How to Build a Kayak Storage Shed? 9 Steps

Kayaking is one of the most interesting water activities. That’s why a lot of people love it. Since it is more cost-effective to buy yours instead of renting it, we encourage people to buy theirs. Now, we have found out that buying isn’t the problem, but how to store it.

One big challenge with kayaks is that they warp easily. And they are vulnerable to UV rays of the sun and winter snow. In other words, kayaks must be shielded from snow, sunlight, and pressure. The best solution is to build a shed for your kayak.

How to Store Kayaks?

To store kayaks, you need to apply the tips discussed below.

  1. If you’re planning to store it for a long time, you need to remove all the fabrics attached to it and store them separately. Fabrics can easily attract bugs and other insects.
  2. Ensure you clean it properly. Before storage, you need to remove debris and dirt from all the crevices of your kayak before washing it with dish soap. After washing, you can wipe every part of the body with a towel before storing it.
  3. Don’t store it with its hull on the ground. Rather hang it on a rack or store it upside down. The hull cannot bear much pressure.
  4. Always shield it from sunlight.
  5. Also, you need to store it away from snow too. This means that your kayak shed has to be properly insulated.

How to Build a Kayak Storage Shed? 9 Easy Steps

Step 1 – You need to select a good spot for the shed. Mark it by driving pegs into the ground at the four corners of the shed.

Step 2 – Level the ground. A shed should be built on level ground for stability. The foundation can lie on level ground.

Step 3 – Erect the frame posts. The posts can be installed into anchor posts and later, you can secure them with screws. After installing the four posts for the corners, you need to install another one at the center.

Step 4 – Strengthen the base. You have to link the posts to one another with crossbars. This will also provide the base on which your floor panel will lie.

Step 5- Cover the framework with wall panels. We suggest that you double the walls for proper insulation. This implies that you’ll have four walls. Plywood seems to be the best wood for the walls.

Step 6 – You can cut out window frames. Although one window is okay, you can make it two. After cutting out the window frames, you need to install a metal frame for the windows. Remember, the windows should be properly insulated for winter.

Step 7 – Now, you can build the roof. We suggest you build a sloping roof to prevent stagnant water. First, build all the crossbars that link the frames on the upper part of the shed. The roof will rest on the upper framework. We suggest that you use plastic or metal roof. Don’t use the thatched roof. It will undermine your insulation efforts.

Step 8 – Build a wall rack on the inner walls of the shed. Your kayaks will be stored on the racks.

Step 9 – Insulate the shed. Check for gaps and spaces through which the cold outside can find its way inside. Seal all the spaces one after the other. You may not appreciate the insulation in summer. But when winter hits your location, you’ll be glad you insulated your shed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do you store a kayak in a shed?

As explained above, you should never store your kayak on the ground with its bottom directly on the ground. You can store it upside down because the tip of the cockpit is stronger. In the alternative, you can suspend it or hang it on a wall rack. Also, it must be clean before you store it. Finally, all the fabrics must be removed to prevent the infestation of bugs.

2. Can Kayaks be stored outside?

No! Kayaks should not be stored outside. This is because they can withstand the UV rays and heat directly from the sun. Also, they cannot withstand snow. In short, kayaks can’t withstand harsh weather conditions. So, they must be stored in a well-ventilated and well-insulated storage shed.

3. Can I store my plastic kayak outside in winter?

This question has already been answered above. All kayaks, regardless of their material, should not be stored outside in winter. Cold weather conditions can facilitate warping.

4. Is it okay to store kayaks vertically?

Sure, you can store it vertically or horizontally as long as the base is not resting directly on a hard surface. We suggest you store them on wall racks.

5. How long does a kayak last?

If you take proper care of your kayak, it can last for up to a decade or longer than that. Just follow our storage tips above and your kayak’s lifespan will be extended. No matter the material your kayak is made of, apply all the tips discussed above.

6. How do you store a kayak in the garage?

Follow the same rules as to when storing it in a storage shed. Preferably, store it on wall racks. And if there are no racks in your garage, ensure you store it upside down or place it on a soft surface like foam.

How to Build a Kayak Storage Shed

Final Word

If you take proper care of your kayak, it can last up to ten years or more. Always clean it properly before storing it. Remove its fabrics to prevent bugs infestation. You can store it on wall racks. Don’t let its underneath rest on hard surfaces. Most importantly, shield it from snow and sunlight.

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