Top 10 Best Storage Coffee Tables in 2023

Best Storage Coffee Table

Do you want to know the best storage coffee tables in the marketplace? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. This article is for you. Here, we will introduce you to some of the latest coffee tables with storage facilities.

A coffee table isn’t just a piece of furniture but also a great interior decorating piece capable of elevating your living room’s aesthetic beauty. This is why many interior decorators consider it the most necessary piece of furniture in the living room.

As the name implies, it is suitable for serving refreshments to visitors and guests, but equally changes the feel and functionality of a living room. It can set the tone for your living room décor; therefore, it has become a high-demanding furniture piece by lovers of beauty.

Storage is increasingly becoming a necessity in many homes. This is why a storage coffee table has an advantage over coffee tables without storage. With a storage facility, you can keep books, blankets, and other items that you feel you may still need or that you don’t want visitors to see.

We promised to provide reviews on some storage coffee tables. You will find them below. But one underlying statement from some users is that coffee tables are some of the best purchases they ever made.

Coffee tables are easy to assemble. A user with physical disabilities affirmed that he was able to assemble the one he bought conveniently. The coffee table in question is one of the tables we will be doing reviews on.

Our Picks of 10 Best Storage Coffee Tables:

There are numerous high-quality and durable storage coffee tables in the marketplace. This may make it challenging to pick the right one for your specific needs, so we have made a list of the best coffee tables with storage.

Before going further, we would like to let you know that these coffee tables are not arranged in any particular order. The last on the list is just as good as the first. Now, below are our picks of the top ten storage coffee tables.

1. AmazonBasics Lift-Top Storage Coffee Table

This is a good storage coffee table that is ideal for both the office and the living room. If you have a family room, you can as well place it there.

It looks perfect anywhere you place it. It also complements other furniture pieces in the room. Another cool feature is its hidden storage. The lift-up top hides the storage, which makes it pretty impressive.

You can keep private stuff in that compartment since no one has an idea that you can lift the top. Aside from the hidden storage, there are two other shelves below for additional storage. While you can hide private stuff in the storage under the lift-up top, you can keep other less important items on the open shelves.


  • This amazing coffee table with storage is made of the quality and sturdy wood, which makes it durable.
  • The dimensions are 40 x 18 x 19 inches.
  • It weighs 39 pounds.
  • The top is liftable.
  • This product has a unique style and design.
  • You can safely keep private and personal belongings in the storage underneath the lift-up top.
  • This product offers excellent value for money.
  • There are two open shelves below for additional storage.
  • It is suitable for the living room, family room, and even the office.
  • This table has ample storage capacity.

2. Sauder Edge Water Lift Top Storage Coffee Table

This is another wonderful storage coffee table. As the name implies, it is a lift-top coffee table, but it provides a versatile surface. This simply means that aside from offering storage, you can read and work on it.

The lid lifts and extends forward, making it convenient to use for specific purposes. There are three open shelves underneath the table for additional storage, while also ideal for displaying decorations or other items that you’d like visitors to see.

This is a contemporary coffee table that is finished on all sides. You can get everything you need from a storage coffee table with this piece of furniture.


  • It is available in three distinct colors.
  • The table is finished on all sides.
  • The top can lift and also tilt forward for convenient use.
  • Aside from the storage, there are three additional open shelves for extra storage and display.
  • It serves as a beautiful interior décor.
  • This coffee table offers versatility.
  • It is straightforward to assemble.
  • The legs are strong.
  • You can use this furniture piece anywhere.

3. HomCom 39″ Modern Lift Top Coffee Table Desk With Storage

This is another lift-top storage coffee table. It has a modern design, and it can serve as both a desk and a coffee table. It is neatly built, with clean and fine lines.

The lift-top can fully extend when lifted. This is a wonderful development as it provides a raised platform for any activity you may need a table for.

The storage is beneath the tabletop, and it has a large capacity. This desk consists of both solid wood and stainless steel, which makes it sturdy. It can complement any interior, either the home or the office.


  • This is a budget-friendly storage coffee table that is affordable for everybody, including students.
  • The table can serve as a desk so students can use it in dorms too.
  • This table consists of solid wood with stainless steel for more stability and sturdiness.
  • It is stylish as it comes in a modern chic design.
  • The storage compartment is underneath the tabletop.
  • Its tabletop can fully extend to provide a raised surface to read or work on your laptop.
  • The table is easy to clean or maintain.
  • This table fits into small spaces, but it has a large storage capacity.
  • It can blend with any home décor.

4. Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Storage Coffee Table

This is another lift-top storage coffee desk that is not on this list by mistake. It is available in three different finishes or colors: coffee oak, lintel oak, and Washington cherry.

These colors can all complement any home décor and even elevate the beauty of the room.

This is a sturdy and durable coffee table that its top is made with iron. This top in question lifts and extends forward, providing versatile or multifunctional work surface. The storage compartment is underneath the lid. There are two open shelves for extra storage and display.

