How To Build A Storage Shed Door? 12 Steps

Most ready-made storage sheds come with their doors. They either have a single door or double doors. But, if you have to build a shed yourself, you’ll also need to build the door. You can’t leave your shed wide open. At some point, you’ll have to decide whether you want a single door or double door.

You must choose high-quality and well-treated wood. It is more expensive but it will last for many years. If you choose cheap wood, it could break or warp after a few months. You may need the help of a wood specialist to help you select the best wood.

You need to get the measurements of the entrance before creating the frame. Then, after installing the frame, you have to measure the inner part of the frame again before cutting out the door. Remember to leave enough space for hinges. It is also important to put a lock on the door. A storage shed should be lockable for security reasons. In fact, we recommend it.

How To Build A Storage Shed Door? 12 Easy Steps

Step 1 – We’re assuming that your shed is already erected where you want it. So, you’ll need to take the measurements of the entrance. You need to get the height and width of the entrance.

Step 2 – Doors cannot stay alone without a frame. So, you need to install a frame first. Measure and cut out pieces for both sides of the frame. Of course, they’ll have the same length.

Step 3 – Cut out two other pieces of wood. They’ll have the same length. They’ll be the top and bottom of the frame.

Step 4 – Nail the four pieces of wood together. They’ll form a rectangular shape.

Step 5 – Fix the frame at the entrance.

Step 6 – Cut out the door based on the measurements of the frame.

Step 7 – File the door to make its body smooth and visually appealing.

Step 8 – Fix the hinges. One will be at the top and the other at the bottom.

Step 9 – Fix the handle and the lock.

Step 10 – Place the door in the frame and install it by nailing the other half of the two hinges to the frame.

Step 11 – Now, you can test the door. Open and close it several times to be sure that it closes firmly and it goes back and forth seamlessly. You should also test the lock.

Step 12 – You can spray the door for aesthetics. This isn’t mandatory, though.

Can you put a door on a shed?

Yes, it is necessary to put a door on your shed. In fact, you can also add a lock to the door. So, you can lock the shed for the security and safety of your items. Some sheds are livable. Your type of shed will determine the type of door to install in it.

To be able to bring bigger items into your shed, you might want to make provision for twin doors. You can make do with only half of the twin doors, but whenever you want to bring big equipment into the shed or out of it, you’ll have to open both doors.

We suggest a roll-up shed door because it is one of the best types of doors to install. It is easy to open and it makes a shed visually appealing. When choosing a door for your shed, you need to consider how secure it is. Also, the size of the frame will determine the size of the door. Most of all, you need to consider the cost. Some doors are much more expensive than others.

What size are shed doors?

To determine the size of your shed door, you need to think of the purpose of the shed. What do you want to store in the shed? If you intend to keep boxes inside your shed, you should be thinking of a standard 36 by 80 inches door. It is easier to carry boxes through such doors than through a 32-inch door.

If you’re storing big equipment like a lawn tractor inside your shed, a 48-inch door should be your best option. When choosing the height of your shed door, remember that a typical height for shed walls is 7 feet.

How do you frame a shed door opening?

To frame a shed door opening, you need to consider the likely content of the shed. Ideally, a width of 3 feet is enough even for two people to go inside the shed at the same time. To bring in a riding lawnmower, the entrance of your shed should be about 4 – 5 feet. You also remember that wider frames require wider doors.

Add studs at the center of the entrance. By now, the bottom plate of the wall will be getting in the way at the entrance, so you need to remove it. The entrance frame must have a header to distribute the weight of the roof. So, you need to install a header to bear the weight of the roof.

You need to transfer the header load to the floor with jack studs. Cut two studs that should be long enough to reach the floor from the bottom of the header. If you’re new to woodwork, it might be a better idea to outsource the task to a professional.

On that note, you also decide to buy a ready-built shed that comes with its door already installed.

How much gap should be around a shed door?

There should be a quarter inch on both sides between the door and the frame. The space helps the door to open easily and close easily. At the same time, the gap should not be too much. It is not mandatory for the gap around the shed door to be a quarter inch. It can be slightly more or less. However, a quarter inch gap seems to be the ideal case.

How To Build A Storage Shed Door

Final Word

Once you follow the instructions step by step, you’ll be able to build a good door for your shed. However, if you can afford it, you may be better off buying a storage shed because it will come with its door or doors.

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