7 Tips for How to Use a Deep Fryer At Home?

How to Use a Deep Fryer At Home

Some people seem to think that deep fryers are only viable for restaurants and other commercial dining establishments.

But you can buy and use a deep fryer at home. Not only does it provide you with tasty food, but it’s also easy to learn to use a deep fryer at home. It’s not all that complicated at all.

1. Use the Right Oil

You can use peanut or vegetable oil, though olive oil isn’t really ideal. Make sure the fryer is still cool when you pour the oil in. Don’t exceed the maximum fill line, but you should make sure you have enough oil to totally cover the food.

2. Heat Up the Oil

Now it’s time to find that manual for your deep fryer if it’s the first time for you to use it. Different type of deep fryers can be turned on in different ways.

Once you start heating up the oil, the temperature you need depends on the kind of food you’re cooking.

There should be a built-in thermostat in the deep fryer so you know the temperature of the oil. If it doesn’t have a thermostat, buy one.

3. Make Sure There’s No Water in the Food

You need to deep fry only food items that are dry. So if you have some wet or moist food items, you can place them on a paper towel first before you out them in the oil. If they’re still wet, you can get dangerous splatters.

4. Dip the Food In

Now it’s time to gently place the food into the deep fryer oil. It’s best if you have a deep fryer with a wire basket, as using that is quite safe and easy.

If you don’t have the basket, you can use a large spoon and a fork. Be gentle!

Don’t put too much food in either. A crowded fryer can lead to a lower temperature that may not cook your food properly.

5. Don’t Leave the Food In for Too Long

If your recipe calls for you to cook the food for just 10 minutes, use a phone alarm (everybody has a smartphone nowadays, right?) to tell you when it’s time to take the food out. Check that the food is in the right golden-brown color first.

6. Get Rid of the Food Oil

You need to let the excess oil dry off first. Place the food pieces on paper towels so you can get some of the oil out before you take a bite.

7. Clean Up Properly

The manual should also include specific instructions on how to properly clean your deep fryer.

Different models will have different parts that may or may not be dishwasher-friendly. Just wait for the fryer to cool down completely before you clean it.

All you really need is to be patient and careful when you use your deep fryer at home. Download the manual if you lost your paper copy, and follow the directions. Add our tips, and you’re all set.

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