10 Best Under-Mount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertop

Best Under-mount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertops Review

One of the ultimate accessories you’d want to use in your kitchen alongside several others is a kitchen sink. It’s, indeed, one of the essential kitchen equipment that would aid you in keeping your kitchen clean.

It would even make your works in the kitchen a cinch; how? Its construction makes it an excellent deal for washing dishes, reserving water for a long time, washing of vegetables, and saving of cooking ingredients for a short period, at least within the cooking time range.

This is, no doubt, a dependable one. It’s usable in traditional, transitional, and modern kitchen. Nonetheless, you can find it in different shapes and sizes. Mounting this on quartz countertops, on the other hand, is always great.

Meanwhile, it’s expedient that the size of the cabinet available in your kitchen should correlate to the specifications of a prospective product. Furthermore, you honestly have nothing to worry about installing under-mount kitchen sinks to quartz countertops; there is a piece of additional information that details that explicitly.

In fact, you’re not only getting under-mount kitchen sinks from this Best Under-mount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertops Review but also top-mount kitchen sinks. The ten products we’re listing for you here are those with unmatchable features.

Besides, they are all made by top brands. The report is made in such a way to put you on the safer side of the transaction, trust me.

Although the materials used for their constructions vary, yet they are one with high heat resistance, and they have high repellants to stains and noise amplification. You’re just bound to getting the best with this; check it out for yourself, now.

Our Picks of 10 Best Under-Mount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertops Reviews:

1. Elkay Quartz Classic Under-mount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertops

Here is a timeless addition you can use to augment the looks of your kitchen. The materials used for its designs are durable. In fact, it’s a kitchen sink that can survive heat up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, this has scratch-resistant on it, and it is absolutely safe. Our Elkay Quartz Classic Under-mount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertops would provide you ample spaces for washing your dishes and carrying out endless activities in your kitchen.

You can even choose to save your dishes inside by stacking them so that you can save spaces. The overall dimension, however, is 24.61″ X 18.5″ X 9.5.” Invariably, this would make your carryout your home chores explicitly.

It even has a drainer, too. With the drain, you can remove dirty water from the kitchen sink. The metal used for the rail is not susceptible to rust.

The installation is doable without the manual. And, it’s a viable one you can use for quartz countertops. Nonetheless, you can find several others with different colors. Whatever you choose to use it for, you’d enjoy making the best use of it. You can just check the link we’ve provided.

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  • The colors you can find them are Bisque, black, white, dusk grey, greige, greystone, mocha, sand, pecan, and putty.
  • The minimum required size of the cabinet for this is 30.”
  • Here is a prep sink that you can durably. You can clean it at will.
  • Never would the color flake off because of the UV-stable feature.
  • This can withstand high pressure and temperature. It can resist the heat of 535 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You can wipe off viscous substance from the surface at any time.
  • This comes with a single bowl, and you’d need to under-mount it.
  • This one is affordable.


2. Blanco 440194 DIAMOND SILGRANIT Under-mount

You have no reason whatsoever that you should let go of this product that looks aesthetic. Besides, it’s a patented accessory with high resistance to scratches, heat, stains, chips, and so forth.

It’s absolutely great for one with a cabinet less than 36” to use it. And, it’s one that would fit kitchens or various sizes. A kitchen of compact size can even use it splendidly, too.

And guess what? The product comes with a lifetime warranty. You can, indeed, depend on its use for a long time. And, it’s one you can install via the use of the under-mount method or the drop-in method.

Furthermore, it has a cut board on it, which you can use to mount it via the drop-in method easily. Just like any other kitchen sink, this has drainage on it. Although it’s petite, yet it would suction water absolutely well from the kitchen sink.

The drainer has strains on it that restrain the movements of large particles that could cause blockages in the pipe. Apart from the washing of plates and pots, you can wash vegetables, grains, and you can even mount a bowl or removal container on its inside, and nothing would pose a danger to your health.

Apparently, there are countless things you can do with this kitchen sink. Moreover, it’s even better performing most of the cleaning in a kitchen sink such as this; why? That’s because they are not susceptible to quick breakages and leaches like those made of concrete and ceramics.

