12 Tips for How to Use Presto Deep Fryer?

How to Use Presto Deep Fryer

Sure, there are plenty of brands to choose from if you’re looking for a deep dryer. Lots of people (especially in the US) simply love fried foods and a deep fryer can reward an adventurous cook with many surprising deep fried dishes.

However, Presto is certainly one of the leading brands in the industry. Here’s electric deep fryer user guides and you’re all set.

The precise instructions regarding the Presto deep fryer ultimately depends on the particular model you buy. Just get the model number and name and you can download the manual from the Presto website.

If you have bought a “GranPappy” Presto model, here are you guidelines:

  1. The key rule here is that you never ever immerse the deep fryer in water or any other liquid. If you ignore this rule, you’ll just damage the Presto.
  2. When you first get this, you should immediately wash the scoop and the fryer interior even before you use this for the first time. Use warm spay water, and then let it completely dry.
  3. Remove the plastic cover. Before you can put back the cover to use the fryer for oil storage, you need to make sure that the fryer is cool.
  4. Place the fryer in the center of your counter-top. This surface should be stable and heat-resistant. It should also be level, dry, and clean.
  5. Fill up the fryer with shortening or oil. There’s a level line on the inside of the unit to guide you. Don’t use more than 3 pounds of shortening or more than six of the 8-ounce cups of cooking oil.
  6. Don’t use any cover when you’re frying food or even when the oil is heating.
  7. Attach the electric cord to the fryer. Simply match the magnetic plug end of the cord with the recessed area at the base of the fryer. While you’re using the fryer, you should avoid contact with the cord to prevent it from detaching.
  8. Plug the cord into a 120V electrical outlet. This automatically puts the fryer in the ON position.
  9. Preheat the oil for about 15 minutes. During this time, you may hear clicking or popping sounds from the fryer. These sounds are normal, so just ignore them.
  10. Use the scoop to place 1 to 6 cups of food into the fryer. Be careful to avoid the spattering of hot oil.
  11. Every now and then, you may stir the food carefully to keep the food pieces from sticking together. There’s a scoop include with the fryer for this purpose, though you can use your own heat-resistant utensil.
  12. Check if the food has reached the brown color you want. Lift the scoop and drain it, and then place the food pieces onto absorbent paper. You can season them to taste.

That’s all there is to it. Deep-frying is fun because it gives you tasty treats, and because it’s easy!

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