How To Build Shelves For A Storage Shed?

Not all the storage sheds accept nails in their walls. So, you need to confirm that nails can be driven into the walls of your storage shed before you go ahead. Also, don’t nail too many shelves on a particular wall. When they are few, you’ll be able to space them out very well.

So, we recommend that you should not nail more than three shelfs on the same side of the walls. Don’t forget to use well-treated wood. They’ll last much longer.

Before you start working on the project, you must wear a pair of glasses to protect your eyes. Wear covered shoes, and put on clothes that cover every part of your body. Ensure you lock your kids away to prevent them from running into you when you’re busy.

How To Build Shelves For A Storage Shed? 8 Steps

Step 1 – Determine how many layers of shelves, the length of each of them, and how much space you intend to give them. These features will give you the right measurements.

Step 2 – Based on the number of layers of shelves, how much space in between the shelves, and the length of each shelf, take their measurements.

Step 3 – Get the right type of wood for the job. We always recommend high-quality, well-treated wood. It is expensive but it usually pays off in the long run.

Step 4 – Based on the measurements, cut out each of the shelves.

Step 5 – On the wall of the shed, mark the spots you want to fix each shelf. This will serve as a guide.

Step 6 – Start from the lowest shelf. Fix them to the uppermost.

Step 7 – Before you fix each shelf, you need to fix a brace below each of them. The brace will support the shelf and bear the weight of the items you want to place on each of them.

Step 8 – After fixing the first/lowest brace and its supporting brace, go to the next one that is a bit higher. Continue like that till you get to the top.

Is it cheaper to build or buy storage shelves?

If you’re an experienced woodworker, it might be a better idea to build your shelves instead of buying them. First, it will be cheaper to build yours, and what you build will suit the purpose more than ready-made storage shelves. On the other hand, if you have never done any woodwork before, it is better to buy the shelf. You may end up creating a shelf that’s below par.

You don’t want to build your own shelf and still end up buying another one because what you built cannot serve the purpose. In other words, to avoid duplication of efforts, buy a storage shelf if you’re not sure you can build one.

Also, the size and quality of the shelves will determine their cost. Purchasing a smaller storage shelf is more likely to be less expensive than building a bigger storage shelf.

What wood should I use for shed shelves?

There are several types of wood to build storage shelves in your shed, but we are going to recommend only plywood and timber. They are the best types of wood for storage because they can’t be scratched easily. If you use other types of wood, you may have to worry about touching up your shelves often.

Remember, what you store on the shelves may scratch the shelves. In addition, timber and plywood are relatively inexpensive, and are durable. Finally, they are sturdy enough to hold a good weight. You don’t need a shelf that can’t hold much weight.

How much does it cost to build shelves in a shed?

To be able to arrange items in an organized manner, you need to install some shelves. Some items that would have taken unnecessary spaces in the shed will be arranged on the shelves. You can either purchase the shelves or build yours. Building yours is a better idea as it will serve the purpose and fit the kind of items you want to place on them.

To build the shelves, you’ll have to purchase large shelving systems for at least $200. This is about the lowest price. Many other better shelving systems cost much more. In addition, you have to get some hooks with which the shelves will be hung. These hooks cost about $10 to $20 on average at most retailers.

So, if you have to build storage shelves for your shed, you need to set aside about $200 to $500, depending on your choice and the size of the shelves.

Why do sheds need shelves?

The most important reason why sheds need shelves is that shelves help to manage space in the sheds. Besides, shelves make the shed interior look more organized, more spacious, and classy. Most importantly, some items are kept on the shelf for easy retrieval. You don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes looking for a single item.

How high should shelves be in a shed?

The answer to this question depends on the height of your shed and the kind of items you intend to place in it. Ideally, the shelves in your shed should be about 6 inches to 1 foot off the floor. Remember, you can decide to build tiers of inches if

How To Build Shelves For A Storage Shed

Final Word

If your storage shed does not come with shelves, we’ve got you a likely solution. You can build your shelves on the walls of the shed. Follow the steps discussed above and consider the precautions.

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