Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer Review 2021

Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer ReviewLooking for the perfect cooking appliance to match your retro fridge? Look no further as the Glip AF800 is practically identical to those mod-inspired refrigerators so it can blend in seamlessly with your decor. But aside from its nostalgic appearance, can this electronic device offer more? Find out in this Glip AF800 Air Fryer Review.

The Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer Reviews: 5 Major Features

With the kitchen being the heart of every home, it would be nice if it can also evoke warm fuzzy feelings to make your dining experience even more enjoyable.

This is probably the very reason why lots of people prefer to furnish their kitchens with pieces that are reminiscent of the previous decades.

Retro appliance tends to dominate this trend. It explains the popularity of those refrigerators that make great content for Throwback Thursdays.

With its resemblance, the Glip AF800 can blend in seamlessly with the whole vibe and retro theme, so it can be considered as an excellent pick to complete your kitchen’s look.

Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer ChickenHowever, this air fryer is more than just a retro-looking appliance. It also offers a lot of functionalities that you might find useful. To get to know it better, here are five of its main features:

1. Rapid Air-Exchange Technology

What makes an oil-less air fryer classified as such is its convection technology. Glip’s version is the Rapid Air-Exchange technology that lets it effectively cycle hot air around the cooking chamber to cook your food.

2. Roasting Plate

To ensure that every area of your ingredients will be cooked thoroughly and evenly, the Glip AF800 is also equipped with a Roasting Plate. This component helps keep your ingredients from touching the base of the cooking basket.

It might seem overly simple, but as it allows the hot air to move efficiently under the ingredients, it can help ensure great results all the more.

3. Dishwasher Safe Parts

Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer

If you hate washing pots and pans, you’ll love cooking with this air fryer. With this appliance, the parts that get in contact with food are conveniently dishwasher safe. This makes cleanups a breeze.

4. 30-Minute Timer

Too busy to watch what you’re cooking? The air fryer can help you multitask without a hitch. Thanks to its 30-minute timer, you can easily cook a wide range of dishes without having to keep your eyes on the cooking equipment. Just select the cooking time and you’re all set to have a fantastic meal after the timer runs out.

5. Retro Design

Of course, the Glip AF800’s unique design is also worth mentioning again since it is one of its main selling points. Aside from its shape, what really adds to its retro charm is its classic controls.

The interface features a giant dial knob for the timer while it uses an analogue gauge for its temperature. It can really remind you of the old appliances your grandma once had, no?

5 Reasons – Why Should You Use the Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer?

Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer ReviewIf you don’t think its features are enough to make you reconsider your other options, these five reasons might just do the trick:
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1. It will look cute on your retro kitchen.

It bears repeating that if you want to stick with a specific retro motif for your home, this item can help you commit to it.

2. It offers great results.

Some folks might not expect a lot from a cute appliance, but don’t be fooled when it comes to the AF800’s performance. This product can get the job done marvelously, making it a solid contender in the battle of the best air fryers.

3. It can help you commit to your low-calorie diet.

While it’s not easy, there are tons of benefits to having a low-calorie diet. Ditching your deep fryer for this Glip air fryer can help you better stick to controlling your calorie consumption as it uses less oil to cook your food.

4. It’s very easy to use.

A turn of the knob is all you need to cook with this appliance, so it certainly offers a fuss-free method to prepare a meal.

5. Its small size makes it perfect for small homes.

Living in a tight space doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the latest cooking technologies. With the compact size of the Glip AF800, you won’t have a hard time finding space for it in your kitchen.
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Product Benefits

  • Cute retro design will blend in perfectly in any retro kitchen
  • Compact size will suit small households
  • Automatic shut off ensures food won’t get overcooked
  • 30-minute timer offers convenience
  • Dial controls guarantee precision
  • Can let you enjoy fried foods without the extra calories and guilt
  • Units are also available in white
  • Roasting plate adds cooking efficiency
  • Dishwasher safe parts make cleanup simple and effortless
  • Equipped with a cool touch housing and handle which makes it safe to use

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The Negative Things

  • Quite pricey for its size
  • Tends to emit some cooking odors while in operation


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can it handle fresh battered foods?

A: Yes, you can fry food with wet batter in it.

 Q: Can you bake a cake in it?

A: This item is capable of baking but you’ll need to use a pan to get the job done.

 Q: How much food can it contain?

A: It can hold about half a 2 liters of food.

 Q: Is it dual voltage?

A: No, it’s not listed to work on 220V power sources.

 Q: Can you use oil when cooking with this air fryer?

A: It’s best to add some oil if you want to replicate the taste of traditionally fried food.

Final Verdict

This Glip Air Fryer may not be loaded with lots of bells and whistles, but it can prove that its quirky design and great performance are already enough to help you achieve the results you need in your kitchen.

Don’t be distracted by how adorable it looks because it’s ready to take on a good amount of cooking.

We hope this Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer review helps you get to know the product better and help you choose the right product for you.

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