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  • The minimum size of the cabinet is 36.”
  • The variants you’d find are in a diversity of colors.
  • Although the color of this is Anthracite, yet you would find some others with Biscotti, Biscuit, Cinder, Café Brown, Truffle, concrete grey, and metallic grey.
  • This can be set up in two different forms: under-mount and drop-in.
  • This product comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The dimension is 32.5″ L X 22″ W X 9.5″ D and weighs 45 pounds.
  • The kitchen sink can withstand high temperatures and very safe to use for the preparation of food.



We had no better option but to include this made by a top-brand. It’s for your benefit, honestly. This is a space-saving kitchen sink made by a product that has been in existence for over 85 years now. It’s one you trust for optimum benefits.

It has a single wide space and an additional with petite size. Also, it has an aperture by the side of the bridge where water can flow to the other side.

However, the cascade color on it would aid users in knowing the stained part on it so that the cleaning of the kitchen sink itself can be easy. Nonetheless, it’s a luggable one that’s not lightweight at all.

It can withstand the heat of 536 degrees. And, it’s 10-inch deep. It’s one that you’d comfortably use on tall cabinets. The kitchen sink is suitable for cabinets with a minimum size of 36.”

You can still check out for alternatives by clicking the link we’ve provided here.

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  • The accessories that come with this are walnut cutting board and grids for a large bowl.
  • The construction materials for this kitchen sink feature Silgranit.
  • Its construction makes all operational activities and prepping a cinch.
  • This is a kitchen sink that you can clean and maintain with fun.
  • A premium brand made this.


4. Kraus KTM32 Stainless Steel Under-mount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertops

How about opting for this which you can mount in two ways? Indeed, you can fix it at the top and underneath distinctively. However, it all depends on the shape of the available space.

Of course, if you’ve got a mobile kitchen, then this is just for you. As a matter of fact, this would save you spaces better if you use a compact kitchen, too.

There is even a strainer cover on this. With that, you can save water inside the sink and use it instead of using a removable bowl or any luggable material.

Notwithstanding, that doesn’t mean you can’t place a bowl in it. Besides, the dimension of the kitchen sink is 18 x 18 x 10 inches. It’s a prep sink that’s full of values. Check that out for yourself via the link and confirm.

This is a quality kitchen sink that is made of a quality 16-gauge T304 of stainless steel. It looks aesthetic and always shining. See, this one comes with the full mounting accessories for convenient usage.

You can’t find flaws in the design of this kitchen sink at all. In fact, neither would you find fluid ebbing out from any part nor find leaches around it at all.

You can optimally control the flow of water and the particle the water consists of at a point in time. It doesn’t retain stains, including oily substances. It’s a kitchen sink that you’d find no difficulties using it at all.

And, that’s because you can always be sure that you’re safe in all ramifications with the use of this, especially when you’re cleaning it often and diligently.

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  • The dimension is 18 x 18 x 10 inches and weighs 18 pounds.
  • This is made of stainless steel with a satin finish.
  • There are many accessories that come with the delivery of this product.
  • This is not vulnerable to quick spoilage at all. Besides, it’s safe to use in homes after it had been mounted.
  • You can mount it at the top or underneath a cabinet.
  • It’s a prep kitchen sink that is fixable on cabinets of a minimum size of 20.”
  • This under-mount kitchen sink has a high resistance to stains, heat, rust, and so on. There is no sharp edge around the conspicuous part which looks threatening to the safety of one’s children.
  • It has a precise shape and one that would augment the looks of any décor.
  • It’s best used for a mobile kitchen. It can be removed quickly and be swiftly mounted, too.
  • The accessories it comes with are bottom grid, drain assembly, removable drain cap, kitchen towel, and mounting hardware.


5. Kraus KGD-442GREY Granite Kitchen Sink

Have you had a series of kitchen sinks that have become warped or broken overtime? If yes, then why not consider the purchase of this durable one? It’s what several persons are talking about in the marketplace at the moment.

This can resist the heat of 650 Fahrenheit, and it does that unimaginable. You can check it for yourself; it comes with two phases. It’s absolutely mountable anywhere the cabinet has a minimum size of 36.”

Nonetheless, there is a drainer on each of the phases. It has a rectangular shape with sleek looks. You can’t find its shelling off, no matter the period of using it. And, you can reserve water on the inside of the two sides.

Guess what? There is no need to buy an extra with the purchase of this. It comes with the full hardware necessary to have the instant use of the kitchen sink.

You’d also find a manual booklet on its inside. The manual would direct you to assemble and keying the hardware on it. Besides, every aspect of its coupling is what anyone can do flawlessly, even without the use of the manual.