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  • The tabletop lifts up and also extends forward to create a multifunctional table.
  • This table is finished on all sides, making it stylish.
  • It has a hidden storage compartment underneath the top.
  • There are two additional open shelves for extra storage and display.
  • This coffee table is available in three different colors or finishes.
  • All available colors are designed for the elevation of the aesthetic beauty of the home.
  • The coffee table is built for long-term use.
  • The top material consists of iron.
  • This table has four strong legs for stability.


5. Sauder Dakota Pass Storage Coffee Table

The Sauder Dakota Pass storage coffee table is another quality table that deserves to make this list. It is part of the Sauder line of furniture. And Sauder’s products are well-known for lots of features, unique styles, and sustainability.

This particular coffee table offers those qualities as well. The table is available in two colors- craftsman oak finish and white plank finish. Its storage compartment is hidden underneath the top, while there are two additional open shelves for storage and display.

The top lifts and tilts forward to provide a versatile function. You can work on your laptop when the top is raised. Equally, you can read, watch TV, or even enjoy a snack. You can perform any task that requires a table when you lift the top.


  • This coffee table is stylish, and it can complement your interior décor.
  • The top can lift and extend forward to create a multipurpose work surface.
  • You can get this table in two different colors.
  • Its storage compartment is underneath the top.
  • There are two open shelves for more storage and to display items.
  • The table adds style to any home.
  • Aside from home, you can equally use it in the office.
  • The product is sturdy and durable.

6. TANGKULA Top Storage Coffee Table

Another incredible storage coffee table is the TANGKULA coffee table. This is a charming white coffee table that can beautify any home or office. The top lifts and extends forward for versatility and multifunctional purpose.

This product offers unique features. For instance, the material is both water and scratch-resistant. The lifting rod consists of zinc alloy, which is rust-resistant.

The board at the base of the table is reinforced to withstand weight pressure from items kept in the storage.

Its storage compartment is underneath the top while there are three open shelves or divided storage design for extra storage and display.


  • This is a classic white coffee table with a contemporary design.
  • The piece of furniture is made with eco-friendly materials.
  • Its storage compartment is underneath the top.
  • Aside from the hidden storage, there are three other open shelves for additional storage.
  • The lifting rod comes from a zinc alloy, which does not rust easily.
  • This is a durable product made with solid wood.
  • It is a perfect coffee table for both home and office.
  • It is available in white color.

7. bonVIVO Glass Top Coffee Table with Storage

Its storage compartment is visible, and it is right beneath the glass top. The glass is scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. So, you do not need to worry about its maintenance.

The storage capacity is not as large as the previous coffee tables, but it is perfect for books, journals, newspapers, etc.  The product is made in Germany, which means that it offers an interior design with European standards.


  • The product is from Germany, so it is a European standard.
  • The top material is glass.
  • You can maintain the table with ease.
  • The glass is easy to clean as long as you don’t use solvent-based cleaning agents.
  • This table is straightforward to set up.
  • The glass is strong enough to support your laptop and books.
  • It offers simplicity and elegance.
  • The table can fit into any space since it is not too large.
  • It is also suitable for the office.

8. Safavieh Glass Top Coffee Table with Storage

This is another high-quality storage coffee table. The tabletop is made of tempered glass, meaning that it’s strong.

This glass table is charming and exquisite. It adorns the beauty of any room, and it has a stylish and contemporary design.

If you love class and beauty, you cannot ignore this amazing piece of furniture. It offers simplicity, and its storage space is underneath the glass top, so it is visible.


  • The tabletop is made with tempered glass.
  • It has glass legs too for added beauty.
  • The storage consists of solid wood, so the table is a combination of glass and wood.
  • Its storage space is underneath the glass top.
  • The table is a combination of charm, simplicity, and elegance.
  • Aside from home, you can also use this table in the office.
  • The table is straightforward to assemble.
  • It is easy to maintain.

9. TANGKULA Glass Top Coffee Table with Storage

This is another fantastic coffee table with a glass top. It is suitable for any living room, and it consists of both glass and solid wood. The table has a stylish and classic design. It will elevate the aesthetics of any living room, so it is ideal for lovers of beauty.

The table is available in three different colors- black, dark brown, and red-brown. Whichever you go for will complement your home interior decor. Apart from the living room, this table is perfect for the bedroom, and even the office. Its storage space is underneath the table and attached to the legs.


  • This product is super easy to assemble.
  • Any of the available colors will match your sofa.
  • It is a lovely piece of interior furniture.
  • It has a stylish and contemporary design.
  • The table is easy to maintain.
  • It is scratch-resistant.
  • The table is sturdy.
  • It is fashionable, and you will enjoy your money’s worth.

10. ioHOMES Morgan Contemporary Storage Coffee Table

The last but definitely not the least is the ioHOMES Morgan coffee table. This table has a contemporary design. It is a beautiful black storage square coffee table. Also, it has two drawers, and the table itself is straightforward to assemble.

The design is unique, which comes as a result of an innovative concept. You will always receive compliments if you have this in your living room. Another great feature is the two service trays that come with this table.


