10 Best Non-Stick Roasting Pans Review 2021 | Our Top Picks

It’s not hard to see why a lot of people are drawn into non-stick cookware. With cleanups being some of the most challenging parts of making meals at home, opting for items that can make the chore easier makes perfect sense.

This is why it’s not surprising to learn that lots of people are considering getting the best non-stick roasting pan instead of the other available options.

If you’re still trying to get to know your options better, you might also find other materials to be great options for roasting pans. Some of them are more highly recommended by experts like stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum for their durability and versatility.

So why should you give non-stick varieties a chance? Read this guide all the way through and you might just find the answers you’re looking for.

Our Picks of 10 Best Non-stick Roasting Pans:

1. Calphalon Contemporary Hard Anodized Non-stick 16-Inch Roasting Pan

If you don’t know what to expect from the top non-stick roasting pan, the Calphalon Contemporary Hard Anodized Non-stick 16-Inch Roasting Pan can clue you in.

This product offers the very features most people want in reliable non-stick cookware which explains its popularity.

As it also offers great bang for your buck from its quality construction and useful inclusions, it can easily be a good pick for a lot of households.


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  • Heavy-duty, hard-anodized aluminum construction
  • PFOA-free non-stick coating
  • Triple-layer non-stick coated interior
  • 25-lb cooking capacity
  • Triple-riveted brushed stainless steel handles
  • Comes with a non-stick V-shaped rack, 2 stainless steel lifters, and injection baster
  • Stove ready (except induction)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Measures 17.5 x 13.5 x 5.91”


2. Circulon Non-stick Roasting Pan

Don’t let the gray coloring of the Circulon Non-stick Roasting Pan put you off. It might not have the darkest coating but its quality makes up for it.

This item actually features the DuPont Autograph premium-quality non-stick coating so it can promise you durability and great results.

Aside from not using harmful chemicals in its production, it’s also one of the most popular non-stick coating manufacturers so you can be guaranteed of reliable quality.


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  • Heavy-duty carbon steel construction
  • DuPont Autograph, PFOA-free premium-quality non-stick coating
  • 28-lb cooking capacity
  • Riveted stainless steel handles
  • Heavy-gauge wire U-shaped rack with lift-out handles
  • Oven safe to 450F
  • Measures 17 x 13 x 6.5”


3. Cuisinart 6117-14 Chef’s Classic

The Cuisinart 6117-14 Chef’s Classic is actually a lasagna pan and not a roasting pan. But if you want versatile nonstick cookware, this can still help you make the tastiest roasted dishes.

Aside from being big enough to accommodate large chunks of meat, its durable construction and design will also let it get the job done without a hitch.

What makes this a great substitute for an actual roasting pan is its heavy-duty construction. It’s hard anodized and has a quantum non-stick coating so it can guarantee durability.


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  • Hard-anodized aluminum construction
  • Quantanium non-stick cooking surface reinforced with titanium
  • Riveted, solid stainless steel handles
  • Drip-free pouring
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Measures 2.5 x 17.5 x 10”


4. Calphalon Classic Non-stick Roaster

Another Calphalon option that you can check out is the Calphalon Classic Non-stick Roaster. This item may be more basic than the other item listed above but it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad choice.

In fact, if you’re after a no-frills non-stick roaster that you don’t have to fuss about, this can be a good choice. It’s friendlier price tag can also make this item more appealing to some home cooks.


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  • Medium-gauge hard-anodized aluminum construction
  • Riveted and polished stainless-steel handles
  • 25-lb cooking capacity
  • Non-stick coated U-shaped rack with lift-out handles
  • Oven-safe up to 450F
  • Gas, halogen, electric, and glass stove ready
  • Full lifetime warranty
  • Measures 16 x 13 x 7”


5. All-Clad E751S264

With the brand being one of the most reliable cookware manufacturers around, it shouldn’t be surprising to find the All-Clad E751S264 in this list.

This stainless steel/non-stick roasting pan hybrid appeals to those who want the durability of stainless steel and the convenience non-stick coatings have to offer.

Its construction also makes it a popular pick for those who are willing to invest in a roasting pan that’s easy to clean.


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  • Single-ply polished stainless-steel exterior construction
  • Warp-resistant bonded base
  • Triple-layer PFOA-free nonstick coated interiors
  • 20-lb cooking capacity
  • Riveted stainless steel handles
  • Oven safe up to 500F
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Compatible with all stovetops (except induction)
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Measures 16 x 13 x 5”


6. Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick Roast Pan

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a roasting pan if you don’t want to. Good affordable options like the Chicago Metallic Professional Non-stick Roast Pan can offer great results at a lower price.

