How to Put a Rubbermaid Shed Together? 12 Steps

There are several reasons why we need an outdoor storage shed. If you have a garden, the best place to keep your gardening tools is your storage shed. Also, if you have a lawnmower and bicycle, you don’t have to bring them into your apartment. The best place for them is your storage shed.

Do you do barbecue once in a while? If you do, you need a shed to keep your barbecue equipment. The benefits of having a storage unit are unlimited. That’s why their demand is very high. To cash in on the demand, different brands have thrown their hats into the business.

There are so many brands of storage units. We know it may be challenging for you to make a choice. That’s why we have reviewed some of the best brands in some of our articles. One of the brands that are setting the pace in this industry is Rubbermaid. The brand has a wide range of models and its customer support teams are great.

Why Rubbermaid Storage Sheds Are Popular?

There are many brands of outdoor storage sheds but Rubbermaid is one of the most popular for several reasons. For those who may not know, here are some of the reasons why Rubbermaid heads are in high demand.


Rubbermaid offers a wide variety of shed sizes and shed designs. So, no matter what size you need, Rubbermaid has something for you. In fact, buyers love to have a lot of options. That’s another reason why they prefer Rubbermaid to other branches.


A good number of Rubbermaid users have cited durability as the reason why they chose it. Rubbermaid storage sheds are resistant to tough weather conditions, rust, rot, and dents. So, your Rubbermaid shed is likely to last for many years.

Zero maintenance

After buying a Rubbermaid shed, you may not spend any dime on it again. It does not require any painting or retrofitting. You don’t have to bother about the cost of maintenance. All you need is its purchase cost.


Rubbermaid sheds are also waterproof. This is important because it is going to be outside. So, if it rains cats and dogs, your belonging will be safe. And since it is made of resins, you don’t have to worry about mold growth.

How to Build a Rubbermaid shed? 12 Easy Steps

Step 1- Build a solid level platform on which the shed will be erected. A concrete floor is recommended.

Step2 – Place the front floor panel on the concrete floor.

Step 3 – Place the back floor beside the front floor and connect them with the appropriate screws without over-tightening the screws.

Step 4 – Slide the side panel into the front floor panel.

Step 5- Connect left front panel to side panel.

Step 6 – Install the wall connectors.

Step 7 – do the same for all the walls.

Step 8 – Place the door reinforcement inside it and secure it with ten screws.

Step 9 – Install the door window gaskets and install the windows one after the other.

Step 10 – Install the doors.

Step 11 – Install the front and back gables.

Step 12 – Now, you can install the roof.

Are Rubbermaid sheds easy to assemble?

Well, Rubbermaid sheds are relatively easier to assemble than other brands of sheds. One of the reasons why they are easy to assemble is that Rubbermaid sheds come with an assembly guide. However, you’ll need the help of at least another pair of hands. Also, you have to start with the groundwork. All sheds should be placed on level ground.

You can place Rubbermaid sheds on grass, sand, concrete, and bricks. We recommend a concrete floor, though. To assemble a Rubbermaid shed, you need to erect the front panel and let your partner hold it in position. The next thing to do is to stand the back panel beside the front panel. Connect them together with the right screws.

Now you can erect one of the side panels and slide it into the front panel. After that, you can slide the other side panel into the front panel. Secure them together with wall connectors. You can now place the door reinforcement inside the door frame and secure the reinforcement with about 10 screws.

Now it’s time to install the door window gaskets before installing the windows one after the other. Then, you can install the doors. After that, you can install the front and back gables. Finally, you can take the time to install the roof.

So, how easy does this sound? We think it’s very easy.

Do Rubbermaid sheds need a foundation?

Yes, Rubbermaid sheds require a foundation. In fact, all sheds need level ground and a stable foundation. This will keep them secure. Without a strong foundation, they may not be able to withstand strong wind. As you may already know, Rubbermaid sheds are made of high-density plastic, and they need to be placed on level ground.

The best way to make the ground level for Rubbermaid sheds is to use crushed stone. Another reason why a foundation is a must is that it raises the shed and makes a ramp easy to fit in. A ramp is a concrete construction at the entrance of a shed that makes it easy to wheel a heavy-duty machine in and out.

How long does it take to put a Rubbermaid shed together?

The duration depends on a few factors below.

  • Size – The bigger the shed, the more time it will take to assemble.
  • The number of hands involved – The more the participants, the faster it will take to put a Rubbermaid shed together.
  • Level of expertise – The higher the level of expertise and experience of the people assembling it, the faster the shed will be put together.

We’ll advise you to get at least one person to assist you. And you should bear in mind that it will take you a pretty long time, and it may be a little harder the first time. But as you assemble more sheds, your level of expertise will increase as well as your speed.

Generally, regardless of the size of the shed, the number of hands involved, and the level of expertise of the assemblers, it will take you about 7 – 10 hours to start and complete the project. Be sure that it will take you less than a day to complete the assembly of a Rubbermaid shed.

How to Put a Rubbermaid Shed Together

Final Word

As explained above, the features of Rubbermaid sheds are water resistance, durability, zero maintenance, easy assembly, wide variety, and relatively lower cost of purchase. These are the reasons why people love the brand. We have also given you the general steps required to assemble the shed brand. Most importantly, if your shed comes with assembly instructions. Follow the instructions for the letter.

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