How to Build a Foundation for a Storage Shed?

We all understand the importance of outdoor storage shed, so we won’t talk much about that. What we want to focus on is the foundation for sheds. Many storage sheds don’t come with a foundation. And it is a necessity for storage sheds. That’s why you have to build a foundation before you assemble your shed on it.

This article explains the importance of foundations to sheds. After that, you’ll learn the best type of foundation for different types of sheds. In addition, you’ll learn how to build a foundation for storage sheds. This is followed by the necessary precautions.

What Type of Foundation Is Best for A Shed?

The choice of a foundation depends fully on the size of the shed. We have given the best foundation for different sizes of shed below. If your shed is bigger than 8 by 6, your best bet is to go for concrete foundation. This will provide the kind of support and elevation required by that size of shed.

A timber foundation may also work for this size, but water can get the timber soaked and you’ll have to deal with mold. However, if you don’t plan to store any water-drawing item in the shed, you can choose a wooden foundation.

If you have an 8 by 6 shed, you can build your foundation with treated wood, concrete, paving slabs, or crushed stone. As explained above, if water is involved, remove wood from the options.  Water damages wood gradually, and it also breeds mold growth.

Fortunately, small sheds don’t require a foundation. That means if your shed is small, you don’t have to bother about the foundation. At the same time, a foundation is not forbidden for a small shed. If you want to build a foundation for your small shed, go ahead. No problem.

There’s a plastic foundation, but we’ll advise you to stay away from it. Plastic foundations don’t last long. Besides, they can cave in suddenly and your shed could fall apart, damaging some of the items stored inside it. Plastic foundation works for only small sheds.

How to Build a Foundation for a Storage Shed?

This tutorial is for a steel foundation because that’s what we recommend. It is stronger and it lasts longer. Most importantly, water has no effect on it.

Step 1 – First, you need to take the measurement of the shed. The dimension of the base of the shed must correspond to the foundation. So, the measurement has to be very accurate.

Step 2 – Buy the necessary pieces of steel.

Step 3 – The next step is to cut 4 different rods out one by one. You will use the rod to form the perimeter of the foundation.

Step 4- Weld the 4 rods together to form either a rectangular foundation or a square foundation.

Step 5 – You can now weld the crossbars together.


  • You need to get the measurements right.
  • When you’re done with any powerful tool, switch it off and unplug it.
  • Ensure that your children are locked away, to prevent them from distracting and disturbing you.

Why Every Shed Needs a Foundation?

Stability – Foundations give stability to storage sheds. Without a foundation, your shed may not be stable. What a foundation does to a home is what it does to storage sheds.

Support – The foundation provides support to the walls of the shed, and the walls support the roof. So, it is safe to say the foundation makes the shed sturdy.

Prevention of moisture – The foundation also raises the shed and protects it from moisture. That’s why many sheds are resistant to moisture.

Does a storage shed need a foundation?

Storage sheds are of various sizes and are built purposefully for different reasons. Storage sheds of 6X8 sizes are too small and don’t require foundations most time. However, enthusiasts are impugned to use foundation to increase the abstinence of the resources from humidity.

Also, building an excellent foundation for a storage shed will promote the firm support of the storage shed itself. The foundation will support the wall, roof, and the entire shed. Even when the stacking in the backyard sheds looks weird and somewhat overly packed, the storage shed will be firm and rigid.

How deep does a shed foundation need to be?

This relies on the type of layer that one really wants. For homeowners who prefer having a gravel-built base, 4-inch to 6-inch shed foundation is better. It’s basically to cover the dirt, and using a hand tamper to level up will promote more uniqueness. You can make a concrete base likewise. The deepness of that could be 75mm. Also, the footing base can be between the range of 3” and 4.”

Notwithstanding, the size of the shed that one intends to build would determine the size of the foundation. Most times, these are what are being done intuitively.

How to Build a Foundation for a Storage Shed

Final Word

Don’t assemble a storage shed without a foundation. It almost always ends in a disaster. Also, if your shed is a big one, don’t go for a plastic foundation. Chances of caving are very high.

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