The design on both sides is the same. It’s, indeed, a creative one. You can be washing in one and rinse them in the other as soon as you’re done washing them.

It would make you counter quite a lot of tasks within a short time. It’s hygienic using this, honestly. This even has 80% graphite and is a good sound absorber.

Also, you can’t see rust building around it at all. Invariably, you can see that this has eye-catchy futuristic. Nonetheless, the fact that this is built with a silver ion is a huge bonus.

The constituent in the construction makes quick growth of germs on it quite impossible. You can keep your family safe and healthy with the use of this.

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  • The dimension is 33 x 22 x 9.5 inches and weighs 40.7 pounds.
  • You’re obviously doing a dual mount with this.
  • The demarcation between the two is slight.
  • The material used for the construction of this is graphite, and the color on it is black onyx.
  • There are two basins on it, actually. However, the one with the extra size is commodious for saving a large number of plates.
  • The non-porous design keeps water from ebbing even when you’re intentionally saving it on their inside.
  • You can save water for as long as you want.
  • The two bowls are reasonably low and easy to set up.


6. Elkay Quartz Classic Greystone Double Bowl

This could be what you need to make all cleaning activities a cinch in the kitchen, you know? The design is just mind-blowing. Just check this and make up your mind.

Can’t you see that’s the ultimate in all aspects? Although there are two bowls on this, one is larger than the other, yet the bridge between the two bowls is of low height. In other words, you can use it vastly because switching usage between the two is easy.

Furthermore, the depth of the two bowls is the same. One is larger than the other. The two drainers on them are fantastic. You can tell it by yourself. The strainers are stainless steel.

They are designed to allow the ease of water flow throughout the pipe. Nonetheless, you can only mount this through the under-mount method. This would aid in creating a seamless appearance between the countertop and the kitchen sink itself.

It’s, indeed, going to add to the looks of your home. It’s not only usable at home. This is one you can use anywhere, including offices and pub centers. It’s one that can withstand the heat of 535 Fahrenheit. You can pour in heated substances and likewise use it for saving heated elements.

Howbeit, no particle would flake off from the body, both interior and exterior, regardless of the time of use. It would save you expenses in the future.

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  • The dimension is 33 x 22 x 10 inches and weighs 35 pounds.
  • The sole installation method on this is under-mount.
  • Of course, you can find several other alternatives for different colors on the manufacturer’s website. Nonetheless, this has a greystone color, and the UV-stable keeps the color intact for long.
  • This one is crafted from natural quartz and created to complement the design of decors.
  • This withstands high heat and pressure.
  • It’s a good stain repellant that you can use for cleaning oily materials.
  • This is dependable to use anywhere.


7. Franke Ellipse 33″ Under-mount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertops

Of course, you should have seen a kitchen sink with a 2-in-1 design but of irregular shape; Now, how about checking this one with a 2-in-1 rectangular shape out? However, it’s best used for cabinet with a minimum size of 36.”

As long as that’s settled, you can be pretty sure that you’re about complementing your kitchen with elegant equipment if you eventually opt for this– this has no equal at all.

Indeed, you can make comparisons with several others, but hardly would you find one full of maximum completeness as this. The bridge in the middle has a low height. It’s halfway the overall height.

The design makes the kitchen sink to be somewhat vast in its future use. And, that’s because you can use the bowls interchangeably. You can always save plates with large sizes on the larger side and do some petite activities in a smaller size, too.

Regardless of the one you use, you’d still enjoy the same features. The whole part of the kitchen sink is colored with onyx. The depth, on the other hand, is 9-inch. Meanwhile, it’s the two bowls that are of 9-inch deep.

However, the overall dimension for the kitchen sink is 22 x 33 x 9 inches, and the material used for its construction is fiberglass. The fiberglass allows all the features to become observable in an unquantifiable manner.

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  • This has two bowls of equal sizes and shapes. In fact, the diameters of the strainers on the two bowls are the same.
  • Nonetheless, there is one hole in each of the bowls.
  • There is a built-in protective barrier on the inside of this that makes it safe from bacteria and germs.
  • You can install this via the under-mount and top-mount method.
  • This has a high heat resistance and doesn’t make irritating sounds when using it.
  • The onyx color makes it complement traditional, transitional, and modern kitchens so well.
  • It’s very dependable to use always.


8. Blanco 519452 Precis Cascade Single-Metallic Gray Sink

Do you know what you need at times may not even be a kitchen sink with two bowls? It could be one like this with one commodious space. Or what do you think? Just see the design first.