Featuring a heavy-duty construction and silicone-based non-stick coating, it can deliver similar results and the ease of use other top-rated roasting pans offer. It might not have all the bells and whistles but it’s just as versatile and functional as the other items on the list.


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  • Heavy-gauge aluminized steel construction
  • Silicone-based non-stick coating
  • Non-stick coated, flat roasting pan with lift-out handles
  • Oven safe up to 450F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Measures 13 x 9 x 2.25”


7. Cook N Home 16 by 12-Inch Non-stick Roaster Pan

For a heavy-duty roaster that doesn’t cost a lot, the Cook N Home 16 by 12-Inch Non-stick Roaster Pan is a solid option. For its affordable price, it already has some heft so you don’t have to hesitate using it on the stove.

Its V-shaped rack is also a nice addition because it doesn’t just add functionality to the set but it’s also very easy to clean.


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  • Thick aluminum construction
  • Polished steel exterior
  • Double-coated, PFOA-free non-stick interior
  • 25-lb cooking capacity
  • Solid cast metal handles
  • V-shaped non-stick coated rack with lift-out handles
  • Compatible with most stoves except induction
  • Oven safe to 450F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Measures 16 x 12 x 5”


8. Farberware Non-stick Bakeware 11-Inch x 15-Inch Roaster

The Farberware Non-stick Bakeware 11-Inch x 15-Inch Roaster is another versatile and affordable option for a non-stick roasting pan.

It’s simple design makes it a great pick for those who are looking for a no-frills cookware. As it’s also completely coated with non-stick material, it also guarantees fuss-free cleanups.


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  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Warp-resistant bottom
  • Non-stick coated interior and exterior
  • Elevated, flat wire rack
  • Chrome-plated fold-down handles
  • Oven safe to 450F
  • Measures 16 x 11.2 x 2.5”


9. Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Roasting Pan

Thinking of heeding the advice of some experts who aren’t big fans of investing in a roasting pan? The Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Roasting Pan might do the trick for you.

This is the most affordable option in the list so if you really don’t want to spend money on this cookware, this can be a good choice.

Despite its very low price, it’s very durable, easy to clean, and can accommodate a large number of ingredients. Just don’t expect any extras from it, though.


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  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Reinforced non-stick coating
  • Extended edges double as handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited 5-year warranty
  • Measures 18.5 x 13.8 x 3”


10. Mr. Rudolf 18/10 Stainless Steel Non-stick Roasting Pan

Possibly the most versatile pick in this list is the Mr. Rudolf 18/10 Stainless Steel Non-stick Roasting Pan. It comes with a lid that also doubles as an extra roasting pan so you get to have two roasting pans with a single purchase.

Both are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and with a high-quality non-stick coating, ensuring durability and great functionality. Top it all off with a very friendly price and it can also offer great value for your money.


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  • Triple-ply, 18/10 mirror finish stainless steel exterior construction
  • Triple-layer GREBLON Non-Stick Technology interior construction
  • Pure aluminum core
  • Welded, solid stainless steel handles
  • Drip-free pouring
  • Oven safe to 500F
  • Stovetop compatible including induction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lid doubles as an extra roasting pan
  • Measures 19.7 x 11.4 x 5”


How to Clean Non-stick Roasting Pans?

For a lot of people, the amount of effort required by a piece of cookware during cleanups can make or break their decision.

This is also the very reason why non-stick options are very popular because they have a reputation to be very easy to clean. But, really, how easy are they to clean? These tips should clue you in.

1. Wash your pan by hand.

While some non-stick pans are labeled dishwasher safe, it’s still best to limit your pan’s exposure to heat. This can further extend the life of their coating and prevent it from melting off entirely right away.

2. Use non-abrasive cleaning tools.

Steel wool and brushes with stiff bristles shouldn’t be used on non-stick pans as they can scratch and even peel the coating. Use mild detergents and gentle sponges instead. If you need to scrub out gunk or burnt in food, use a paste made of baking soda and water instead.

3. Soak only when necessary.

Exposing your non-stick pan to water all the time might damage its coating, so it’s best to only soak it when there’s food stuck on the cooking surface. Remember to also use hot to lukewarm water to avoid severe temperature changes, especially if your pan is fresh off the stove.

4. Dry the pan immediately after washing.

Again, exposing your non-stick pan to too much moisture can be damaging to its coating. Dry it as soon as you finish washing it to keep it in great shape.

5. Season from time to time.

You can do this by either heating a tablespoon of cooking oil with some rock salt in the pan or by rubbing some vegetable oil into the pan and then wiping it off with a paper towel. The oil can create a protective barrier that can prevent the coating from drying out.

