How to Assemble Suncast Storage Shed?

Suncast storage sheds have always been on the frontline of reliability due to the qualities you’ll always find in them, including the accessories.

Their storage sheds often come in pieces of durable plastics. You can be certain that accessories, such as the plastic screws, boards, chucks, and so on, will come with it. You’ll definitely find some parts temporarily assembled on one another – you could notice that often around the roof. The roof of a Suncast storage shed is by a metal rod that runs straight into the groove – just around it is the plastic screws.

Howbeit, note that Suncast’s warranty is not valid for any of their products not until you get a concrete or wooden base. Therefore, know that you’ll definitely not find a ground with the delivery of Suncast’s storage sheds, especially among their available products for now.

How to Assemble Suncast Storage Shed? 5 Steps

1. Read the Manual

The manual consists of instructions that you need either partially or directly, depending on the part that you’re working on at a point in time. You’d still need the information to get the codes we’ll passing across.

Also, you’ll be able to know the model your product is made up of. Besides, the manual would even enable you to assess and count the pieces of equipment that come with the product to achieve a proper setup.

It’s after making the comparison with what you’ve got and what you expect that you’ll be able to tell if you’ve made the right purchase. That’s the only way you can make the right step to proper assembling.

2. Evaluate the Target

Check out what you’re aiming at before coupling the suncast storage shed. Know if the product you’ve bought comes with boards for shelves. Identify the indentation on each of the walls of the shed and their corresponding screws.

The brackets, hinges, bolts, and roof are what you should check out in the delivery box of this product. Often, you’re to take on a quick test before constructively making the shed.

The side panels, the door, hinges, and the bolts are what you need to make available before you start constructing the storage shed. Then, once you’ve done that, you can go on with the next step.

3. First Step: Sliding and Snapping

  • Whether you’re sliding the door to the hinges or snapping the hinges to the side panels, none matters; just get the work started.
  • Getting a rubber mallet will be awesome and make the alignment so impeccable.
  • Slide the door to the hinges. Although it’s what you should be able to do intuitively, yet you rarely have to be clever about the whole thing – go gently and smartly to achieve the ultimate goal.
  • Apply the screws afterward. Understand the essence and designation of the screws for the hinges-to-the-door.
  • Once you’re through with that, you can proceed by attaching the side panels to the hinges. Ensure that you snap before threading in the screws.
  • When the screws are not adequately jetting through holes from the hinges to the side panels or the door, then use the mallet judiciously to align the walls, doors to the hinges, or you start all over again.

4. Second Step: Attaching the Hinges to the Roof

This is virtually the complicated part. Most buyers find it challenging to do this because of one reason or the other. However, it’s simple using the following steps below. And, it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing the attachment vertically or horizontally; just adhere:

  • There are two hinges that typical Suncast storage sheds use – check your manual to see if your model is the same.
  • If you check the depictions and see that it isn’t working, then solve the pulse using the mirror-image concept for better understanding.
  • There are different brackets for joining the roof, edges, and door clips. However, you should identify the bracket designated for them.
  • Turn the edge brackets in a 180-degree direction to get the proper fixing. In short, whatsoever you want to do, as far as the depiction on the manual is a concern, convert the image with a mirror-image concept. That would enhance the better understanding whenever you’re fixing it onto the shed.
  • Nonetheless, ensure the edge’s bracket is fixed at the underside of the roof. Make it about 2” away from the front edge to prevent the top from bending when the roof is hit hard by the sun.

5. Precautions in Fixing the Hinges to the Door

This is somewhat the most challenging part of assembling. Meanwhile, the essence is to ensure that the suncast storage shed is sturdy. And the fundamental way to doing that is by getting it right at the hinges of the door.

We advise that two people handle this part to be at one end and the other at the other end. Whenever you try sliding the hinges to do door from both sides, simultaneously check the brackets at the top and bottom on the sides, too. Why?

Answer: So that you can check if they’ve not moved out of place. Snapping them into the perfect positions is what would guaranty the flowery fixation of the bolts – avoid cross-threading with the bolts, though.

Is Suncast a good shed?

Yes, Suncast sheds are popular because they are high-quality sheds. Here are some of the qualities that make them one of the best sheds around.

Durability – Suncast sheds are durable. They will last for several years. Besides, they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Little to no maintenance – Suncast sheds do not need maintenance. After installing them in your backyard, you won’t need to repaint or re-varnish them.

Ease of assembly – Another reason why some people prefer Suncast sheds is their ease of assembly. If you’ve never put a shed together before, you should be able to assemble a Suncast shed if you can follow its assembly instructions.

Variety – Also, the brand offers a wide variety of shed sizes and designs. And all their sheds are visually appealing.

Are Suncast sheds waterproof?

Yes, Suncast sheds are waterproof because they are made of plastic. As you may already know, plastic is waterproof and it is resistant to rust, corrosion, and rot. So, even if it rains cats and dogs, you’ll rest assured that water will not get inside your shed, and your personal items are safe.

What are Suncast sheds made of?

As explained above, Suncast sheds are made of plastic. And that is why they are waterproof. Additionally, being waterproof shields them from rot, rust, and mold issues. After several years, your Suncast shed will remain the same. In fact, we have seen different Suncast sheds that have been in use over 5 years ago.

Also, plastic does not require regular painting and repainting. This is why Suncast plastic sheds do not require any maintenance.

How long does it take to assemble a Suncast shed?

There’s no straight answer to this question because the duration of the assembly of Suncast sheds depends on a few factors. If you assemble it with just a friend, it will take you a longer time than when it is assembled by more than 3 people. The more people involved, the faster it will be.

The size of the shed is another factor to consider. Smaller sheds are easier and faster to put together than bigger ones. We also understand that expert assemblers will put sheds together faster than people who are learning.

That said, no matter the circumstance, the assembly of a Suncast shed cannot take you up to a day. So, you can set aside about 8 – 12 hours for it.

Does a Suncast shed need a foundation?

Yes, it does. Every shed requires a foundation on which it’ll stand. Without a stable foundation, your shed will not be on level ground. Another reason why a foundation is mandatory is the ramp. Without a solid foundation, you won’t be able to construct a ramp at the entrance of your shed.

How to Assemble Suncast Storage Shed

Final Verdict

Suncast storage sheds are made of resin construction. Once you’ve successfully assembled them, you can move them from one place to another without spoilage. In fact, they are weatherproof and highly reliable in all circumstances.

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