How to Make Fire Pit Wind Guard – Benefits & Buying Guides

How to Make Fire Pit Wind Guard

We all love to enjoy some warmth in our patio on a cold day, and that is why a fire pit has been installed in many homes. However, all users of fire pits cope with one major challenge – the wind. The wind can blow your fire and weaken it, and it can also blow some debris into it.

Also, the wind can carry flying embers several feet away from the fire. And if any piece of glowing ember lands on any combustible material, it can ignite a fire.

So, the wind has been a problem for fire pits. That’s why some people just extinguish their fire and go inside once it becomes windy. There is a simple solution to the problem. All you need is a wind guard. This article gives you all the necessary information about a wind guard.

A good fire pit wind guard is made of tempered glass to be able to withstand intense heat for several hours. So, it is not something you can do yourself. It is sold in several online and offline stores, which include Amazon.

Also, it is sold at affordable prices and it comes in several shapes and sizes. So, we will encourage you to buy yours. We have given you some buying tips. In addition, you will also find some benefits of installing a wind guard on your fire pit in this article.

Benefits of Installing a Fire Pit Wind Guard:

1. It Shields Your Fire Pit from the Wind

The most important benefit of the fire pit wind guard is that it shields your fire pit from the wind. So, even if it becomes windy, your fire will still continue to burn unperturbed. The main advantage is that the wind will no longer cut your fun short.

2. It Prevents Flying Embers from Flying Off

If the wind cannot reach your fire, it means it cannot also blow embers away from the fire.  Do you know that what makes wildfires spread fast and difficult to control is flying embers?

So, you should have a little idea of what the sparks and embers can do. That is why you should appreciate the fact that a wind guard prevents embers and sparks from leaving your fire.

3. The Wind Guard Protects Your Fire Pit from Debris

While enjoying your fire, the wind can blow some debris and other light objects into the fire. Depending on what the objects are, this can hinder the smooth burning of your fire.

You don’t want your fire to begin to give off smoke and harmful fumes. So, you should install a fire pit wind guard to prevent debris from entering your fire.

4. It Saves Your Fuel

To counteract the effect of the wind, you will have to make your fire burn harder by using the highest heat setting. Unfortunately, this will make the fire consume more gas, propane, or wood faster.

Increased rate of fuel consumption means increased cost of running your fire pit. Isn’t it? On the other hand, if the fire is guarded by a wind guard, you can enjoy it with a lower flame. That way, your fire pit will consume less fuel and save you some costs.

5. It Upgrades Your Fire Pit

Having a fire pit wind guard on your fire pit makes it look better, more elegant, and modernized. To put it more succinctly, a wind guard will add a touch of class to your fire pit.

You can compare the look of fire pits with a wind guard and the ones without it, and see the ones that are more elegant and exquisite.

6. A Wind Guard Aids Smooth Burning

When it becomes windy, it will distort the smooth burning of your fire, and this may lead to uneven heating of the atmosphere. It may also cause the fire to give off some smoke.

Installing a wind guard will prevent this problem. So, it is safe to say that a wind guard aids the smooth burning of fire.

7. It Prevents Children from Throwing Objects into the Fire Pit

Although we can’t explain the reason for this, we have noticed that kids usually have the funny urge to throw objects into the fire. This is why we keep warning you never to leave your children alone near a fire.

They could throw something valuable into the fire. Apart from the fact that the object will get burned, it will cause your fire to produce some smoke for several hours.

However, with the wind guard in place, it will be difficult for anybody to throw any object into the fire pit. Nevertheless, don’t leave your children alone with the fire still burning even if you have installed a fire pit wind guard.

Here is an important warning. The wind guard is made of glass, but the glass gets very hot when the fire is burning. So, warn your children never to touch the wind guard when the fire is burning. If you have to touch it for any reason, do so before you ignite the fire or wait for about 2 hours after extinguishing the fire.

Buying Guide: Tips on How to Buy a Fire Pit Wind Guard?

As mentioned earlier, a fire pit wind guard is made of tempered glass, and it comes in several shapes and sizes. There’s no single wind guard that will work for all fire pits. So, it is important that you apply the following tips when purchasing a fire pit wind guard.

1. Measure Your Fire Pit

Wind guards come in cylindrical, rectangular, linear, and square shapes. So, if you have a round fire pit, what will work for you is a cylindrical wind guard.

Also, you need to measure the diameter and perimeter of your fire pit. This will enable you to get a wind guard that best fits the measurement.

2. Purchase it from Amazon

We will advise you to purchase your fire pit wind guard from Amazon, although you can get it from numerous online and offline stores. Amazon has a wide variety of wind guards. Remember, your choice in anything depends on the number of options available to you.

Apart from variety, Amazon offers highly competitive prices all the time. Another reason why you should patronize Amazon is its 30-day return window. When you buy anything from Amazon, you have 30 days to return it and get a full refund or a replacement.

3. Read Reviews

After making a decision on the wind guard to buy, it is essential that you take the time to read some user reviews. There may be a hiding problem with the wind guard. If any, the users will expose it. Try to read as many user reviews as you can.

Also, you can’t possibly tell how durable a wind guard can be by just looking at it. The only way to tell is by reading user reviews. If it is not durable, some of the users will mention it in their reviews. If you don’t find any post complaining about durability problems, this means that the product is durable.

4. Consider their Height

They also vary in height. We believe that the higher they are, the more they will shield your fire from the wind. So, you have to choose the tallest one. It will be more effective in warding off the wind

5. Choose the one with a High Amazon Rating

It is a good idea to choose a wind guard with a high Amazon rating. This is an indication of the quality of the wind guard. Amazon ratings are given by users, any product with a high Amazon rating is a great product, and the one with a lower rating isn’t so good.

So, we are advising you to purchase a wind guard with a high Amazon rating. Pick the one with a rating of at least 3 stars out of 5. With these tips, you will always end up with a great fire pit wind guard.

How to Maintain a Fire Pit Wind Guard?

You should always remember that your wind guard is made of glass, so it can break. Being able to withstand heat does not make it unbreakable. For this reason, we will advise you not to throw any object at it.

Always handle it with care. Your wind guard should come with its assembly instructions and hardware. Make sure you follow the instructions to the letter.

It also gets so hot when a fire starts burning, so don’t go near it and do not let anyone do so. Anytime you clean off the debris in your fire pit, you should also wipe your wind guard with a wet piece of cloth. It has to be clean always.

Final Word

To wrap things up, we will remind you of all you learned from this article. We outlined the benefits of installing a wind guard on your fire pit. We also gave you some buying tips.

And finally, we gave you some maintenance tips, as well. Please don’t keep the knowledge to yourself. Share it with your friends, social media followers, and peeps.

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