10 Benefits of Using a Non-stick Roasting Pan:

Benefits of Using a Non-stick Roasting PanIf the easy steps in cleaning a non-stick roasting pan didn’t convince you to get one, these ten benefits might just give you enough reasons to consider this cookware:

1. No scrubbing necessary!

Food won’t stick into this cookware so you don’t have to worry about burnt ingredients getting stuck in your roasting pan.

2. Cleanups are generally easier.

Because you don’t have to exert a lot of effort scrubbing these pans to get rid of stuck food, they’re generally easier to clean.

3. They’re usually stovetop ready.

A lot of non-stick roasting pans can also be used on stovetops as well so it’s safe to say that they’re quite versatile. You might just find other uses for this cookware which can let you get the most out of your purchase.

4. They look great.

There’s no denying that non-stick cookware looks modern and attractive.

5. non-stick materials do not react with acids.

These roasting pans are also safer to use if you plan to cook with acidic ingredients often. The material won’t react with the acids so you don’t have to worry about the mixture getting into your system.

6. You won’t need a lot of oil to cook with a non-stick pan.

You don’t really need to use a lot of oil with non-stick cookware. This won’t just let you save some money in the long run but it can also be better for your health.

7. They usually come with a non-stick rack as well.

One of the best things about opting for a non-stick roasting pan is that they usually come with non-stick roasting racks as well. This can help make your cleanups a lot easier since stuck food in racks can be a challenge to remove.

8. You don’t need to line the pan with an aluminum foil or use non-stick spray which can be quite wasteful.

A lot of people use aluminum foil or non-stick sprays on their roasting pans for easier cleanups. You can skip these additional steps with the latest non-stick roasting pan.

9. They’re quite affordable.

You can find quite a few non-stick roasting pans with friendly price tags so you don’t need to worry about spending an arm and a leg for this cookware.

10. It’s relatively easy to care for non-stick cookware.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything to keep your non-stick roasting pan in top shape because there are lots of things that you can do to prevent damage from regular use.

Experts even recommend seasoning your pan from time to time on top of using non-abrasive cleaning tools and utensils. However, it’s still way easier to maintain than other materials like stainless steel or cast iron.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Non-stick Roasting Pan?

How to Choose the Best Non-stick Roasting Pan

At this point, it’s highly likely that you’ve already realized that non-stick roasting pans are great additions to your kitchen.

If you’ve decided to get one, here are a few tips to help you pick the one that will meet your needs:

1. Never compromise quality.

Non-stick cookware still comes with a few risks and roasting pans, in general, have to be very sturdy to ensure your safety. These are the very reasons why it’s extremely important to make sure that you’ll get the highest quality option available. Do not skimp on quality if you want to get a non-stick roasting pan.

2. Be very particular about the materials used.

To help you determine the quality of the non-stick roasting pan you intend to get, you should pay close attention to the materials it used.

Look at what the pan is made of because that can help you ensure its durability. Most experts recommend heavy-gauge stainless steel but they can get a bit pricey. High-grade aluminum is a great option, too, but they’re not compatible with induction ranges, so keep that in mind as well.

You should also pay close attention to the non-stick coating material. Most non-stick cookware uses Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to achieve their smooth surface.

You might also find non-stick roasting pans with sol-gel “ceramic” and silicone coatings. Not all of them are made with high-quality coating, however, so you should make sure to look for ones that do.

Of the three, a high-grade PTFE coating can offer the highest durability. Silicone coated items are cheaper, on the other hand. But if you want something with PFOA-free claims, high-heat resistance, and various color options, the sol-gel variety can be a good pick for you.

3. Make sure to read reviews.

Want to know which pans perform best? Product reviews can give you the information you need. Read as many reliable reviews as you can to learn more about the product you’re eyeing as it can help you weigh your options.

4. Additional accessories can extend the versatility of your roasting pan.

Some roasting pans come with accessories while others don’t. It’s entirely up to you which one to go for, although, the ones that come with accessories can be more convenient picks. You can definitely benefit from owning a non-stick rack so you don’t have to look for one separately.

5. Don’t forget to take measurements.

Like all roasting pans, your non-stick roaster should fit inside your oven in order for it to be useful. This is why you shouldn’t forget to take measurements before getting one as these products come in different sizes.

It won’t hurt to make sure that the cookware you’re getting is the right size for your cooking equipment so you don’t have to be hassled with the tedious task of returning and exchanging your purchase.

Final Verdict

There may be lots of other great materials for roasters but if you prefer something that will make your chores easier, non-stick options would be hard to beat. The best non-stick roasting pan will cut down your cleanup time shorter and will require less effort to wash.

And even if they don’t necessarily last a lifetime, this kind of cookware can still somehow improve your quality of life. That alone makes it worth investing in, so give it a shot and discover how they can let you enjoy cooking and eating at home all the more.

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