Char-Broil Big Easy Oil Less Propane Turkey Fryer Review

Char-Broil Big Easy Oil Less Propane Turkey Fryer ReviewStudies show that deep-fried foods aren’t necessarily bad for the health when done in moderation and the right cooking oils. Unfortunately, that may not be enough for some folks to reconsider.

Roasting is a classic alternative but it can heat up your home, so what other option do you have? This Char-Broil The Big Easy Oil Less Propane Turkey Fryer review might be able to help you.

Oil-less but propane-powered? How does this work?

We’ll let its list of 5 features enlighten you:

1. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Cooking Technology

Char-Broil Big Easy Oil Less Propane Turkey FryersWhat makes the Char-Broil The Big Easy stand out is its unique cooking technology. It’s a lot like a convection oven or an air fryer but because it doesn’t trap the heat in, it’s still slightly different from the two.

Its propane heat source produces a flame that reaches 18,000 BTUs. The heat is then evenly distributed inside the double-wall cylindrical cooking chamber through the brand’s TRU-Infrared Cooking Technology. This promises even and effective cooking even without oil.

2. 16-lb Cooking Capacity

The Big Easy isn’t exactly the biggest outdoor turkey fryer there is but it will already make do for a regular-sized household. Even if you’re having a few other people over, it can still whip up a decent amount of food for everyone.

3. Rotary Ignition

What makes it easy to operate is its rotary ignition. One turn of the dial and you’re all ready to cook.There are no fires to feed and maintain or burner stands to balance. It also serves as a temperature control. You’ll still need to hook it up to a propane gas tank, though, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Drip Tray

Char-Broil Big Easy Oil Less Propane Turkey Fryer ReviewsMaking the cleanup easier and the whole cooking process safer is the drip tray feature of the Big Easy. This little contraption catches the juices that the meat releases which you can then use to whip up the tastiest sauces and gravies for your dish.

It’s easily accessible and will remove the drippings from the cooking chamber. With this, you won’t have to worry about splattering or the juice staining the bottom of your fryer.

5. Accessories Included

This product also comes with most of the things you need to get started including a cooking basket with lifter, lid, meat thermometer, and a cooking guide. The only items you need to get separately are the propane tank, regulator, hose, and the meat you’re about to enjoy.

Char Broil Big Easy Turkey Fryer Recipes:

These are great recipes. They are tasty and healthy meals. It is important to try some of them and confirm how delicious they are. Here are some of the esoteric recipes.

  • Beer-brined chicken in the Big Easy oilless fryer
  • Apple Cider-brined turkey in the Big Easy oilless fryer
  • Pickleback pulled pork in the Big Easy oilless fryer
  • Prime Rib Roast in the Big Easy oilless fryer
  • Hot & Fast Mahogany ribs in the Big Easy oilless fryer

You can more recipes and their details from here.

Big Easy Turkey Fryer Cooking Times: 

The cooking time depends on the size of turkey you’re frying. Generally, it takes 3 minutes to fry every pound of turkey. That means:

  • A pound of turkey will take 3 minutes to fry.
  • 2 pounds of turkey will take 6 minutes (2 x 3 minutes) to fry.
  • 10 pounds of turkey will take 30 minutes (10 x 3 minutes) to fry.
  • 20 pounds of turkey will take 60 minutes (20 x 3 minutes) to fry.

Char Broil Big Easy Temperature Control:

You must ensure that the in-built thermometer is working before you use the device. Don’t let the temperature exceed 350 degrees F. This could lead to the smoking of oil. If, for any reason, the temperature exceeds 350 degrees F, you need to turn off the cooking appliance and allow it to cool off before using it again.

Char Broil Big Easy Manual: 

The 36-page manual comes in a PDF format. You can study it online or download it to study at your own pace. You can take your time to study it but never start using the turkey fryer without studying the manual.

The manual has numerous safety precautions, and it also has information on how best to use and care for it. You’ll also learn the components of the fryer from the manual. You can study or download the manual by clicking here.

Big Easy Oil Less Fryer Accessories:

This fryer comes with a 22-piece accessory kit that contains the following accessories.

  • Rib hooks for holding rib racks
  • 12 leg racks
  • 8 kabob holders
  • Meat hooks

The accessories will give you a wonderful frying experience.

Big Easy Turkey Fryer Instructions: 

Here are some of the most important Big Easy turkey fryer instructions. It is important that you take the time to study it. Make sure to follow the instructions religiously. You will get the best from the fryer and it will last long.

