Nuwave Air Fryer Salmon Recipe | Time To Cook Salmon in Airfryer

Nuwave Air Fryer Salmon Recipe

Let’s face it, fried salmon is one of those dishes that sound amazing but hardly ever delivers. It requires a good amount of skill to make perfectly that a lot of people prefer to just have it from a fancy restaurant instead of making it at home. This is quite a shame, really, since salmon meat is very tasty and good for you.

Most people prefer their salmon steaks grilled or baked, though. It’s healthier this way since you don’t have to use a lot of oil in its preparation. Unfortunately, not everyone can grill or bake all the time.

So what can you do to make cooking salmon at home fuss-free?

Grab your air fryer and cook it there. The Nuwave air fryer salmon recipe below will prove to be an easy and tasty dish to make, so give it a shot.

Quick Ingredients for Nuwave Air Fryer Salmon Recipe:

2 salmon fillets

2 tsp olive oil

2 tsp paprika

Salt and pepper to taste

Lemon wedges

Easy Steps:

  1. Prepare the salmon. Remove the bones if there are still some left in. Fillet and slice them up.
  2. Rub each fillet with olive oil, paprika, salt, and pepper.
  3. Place the fillet inside the fry basket and set the temperature to 390F. Cook for 7 minutes.
  4. When the timer runs out, check if the meat has reached your desired level of doneness. Add more cooking time if you want it to cook it more.
  5. When done, take out the fillets from the air fryer and then squeeze some lemon on them before serving.
Note: Some recommend pre-heating the air fryer when cooking salmon. They say doing this helps keep the meat moist and juicy. You can give that a try and preheat your air fryer for 5 minutes at 390F for this recipe.

Health Benefits of Air Fried Salmon:

It’s no secret that salmon is one of the best kinds of meat to eat because it’s brimming with nutrients.

It contains a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals so everyone who wants to switch to healthy eating makes sure to eat some from time to time.

But what really can salmon do for you? Here are a few of its health benefits:

1. It’s good for your skin.

If you want to have perfect skin, adding salmon into your diet would be a great idea. Take it from Victoria Beckham (and a lot of other experts) as this meat is packed with omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamins A and C.

These three essential nutrients are potent anti-inflammatory so they can protect your skin from irritants. Some studies even say that eating salmon can protect your skin from acne, so if you’re struggling with this skin woe, maybe chowing down on this fish is what you need to do.

2. It’s good for the heart.

The American Heart Association actually recommends eating fatty fishes like salmon twice a week to boost your heart health. With its high omega-3 fatty acids, it can really help your heart stay in top shape.

3. It’s rich in proteins.

Need a good source of proteins to help you strengthen your muscles? Salmon can also be of great help as it contains 22-25 g of protein in every 3.5-ounce serving.

4. It’s packed with other nutrients and minerals.

Salmon has a seriously long list of nutritional content. Some of its most vital offerings are the following:

  • Various B Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12)
  • Potassium
  • Selenium
  • Astaxanthin

When air fried, you also won’t be adding more saturated fat to your salmon dish. So if you want to make sure to get the most out of this fish meat, air frying, grilling, or even eating it raw are some of the healthiest way to consume it.

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