The one-quarter space on this would facilitate the appealing looks of your home maximally. If you haven’t tried it, you wouldn’t understand what you’re missing honestly.

Of course, the metallic grey color on this would complement the looks of any décor. Quite a lot of individuals are buying this; you can check it by yourself via the link.

Not only is the design awesome but also its overall features. Notwithstanding, it’s best used in homes that entertain under-mount installation. It doesn’t look bad after all.

Besides, it’s best used for cabinets of a minimum size of 33.” It’s a durable accessory. There is nothing that can shorten its “lifespan” at all. It’s even a product that’s made of Silgranit.

It’s so dependable that it can withstand the heat of 536 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from that, this resists stains so well, too. You can clean it even after you had washed your plates with high viscous substances. Neither the stains nor the odor would persist. It’s one that you’d find so keen to use always.

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  • The dimension is 33 x 23 x 15 inches and weighs 25 pounds.
  • It has all the holes dented at every part of the sides for under-mount installation.
  • This has a single bowl with a mini attached bowl at the side, which serves as the additional.
  • Of course, you should know that a material made of silgranite has high heat resistant and low scratch rate.
  • A lifetime warranty supports this.
  • It doesn’t flare odor, and neither does it amplify noises that could be caused by plates and other materials you might be washing on its inside at a point in time.
  • There bridge on the inside has an open space along its length.


9. Blanco 440149 Precis Super Single Bowl

If your teenage child would be using the kitchen sink alongside with you, there is no need you should purchase one with extreme depth. If you’re buying such, then the countertop should be proportionally low, too.

Instead, buy this that has a moderate design. Moreover, there is nothing to worry about with your child’s potential conveniences. It’s one with no complexity in its futuristic at all.

This is a lightweight kitchen sink that’s 9.5” deep. It’s viable for cabinets which sizes are more than 36.” If not for anything, at least, you can rely on the fact that it’s colored with anthracite.

Of course, Anthracite is an appealing color. The UV-stable accompanies the color. The essence is to provide maximum and long-lasting supports to the bright-look of the equipment.

Meanwhile, this has a single bowl. The dimension of the bowl is 30″ L X 17″ W X 9-1/2″ D. And, estimating its value is an aberration. This is what many are gladly using.

In fact, quite a lot of nominal buyers have found it useful in all ramifications. The manufacturer is known as one of the biggest gamers in the industry. You’d find no difficulties using this in the long haul, trust me.

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  • This is suitable for cabinets which size is from 36” and above.
  • The materials that made up the production of this kitchen sink are Silgranit and granite.
  • You’ll best install this via an underneath method.
  • This neither attracts stains nor amplifies noises like some kitchen sinks made of metals.
  • You’ll find some alternatives with different hues on them.
  • There is a single bowl on this.
  • It’s durable and reliable to use always.


10. CBath Under-mount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertops

Are you a fan of kitchen sinks made of stainless steel, and you’re currently in need of one with dual bowls? If yes, then this product is solely for you.

Of course, countless reasons could cause anyone to prefer such a product over others. Whatever could be the case, you can check this out. This would get you drooling, trust me.

It has two phases with drainers on them. The drainer has micro-dents on them so that no big particles can pass through them. In addition, this provides you with various options.

The bowls have different dimensions. The large one has a measurement of 15-3/4″ x 18-1/2″ while the small one has a size of 13″ x 16-1/2″. Their respective depths are 9-inch and 7-inch.

Apart from that, the two ways you can mount them are under-mount and top-mount. Whichever method you prefer between the two, you’d still have the best use of the kitchen sink as long as it’s properly done.

Furthermore, the predrilled spots are at the conspicuous part of the kitchen sink. It has three predrilled spots for installing faucets.

In addition, there are spots you can use for mounting the kitchen sink onto a countertop. Nonetheless, the construction of this kitchen sink has been validated by CUPU, ANSI, IAMPO, and so on. It’s one that you and anyone can use safely.

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  • The materials used for the construction of this consist of 18 gauge of T-304 stainless steel and a combination of 18/10 chromium-nickel mixture.
  • You can under-mount and top-mount this comfortably, just like any other type in the marketplace.
  • Although it uses stainless steel, yet it has a sound-deadening system that kills it from constituting nuisances.
  • This comes with the full features necessary to have the immediate use and installation of the kitchen sink.
  • There are three predrilled spots at the top of the sink for the installation of the faucet(s). This definitely makes the whole activities superb.