  • This is a charming storage coffee table.
  • It has 2 service trays.
  • There are 2 drawers for storage.
  • The table base is solid wood.
  • This table has a laminate black finish.
  • The coffee table is easy to clean.
  • There are 2 open compartments for additional storage.
  • This coffee table is sturdy and durable.

How to Build a Coffee Table with Storage?

There are different types of coffee tables, including glass top tables. If you are the do-it-yourself kind of person, you can learn how to build a coffee table with storage for home use, although it may not look as charming as the ones mentioned in this write-up. However, it will have the same features and serve the same purposes.

The basic features that a coffee table must have are a flat surface and legs. You can build one in less than 2 hours if you have all the requirements available. To make one for the home, you can follow the steps below.

1. Get the Boards for the Table

You can make the cuts by yourself or get them from a furniture store. It is okay too, if you decide to settle for ready-made tabletops. This will even make your job much easier and faster.

2. Build your Box

You may be wondering why we mentioned a box. Well, a coffee table with storage is designed as a box with a top. You need legs too for support. For this project, we will be using metal castor wheels for the legs.

3. Drill Pocket Holes

Drill three pocket holes on each end of the 1 x 12 x 6 board. Then lay them straight on the floor, leaving some space in between each board. Pocket holes help to hide the screws.

4. Add Glue to each Joint

Add some wood glue to each joint of the 1 x 6 x 6 boards and the 1 x 12 x 6 boards. Applying glue adds reinforcement to keep the joints firm. Join all the sides of your boards together to form a box. An ideal dimension for the box should be like 33″ x 34″.

Fix another 33″ board in the center of the box to create two compartments. This centerboard will correspond with the width’s dimension.

5. Use Pocket-Hole Screws to join the Workpieces

After applying glue to the joints, use pocket-hole screws to connect the workpieces. This will make the workpieces firmer and the table, solid. You need a drill/driver for this purpose.

To make it convenient for you to drill the pocket holes, you may have to use a jig to hold the workpiece.

6. Make the base

After following the procedure discussed, your box should be rectangular with two open spaces separated by a centerboard. Now, make the base for the box. Use your 1 x 6 boards for this.

Remember to apply some wood glue to the wood joints then drill pocket holes for connecting the workpieces. Use your pocket-hole screws to join the boards, and your table base is ready.

7. Make the Tabletop

Once you are through making the box and the base, the next step is to make the tabletop. Flip over the box to make the top. You need five boards for this- two on each compartment and then a centerboard. The centerboard should be narrower than the other four boards.

You can make the boards 7″ while the centerboard, 6″ since the length is 34″. Form two lids from the four 7″ boards. Drill pocket holes on the 7″ boards then join two pieces together with pocket-hole screws. Do this for the remaining two pieces. And this will result in two lids required for the tabletop.

Kindly note, that when making the tabletop, the centerboard should be the only board that you fix to the box or table, with screws. It is equally the board that you attach the hinges too.

8. Attach the metal hinges to the lids

Now that you have your lids, attach the four metal hinges to enable you to open and close the storage compartment of your coffee table.

Fix two hinges to the lid on the left side and two hinges to the lid on the right side, connecting them from the centerboard. This development will create a coffee table with two storage spaces, with separate tops. Use a drill/driver for this purpose.

9. Fix the Metal Caster Wheels

At this point, your storage coffee table is almost ready, except for the legs. You can choose any leg you prefer, but we chose to use metal casters. It would help if you flipped the table again for you to add the casters.

The most suitable tool for this purpose is the impact driver. Use this device with hex bolts to tighten the casters to the base of the coffee table.

10. Paint the Coffee Table

You already successfully built a coffee table with storage. To make it more eye-catching, you can paint it. Dark brown and black are two suitable colors for coffee tables.

However, white is another fantastic color. You can give the casters a coat of black spray paint as well to make it more stylish.

What is the Best Storage Coffee Table? 

From the explanations in this article, you learned that you could not pick one storage coffee table as the best since there are many top-quality coffee tables in the marketplace.

We even provided a list of ten top storage coffee tables to make it much easier for you to choose a suitable one for your specific needs.

Why did we select these Ten Storage Coffee Tables?

We selected these coffee tables based on their benefits and features. Some of these benefits are right below.

  • They are made from solid wood.
  • Being products of solid wood make them sturdy and durable.
  • They are available in lovely and stylish designs.
  • These storage coffee tables will elevate the aesthetic beauty of any family room or living room.
  • They are suitable for outdoor or patio uses.
  • It is straightforward to assemble these coffee tables.
  • They create versatile work surfaces.
  • You will enjoy your money’s worth with any of them.

Any of the tables we mentioned will provide everything you need from a standard storage coffee table. Hence, we recommend buying any of them if you need one for your home. To purchase yours, we suggest you visit Amazon.

On Amazon, you will find any coffee table of your choice. Another benefit of shopping on Amazon is that they offer incredible prices for their products. You can also request a delivery service on any product you buy.

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