Masterbuilt 20020107 Propane Turkey Fryer Review 2021

Masterbuilt 20020107 Propane Turkey Fryer ReviewSometimes, all the bells and whistles can only confuse you and complicate things. This is particularly true for cooking equipment, which is why this Masterbuilt 20020107 Turkey Fryer review can be a must-read for many.

While feature-packed appliances and cookers may seem dazzling and attractive to many, in reality, they might leave you stumped. They can get complicated to operate and some features won’t really be used all the time so they just add to the price.

Opting for something simpler can be a great way to master cooking skill so it can be a great option for many. For this, the Masterbuilt 20020107 set can be a good choice.

Masterbuilt 20020107 Propane Turkey Fryer Review – 5 Major Features

1. 30-qt Aluminum Turkey Pot with Cover

Being a cooker set, this product comes with a 30-quart cooking pot. It’s made of aluminum and comes with a lid. While some people might have second thoughts about its choice of material, you have to remember that this is a low-price item. Aluminum is already one of the best options for this price range, so this can already be a good pick for many.

While it is prone to dents and dings, proper care and use can still let you use your pot for a long while. It’s made from quality materials and construction so you can definitely rely on it to help you cook a large amount of food.

2. Cast Iron Burner with 15” LP Gas Cooker Stand

Masterbuilt 20020107 Propane Turkey FryerThe main highlight of this product is its cooker. Composed of a stand and a burner, this component is guaranteed to be sturdy. You don’t have to worry about the cooker tipping over and causing an accident as it has the cooker and base are designed to fit each other perfectly.

3. Type 1 Regulator with Hose

Completing the set is the gas line that comes with the burner. This saves you from the hassle of finding a hose that can fit the burner. It will also let you start cooking right away.

4. Electronic Timer with Auto Shut Off

According to the NFPA, unattended cooking causes a large number of accidents in the home. Deep frying tends to amplify the danger as it can expose you to a large amount of hot oil.

To make the whole process a bit safer, the Masterbuilt 20020107 comes with a safety device in the form of an electric timer.

Once the timer runs out, it will shut off the gas line and will effectively stop the burner from creating heat. It will stop your pot from cooking if you don’t pay close attention to the timer.

With this, you’ll be forced to keep an eye on your deep fryer. Otherwise, it won’t cook anything at all. It might be a nuisance for some, but it can keep you safe, so it’s still a good addition to this entry-level cooking equipment.

5. Wide-handled Lifting Hook

Completing this turkey fryer set is the wide-handled lifting hook that it comes with. This is the only accessory that this set comes with. It’s perfect for deep frying.

Turkey Fryer Burner Replacement:

Fryer burners hardly pack up because they are strong, tough, and durable. They’re usually made of cast iron or stainless steel. However, they come in several categories from 15,000 BTU to about 54,000 BTU.  You may want to replace your fryer burner with a higher-capacity one.

First thing to consider is the spot where you want to place it. You must be sure that you have enough space in your patio or backyard to accommodate the burner. Also, to avoid compatibility issues, it is better to replace your burner with another burner of the same brand. That means if your existing burner is made by Butterball, it is better to replace it with another Butterball fryer burner.

That way, you’ll be sure that you will get top performance from your new fryer burner.

Turkey Fryer Gas Regulator:

An outdoor turkey fryer runs on liquified propane and as such you will need a regulator for the gas supply. As its name implies, the regulator regulates the supply of gas to the burner. And that is why it burns smoothly.

You must fix the regulator properly to avoid leaks. Also, you need to open it to allow the flow of gas for your cooking session. And when you’re done, you must close the regulator before storing your turkey fryer.

Turkey Fryer Hook Replacement: 

The turkey fryer hook is also known as a frying rack. This is where you hang the turkey that you’re frying. The hook can be replaced easily. It is available on Amazon and several other stores.  You must consider the size of your turkey fryer before replacing the hook. You don’t want to buy a hook that is too big for your fryer.

Turkey Fryer Propane Hose:

The liquified propane passes through the hose from the gas cylinder to the burner. The hose should be kept away from the parts of fryer that get hot. You know hoses are usually made of plastic or rubber and they can melt. As a safety measure, it is necessary to check the hose for leaks before you ignite the burner every time you want to use your turkey fryer.

Turkey Fryer Replacement Pot: 

The turkey fryer pot is one of the parts that are easily replaced. If you need to replace your fryer pot, it is better to purchase the one with the highest quality. Ensure that the pot neither rusts nor corrodes before you buy it.

Why Should You Use Masterbuilt 20020107 Propane Turkey Fryer?5 REASONS OF USING MASTERBUILT 20020107 TURKEY FRYER

If you need more convincing why this basic turkey fryer is a good choice for you, these reasons might help out. They’re from various Masterbuilt 20020107 reviews so you can definitely expect these good points from the said product.

1. It’s a nice starter kit for those who want to deep fry at home for the first time.

The Masterbuilt 20020107 may be a basic turkey fryer set but its straightforward features actually make it even more attractive. The simplicity makes it a friendly choice for most deep frying newbies as it won’t complicate the process. It can help you learn everything you need to know about deep frying without any distractions.

2. It comes with a reliable safety device.

As mentioned above, this product is equipped with a timer that shuts off automatically every fifteen minutes. This makes sure that you won’t leave your pot unattended for long periods of time.

It might seem like a nuisance for a lot of home cooks, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Checking your pot every 15 minutes will seem like nothing compared to experiencing a serious accident in your home.

3. It offers good value for the money.

Being a complete deep fryer set, the fact that it also comes with a friendly price tag definitely makes it a solid option. It’s a practical pick from every angle so you’ll surely get good value for your money with its help.

4. It’s easy to set up and use.

While the burner’s stand will need some assembly, it’s perfectly easy to do so you shouldn’t worry about that. You can then start cooking in minutes once its set up.

5. It’s quite versatile.

Aside from deep frying, you can also use this cooking equipment for boiling. Getting additional accessories can also further extend its functionality.

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Product Benefits

  • Friendly price
  • You’ll only need to get a propane tank and cooking ingredients to get started
  • Can also be used for other large batch cooking methods
  • Assembly is easy
  • Safety mechanism will make sure that you’ll keep an eye on the pot
  • Looks and feels sturdy
  • Good size
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Heats up fast
  • Holds temperature nicely

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The Negative Things

  • Can get dented quite easily
  • Some reports of receiving damaged pots
  • Doesn’t come with a cooking basket


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have a drain for the oil?

A: Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an oil drain so you’ll need to lift the whole pot to pour the oil out.

 Q: Can you get a compatible cooking basket for this deep fryer?

A: Yes, Masterbuilt also offers such accessories.

 Q: Can I get a replacement hose so the burner won’t die every fifteen minutes?

A: There’s a good chance that you’ll find a compatible gas hose and regulator for this unit but it’s not recommended. The timer is there for a reason so if you switch to a regular hose and regulator, make sure to proceed with caution.

 Q: Can you use natural gas for this?

A: You will need a converter should you wish to use natural gas with this unit.

 Q: What kind of oil can you use with this product?

A: You can use different kinds of cooking oil with this deep fryer.

Final Verdict

We hope this Masterbuilt 20020107 Propane Turkey Fryer review gives you a good idea whether this product is an excellent match for you or not. Being a practical pick, it can be a good choice for a lot of households so don’t make the mistake of skipping this item when shopping for a deep fryer.

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