Installing Under-Mount Sinks to Quartz Countertops

Under-mount kitchen sinks complement the sleek looks of a kitchen explicitly. It also makes cleaning to be done on countertops impeccably because it creates a seamless connection with the countertop.

However, there are four possible steps to installing your under-mount countersink. But you’d need to prioritize hiring an expert to do that for you so that you can use it reliably. In cases whereby there is a scarcity of a PRO, then you can proceed with the consideration of the tips that we’ll be providing you here.

Before then, we’ll advise you to ensure that you purchase a quality kitchen sink that suits the cabinet that you’ve got already. Aside from that, you’d still see whether you’ve actually bought a sink that’s designated for under-mount installations.

Indeed, you might need to check out the products we’ve made available here so that you can have an insight into what a quality kitchen sink should possess. It’s afterward that you can proceed with learning how to install under-mount sinks to quartz countertops.

1. Check for the Installation Hardware

You need to use the manual to check whether the full accessories and hardware all come with the product you’ve just purchase. If in case there is an issue, you can contact the manufacturer to lay complaints.

2. Preparation

This needs to be done awesomely. The materials have to be made available. You can either use a tray or an open area to save them, and they all have to be identified, too.

It’s after you had done that you’d move over to the next step. Nonetheless, the primary tools you’d need are faucets, kitchen sinks and mounting clips, clamp, masking tape, epoxy, and others that are stated in the manual.

3. Mounting

  • Remember that the fixations are to be done underneath the countertop. However, the exercise would be more convenient if the countertop itself can be flipped and the screws are done underside. But since it’s on quartz countertop, the possibilities are low to a large extent.
  • The spots that it’s expected to be mounted have to be pre-marked first.
  • Make your cutouts with the aid of the tools you’ve made available. You can use masking tape to hold the kitchen sink steadfastly on quartz countertops.
  • Use the information on the manual to do the cutouts discreetly. However, you can determine the “reveal” all by yourself. Nonetheless, positive “reveal” is the best.
  • Place the sink on the spot you’ve identified and applied epoxy on the perimeters.
  • It’s after you’ve done that, you can begin to fix the clips and screws to tape it down permanently on the quartz countertops.

4. Finishing

You might need to check out the level of firmness of the sink on the countertops. You can begin the removal of the masking tapes once you’re pleased with the whole looks.

Also, use alcohol to wipe off the dirt that epoxy would have caused you. It’s just the best approach you can do. Besides, you should be able to do those by merely reading the product manual itself.

Buying Guide – How to Choose The Best Under-Mount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertops?

How to Choose the Best Under-mount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertops

1. Cabinet: Minimum Size

The available size of the cabinet specified determines the size of the kitchen sink that you can use for it. You’d see that there are products here with various sizes that suit different cabinets. You must choose the one that you know would be of immense significance and ease to you in using and mounting it.

2. Installation: Superstructure or Under-Mount

There are products that you can mount underneath and those you can climb at the top. You can use some as a superstructure depending on the design of a product. Those you can use as a superstructure are those that have covers on their strainers and possess an excellent ergonomic structure.

3. Affordability

There is no product here that doesn’t possess mouthwatering features. It’s expedient that one choose the one that’s made of quality.

Of course, you can always compare the prospective use of a product with the price you’re buying it at a point in time. Indeed, you can use our suggestions to make the right choice.

4. Warranty

Opt for a product with a warranty if you’re buying this from a new brand. This would boost your confidence even more. Nonetheless, kitchen sinks are known to be very durable if you’re not removing them from the spot you mounted on often.

5. Dependability

We advise you to make an index of what you intend using it for and make evaluations. Consider the possibility of a product serving your purposes optimally. It’s after you’ve done that you can look forward to buying a product. Indeed, you can always look out for the products we’ve listed here anytime.

Final Verdict

There is nothing you find some other premium under-mount kitchen sink viable of using that you can’t find in this Elkay Quartz Classic Under-mount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertops. This is undoubtedly one of the latest Under-mount Kitchen sinks for quartz countertops. It has the premium quality needed. For example, the color on this is white.

You can always keep your house preen-looking by maintaining the brightness of the white color of the sink. Of course, the removal of stains and dirt is easy, too. It’s absolutely a valuable one in the marketplace currently.

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