How To Wire A Storage Shed? 6 Easy Steps

We have seen a lot of storage sheds and we can tell you that they are not usually wired for electricity. So, if you want to light up your storage shed for any reason, you’ll have to do the wiring yourself. Don’t worry, if you have not done it before. We’ll put you through.

All you have to do is to follow the steps below. And take the necessary precautions. So, without further ado, let’s begin the tutorial right away.

How To Wire A Storage Shed? 6 Easy Steps

For this project, you need electric wire, switch box, switches, electrical outlets, and light fixtures.

Step 1 – Measure the distance between your main power source to the shed. This will guide you on the length of wire and electrical cables to buy.

After taking the distance, you should buy a cable that is twice the distance in length. It is better to have excess wire than to get a wire that is not long enough.

Step 2 – Dig the trench where you’ll run the wire through. Remember, after running the wire, you’ll still need to bury the trench.

Step 3 – Determine the best location for the switch box in your shed and place it there.

Step 4 – Run an electrical wire from the main source, through the trench that you dug, into the switch box in your shed.

Step 5 – Connect the lamp holder at the top of the shed. Another cable will run from the switch box to the lamp holder.

Step 6 – Connect a bulb to the lamp holder. Try to turn on the bulb from the switch. It should turn on now.


If you don’t know much about electricity, we’ll advise you to hire an expert to handle it. Wrong connections could lead to electric shocks or fire. This is why we don’t advise people to practice their do-it-your skills on electric-related tasks.

Can I wire my own shed?

The answers to this simple question are yes and no. Yes, it is okay to wire your shed, and yes, you can wire it yourself if you have the knowledge and skill. No, you can’t wire your shed yourself if you don’t have the skills. Of course, we believe in a do-it-yourself policy, but electricity is too dangerous to tamper with. The dangers of electricity are electrocution, electrical fires, and death.

Also, you can’t engage in trial-and-error with electricity. In other words, if you’re interested in wiring your shed and you don’t have the wherewithal, we’ll strongly advise you to hire a professional electrician.

Do I need an electrician to wire a shed?

Yes, if you have to wire your shed and you lack the required knowledge, you need an electrician. Don’t just hire any electrician. Follow the tips below to hire one.

Ask for their license. It is a crime to operate as an electrician without the required license in the United States. And the electrician isn’t the only guilty one. The service buyer is also guilty. To avoid paying a fine, you must be sure that your electrician is licensed.

Also, you should ask if they are insured. If you hire an electrician that is fully insured and they mistakenly damage your shed, the insurance company will compensate you. In addition to that, if an accident occurs while wiring your shed, the insurance company of your electrician will foot the medical bills. Unfortunately, if the electrician is not insured, you’ll foot the bill.

Most importantly, you must hire an electrician that’s been in business for at least three years. Experience matters a lot.

What wire do I use to wire a shed?

First of all, it is important to remind you that if you don’t know the kind of wire to use for your shed, you probably should hire an electrician to do the job. Nevertheless, we’ll tell you the kind of wire to use. The best wire for the task is a 6/3 AWG UF-B wire. The wire can be buried easily, and it will last for many years under the ground without deteriorating. Additionally, it is strong enough to supply up to 240 volts for your circuit.

How do I run electricity to my shed?

To know the length of wire to use, you have to start by measuring the distance between your shed and the main power source. After purchasing the right length of cable, the next step is to dig the trench. This is where you’ll run the wire through. Don’t forget that you’ll still have to cover the trench after running the wire.

Place the switch box in your shed, and run the electrical wire from the main source through the trench to the switch box and cover the trench. Install lamp holders, switches, and power outlets. Finally, plug a bulb into the lamp holder and switch the bulb on to be sure that you have run the wire correctly.

One more thing – If you have never handled electrical works before, it is smarter, safer, and better to hire a professional.

How To Wire A Storage Shed

Final Word

You should now be able to wire and light up your storage shed. Make sure you follow the steps religiously. If after the connection, the bulb does not come on, you may need to hire an electrician. Don’t engage in trial-by-error troubleshooting.

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