  1. Don’t overfill it with grease, water, or oil. Adhere to the volume limit.
  2. For safety reasons, you must follow the assembly and usage instructions to the letter. If mishandled, it could scald you or start a fire.
  3. It is important to use the thermometer each time you want to use it. This is because the temperature of the oil should never exceed 350 degrees F. If it does, the oil may begin to smoke. And if the oil starts to smoke, just switch off the appliance and allow the oil to cool off. This is why you should never leave the fryer unattended to.
  4. Keep the fuel supply hose away from heated areas.
  5. Make sure you check for gas leaks before you turn it on.
  6. Never leave it unattended to. This is the major cause of most culinary accidents.
  7. Never operate it in a hurry. You’re likely to skip safety steps when you do.
  8. The appliance runs on liquified propane which produces carbon monoxide, a very harmful gas. So, it should always be used outdoors.
  9. The fryer radiates a lot of heat, so you should place it on heat-resistant and non-combustible surface like bricks. All plastic and wooden objects should be kept away from the fryer. Also, the surface should be stable and level to avoid tilting the fryer.
  10. The cooking device should be handled by adults only

5 Reasons – Why Should You Use Char-Broil Big Easy Oil Less Propane Turkey Fryer?

5 Reasons of Using Char-Broil Big Easy Oil Less Propane Turkey Fryer

If its features weren’t able to convince you that the Big Easy is the right pick for you, then these following reasons lifted from actual Char-Broil Big Easy Oil Less Turkey Fryer reviews might:

1. It’s way simpler to use than deep fryers.

Deep frying is a complicated and dangerous task. The Big Easy stays true to its name and makes it really easy for you to “fry” turkey and other meat effectively as it is very simple to operate. The fact alone that you won’t need to bother with cooking oil already makes it way easier to work with for some people.

2. It can let you enjoy a lower calorie dishes.

Ditching the oil can let you cut down the caloric content of your dish. So if you’re not too fond of feeling guilty after stuffing yourself with food, this product might help ease your conscience.

3. It can be a bit safer to use than deep fryers.

Again, as it doesn’t use oil, you don’t have to worry about burns or grease fires. You will still need to be careful using this cooking equipment, though, as it still uses a lot of heat.

4. It won’t dry the meat out.

The biggest issue some people have with roasted meats is that without the right techniques, you can end up with dry meat. As the convection feature of the oven moves hot air around the cooking chamber, it tends to take out the moisture inside the meat. This is why not everyone gets to thoroughly enjoy their turkey on Thanksgiving.

This isn’t the case with The Big Easy, though. With the way that it’s designed, it can push out the air from the cooking chamber so it won’t dry out your meat.

The lid has a mesh design so it can keep debris from falling into your food but it can also easily release the hot air without a fuss. This helps ensure that your meat will be juicy once done.

5. It can let you try different recipes.

Because there’s no oil to wash away whatever you have decided to season and flavor your meats with, the Char-Broil Big Easy will allow you to experiment with your recipes.

Aside from just brines and marinades, you can also try rubs on your meats. This can let you take your culinary skills up a notch, especially if you managed to pull off a great tasting recipe.

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Product Benefits

  • You can use spice rubs with your meats as you won’t be dipping it in hot oil
  • Meat won’t dry up because the hot air is easily released from the cooking chamber
  • Produces meats with less calorie count since it doesn’t use oil
  • Can accommodate a decent sized fowl but won’t be too big for smaller cuts of meat
  • Minimizes risks of grease fires
  • Looks nice
  • Reasonably priced
  • Lets you save money as it won’t require you to buy oil
  • Can help you cut down your calorie consumption
  • Additional accessories are available to help you get more use out of your unit
  • Cooking can is removable so it’s easy to clean

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The Negative Things

  • Won’t be able to double duty as a large boiler or steamer for other dishes
  • Can be tricky to cook small cuts of meat in it
  • Cooking times can be longer than what’s listed in the guide
  • Won’t have the exact same deep-fried taste as it doesn’t use oil to cook


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the skin get very crispy?

A: Yes, especially if you brush it with some oil and cover the cooker to cook the skin to a darker shade.

 Q: Can you use breading when cooking with this fryer?

A: Yes, definitely.

 Q: Is it easy to clean?

A: Yes as you can simply remove the cooking can during cleanups.

 Q: Is there a wood chip tray in this product?

A: No but you can add wood chips in the bottom of its cooking basket if you want to add the flavor to your meat.

 Q: Can you control the heat levels?

A: Yes, the rotary ignition also works as a temperature control knob.

Final Verdict

Made for those who don’t want to even attempt deep frying because it is rather scary, the Big Easy can be an excellent cooking equipment that can make large batch food preparation a breeze.

Hopefully, this Char-Broil Big Easy Oil Less Propane Turkey Fryer review gets to help you make your mind whether you should try deep frying or opting for a simpler cooking method. Either way is good, it’s just that this fryer will make cooking easier, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

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