drilled burner holes
  • Natural and propane gas options
  • Extra mounting plate included for an optional igniter
  • Built-in weep holes for drainage

6. American Fireglass Stainless Steel, 24 by 8-Inch

Another option for a drop-in fire pit is the American Fireglass Stainless Steel, 24 by 8-inch Drop-In Fire Pit Pan and Burner.

It’s slightly smaller than the option above so you have more options in configuring your backyard’s fire feature.

The most notable thing about this item is its quality construction. It’s made from 304 stainless steel and can handle up to 120,000 BTUs so you can count on it to be a reliable main component of your outdoor fire pit.


  • 24” x 8” drop-in fire pit pan
  • Welded H-burner
  • 1 1/4″ top flange
  • 100% 304 stainless steel material
  • Up to 120,000 BTU rating
  • Built-in weep holes
  • Made for natural gas setups but can also work with propane with the help of an air mixer valve
  • 5-year warranty

7. Celestial Fire Glass 12″ Round

The Celestial Fire Glass 12” Round burner ring can make a solid case for those who are after the most versatile burner ring.

It’s suitable for both natural gas and propane gas setups thanks to a reversible plug that will allow you to use both types of installation.

Another great plus for this item is the appearance of its flames. While it’s small in size, it’s capable of producing a campfire-like central flame.

So if you’re not a fan of the racing flame effect that other burners offer, this might be the best pick for you.


  • 12” round burner ring
  • 1/2″ NPT threaded female inlet
  • Double ring design
  • Crossbar design
  • Up to 92,000 BTU rating
  • 304 stainless steel material
  • Reversible inlet plug
  • 1/2″ inlet plug and Allen wrench included

8. Golden Flame 24″ x 6″ H-Burner

Want an H-burner but not the pan? Then check out the Golden Flame 24” x 6” H-Burner. This item doesn’t come with a pan so you can just attach it as is to your fire pit without worrying too much about drainage.

Made with premium-quality stainless steel that is also thicker than what others use, this can be all you need to create a magnificent fire feature in your backyard.


  • 12” x 6” fireplace H-burner
  • 304-series stainless steel
  • Machine-drilled holes
  • Connection kit with brass fittings and damper C-clamp included
  • Up to 60,000 BTU rating
  • Natural gas compatible

9. Fire Ring Burner for Fire Pits and Fireplaces, 36 Inch

For large, dark-colored fire pits, the Fire Pit Essentials’ Fire Ring Burner for Fire Pits and Fireplaces, 36 Inch can do the trick.

Its massive size promises to help you create a splendid fire feature in your backyard without too much fuss. With its dark coloring, you might not have a hard time concealing it with lava rocks and fire glass.


  • 36” round burner ring
  • Black steel construction
  • Drilled burner ports
  • Up to 445,000 BTU rating
  • Natural and propane gas compatible

10. Dreffco 36″ Stainless Steel Ring Fire Pit Kit

If you’re after a round burner ring with a pan, then the Dreffco 36” Stainless Steel Ring Fire Pit Kit is for you.

Made with high-grade stainless steel, this item is touted to be the brand’s best-selling burner ring. With its sturdy construction and high-temperature rating, it’s not surprising that it’s a very popular pick.


  • 30” round burner ring
  • 36” stainless steel flat pan
  • 1/2″ Connection Hub
  • 304 stainless steel material
  • Triple ring construction
  • Up to 250,000 BTU rating
  • ½” keyed chrome main shut-off valve
  • ½” non-whistle flex line

What Size Fire Ring Do I Need?

Among the many different factors that you should take into consideration when shopping for a gas fire pit burner ring, the size is possibly one of the most important.

There’s no way you can use a burner ring that’s too big for a fire pit and going too small would definitely affect the overall look of your fire feature.

So how do you choose the right burner size? It’s pretty simple. The rule of thumb is that your burner should be 6 inches smaller than the inner dimensions of your fire pit.

So if the inside of your pit measures 30 inches, you should opt for a 24-inch burner.

Why so small you might ask? There are several good reasons why you should stick to this recommendation. Here are a few of them:

  1. Safety. You shouldn’t really have fire near the lip of your fire pit as that’s just not wise. It doesn’t matter if you have a fire bowl, a regular fire pit, or a fire pit table. If the flames can spill over the lip of the bowl, it can easily put everyone near it in danger.


  1. Appearance. A fire pit with flames that are concentrated in the middle of the feature looks more appealing than one that has flames spilling over. The latter will look a lot more like a stove than a cozy fire feature, so you might want to avoid that.


  1. Firepit integrity. By keeping the flames away from the sides of your firepit, you can also keep your fire feature in great shape for a longer period of time. While the housing materials for such installations are capable of handling high temperatures, they can still get damaged, charred, or even crack if continuously exposed to flames and high heat.

Should Fire Glass Cover the Burner?

Another frequently asked question about firepits is whether you should let fire glass cover the burner. Lots of people are concerned about having such fillers sitting on top of the flames for various reasons and it’s easy to see why.

For example, most folks worry that fillers can prevent the outlets from releasing the flames properly. This can affect the overall look and performance of the fire pit.

Others worry about the effect of the flames on fire glass and lava rocks. Will direct heat cause them to get charred and alter their appearance? This is a valid concern as these items are supposed to last you a long while.

However, the answer to the main question is that fire glass should cover the burner if you want to achieve an elegant look for your fire pit.

While the concerns above are understandable, you don’t really have to worry about them.

Fire glasses and lava rocks will not smother the flames that the burners will release, ensuring that you’ll still get to enjoy a nice fire even with some fire glass and lava rocks sitting on top of your burner.

If you really don’t want fillers to sit on top of your burner’s holes, you can also opt for the burners with jet outlets. With their raised design, they won’t be easily buried.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Gas Fire Pit Burner?

Ready to start weeding out your options?

Here are a few things that you should look into when choosing the top rated fire pit burners:

1. Size

As mentioned above, the size of the burner plays a huge role in the performance of your fire pit. This is why you should be very particular about the right size for your fire feature.

Do not make hasty decisions and estimations if you want to do things correctly the first time around.

Again, as mentioned above, your fire pit burner should be at least 6 inches smaller than the total inner measurements of your fire pit. You can go a bit smaller if you want but it’s highly recommended not to go bigger.

2. Shape

The shape of the burner is also important to consider as it can also affect the overall look of your fire pit. It should match the shape of your fire feature in order to make the flames look full and lively.

So if you have a round pit, then you should get a burner ring. If you have a rectangular fire pit, you should look for H-burners.

Don’t feel restricted, though. Some burners have more complicated shapes and designs, so you might want to check those out as well.

3. Material

The material of your burner can determine its longevity and quality so you should also pay close attention to this detail. It’s recommended that you go for thick, heavy-duty, and weatherproof metals.

Stainless steel is a popular option but you can also go for other equally great alternatives as well.

Aside from their quality construction, make sure to also check their heat rating. The higher the BTUs they can handle, the more promising their performance will be.

4. Gas type

Your choice of fuel should also play a huge role in choosing the right burner for your fire pit. Why? Because these types of gases require different configurations.

You can’t just install a burner with a propane gas inlet if you’re going to use natural gas. It simply won’t work. So make sure to decide on where to hook up your fire pit before you start shopping for a burner.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best fire pit burners may seem like a menial task that you can do without much thought but if you want the best results, you really should put more effort into the task.

We hope this guide helps you realize that doing so isn’t too much of a hassle. If you know what you want and need, you can certainly find a great burner for your fire feature without a hitch.