What is Fire Pit Glass? How Much Fire Pit Glass Do I Need? FAQs

Fire Pit Glass

This is a very interesting topic and we will talk about it in detail. What comes to your mind when you hear the term “fire pit glass”? Have you ever seen something that looks like the pieces of ice at the top of a fire pit?

You will observe that fire will be burning on it. The fact that fire is burning on it means that it is not ice at all. So, what is it? It is fire glass. The glass is very beautiful and it makes fire pits exquisite and elegant.

If you can afford it, we will advise you to put it in your fire pit too. It will mesmerize and impress your guests and it will also create a great ambiance in your patio, deck, or backyard.

Watching fire burn over the glass gives a lot of pleasure too. Some people say they can watch it for hours and not get bored. What makes the glass even more beautiful is the fact that it comes in several colors.

You can pick the color that matches the color of your wall, and you can select a combination of colors. They are also available in different shapes and sizes.

Fire glass offers three times more heat than firewood and it can withstand high temperature for several years. If you take proper care of your fire glass, it will last for decades without getting darkened or broken.

Also, fire glass will not produce soot or ash, no matter how long they remain inside your fire pit. In addition, they’ll never fade. They may look a bit darker, but they’ll start shining once you clean them.

We have given the steps involved in cleaning the fire glass below. They don’t give off any toxic fume. It is so attractive and we have heard several questions about it. This piece will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about fire pit glass.

How Much Fire Pit Glass Do I Need?

We can’t give you a straight figure for this question. There is no straight answer because the quantity of fire pit glass depends on the depth, height, and diameter of your fire pit. The higher the three parameters, the more the fire pit glass that you will need.

You can give the measurement of your fire pit to the seller. He should be able to advise you on the quantity to buy. Also, if the quantity you bought is not enough, you can always buy more.

Generally, you don’t need more than 1 ½ to 2-inch deep fire glass for your fire pit. More importantly, you can use this online calculator – https://www.exoticpebblesandglass.com/ to calculate the amount of fire glass that you need for your fire pit.

What Color of Glass Looks Best In Fire Pit?

Fire pit glass comes in many colors and some of them are Black pearl, Koi, Ruby red, Sapphire, Emerald, and Caribbean blue. We have seen different colors of fire pit glass being used in different fire pits.

So, we can tell you that every color of fire pit glass will look great. You can select any color of your choice, and you can also select a combination of colors.

What Color Fire Glass Should I Use?

We have already given an answer to this question above. You can use any color of fire glass or a combination of colors.

In addition, you can select colors that match the color of certain structures in your home. You only need to be creative about it. Your aim is to combine warmth with an amazing ambiance.

What to Put Under Fire Glass

You can put either sand or exotic glass base filler under the fire glass. They will fill the gap between the fire ring and the bottom of the pit. We won’t advise you to use any porous material like rocks and pebbles under your fire glass.

How Do I Clean The Fire Glass?

This is another frequently asked question about fire glass. So, we have listed the steps involved in cleaning fire glass.

Step 1: The fire pit must be cool before you do anything to it. Remove the fire glass. Pour it in a big basin. It is likely that you see very small pieces. You can sweep it off. To avoid being cut by any sharp edge of any piece of glass, we will advise you to wear your gloves for this operation. Some crushed pieces of fire glass have sharp edges.

Step 2: You can put the fire glass into a strainer in small batches.

Step 3: Wash the glass with either dish soap or a solution of distilled water and vinegar. Both of them are equally effective. They will help to shine the glass. Wash in the basin.

Step 4: After washing the glass, you can now rinse it thoroughly. After that, spread the glass on a flat surface to allow it to dry up.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the other frequently asked questions about fire glass. We have provided the best answer to each of them.

1. How long does Fire Glass Last?

The glass can last for several decades because it does not break, fade, or crack. It can withstand a lot of heat for a long period.

2. Does the Glass Burn on its Own?

The answer is no.  Fire glass is not flammable and not combustible. You can set it alight. It serves as a form of decoration to beautify your fire pit.

3. Will Fire Glass Melt, Crack, or Fade?

No, it is resistant to cracking, melting, and fading. That’s why it is the most suitable decorative accessory for your fire pit and fireplace.

4. Which is Better Between the Recycled Glass and Tempered Reflective Glass?

None of them is better than the other. They are both ideals for fire pits and fireplaces. That’s why we recommend both of them.

You can also use fire glass to decorate your fireplace. We have given several safety tips on a fire pit, but we are yet to give any safety tips on a fireplace. It is also important. We have done it below.


To end this piece, we will encourage you to decorate your fire pit and fireplace with some fire glass. They are very beautiful, they will not fade, crack, and they don’t give off any fume.

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