How to Build a Teepee with a Fire Pit – 6 Easy Steps

How to Build a Teepee with a Fire Pit

Camping is a great hobby for many people. Of course, camping is fun. One thing that can make or mar your camping experience is your kind of tent. A good tent will keep you comfortable all through the night and give you a wonderful camping experience.

On the other hand, a bad tent will add to your troubles. This is why we came up with this topic. A teepee is a wonderful kind of camping tent. We will discuss it later in this piece.

Depending on your chosen camping location and the weather, the night may be very cold. So, you may need to make a fire pit and light it overnight to keep you and other campers warm and comfortable in the night.

We have decided to explain how to build a teepee with a fire pit in this article. We believe that you’ll need the knowledge and information pretty soon. So, we have simplified the process and steps involved. Take the time to read it through, and you’ll be glad you did.

What Does Teepee Mean?

A teepee is a camping tent. It is also fondly referred to as Tipi. It is a type of tent with a pointed top, made with sticks and canvas. One of the reasons why it is popular is because it is easy to build. Secondly, it is pointed at the top, so it gives ample headroom.

You can easily stand upright while you are in a tent. Many types of tent do not have such a feature. Also, it has an opening for entry and exit. The sticks that make the frame of the teepee intersect at the very top of the tent.

What Does a Teepee Look Like?

It comes in several designs and varying heights. So, it can be built with four sticks or more. Whenever you come across a camping tent made with canvas and long intersecting sticks, having a pointed top, you should know that it is a teepee.

What Are Teepees Used For?

This question can be answered in one word – camping.  Teepee tents are meant for camping in the woods. However, kids need the teepees for other reasons.  Here are some other uses of a teepee tent apart from camping.

1. Reading Nook

This is a little teepee used indoor with a suspended seat that a kid can sit in and read his or her book. It is usually hung to a structure, and it swings back and forth.

This swinging adds to the fun and pleasure offered by the reading nook.  In other words, a reading nook is a small indoor swinging teepee.

2. Pretend Play

A teepee can be used as a house, either outdoor or indoor in children’s pretend play. In case you don’t know what a pretend play is, it is a play carried out by children (although adults can take part too) in which they pretend to be someone else or a character they are not, and they assign roles to inanimate objects.

For example, a girl can pretend to be a mother, and her doll will be treated like her daughter. In such role-play, a teepee can be used for the bed of the girl and her doll.

3. Outdoor Play

A teepee can also be used for outdoor play among kids.  There are different types of play that they can engage in with a teepee in your yard.

Since all the other three uses outlined above are for kids, they don’t require a fire pit. The only one that requires a fire pit is the one created for camping. And that is our major focus.

How to Build a Teepee with a Fire Pit? 6 Easy Steps

Step 1:

It is better to build the teepee first before you build the fire pit inside it. So, the very first step is to determine the dimension of the teepee tent. We mean you should determine its height and its perimeter. This will guide your steps.

Step 2:

You need some canvas, straw ropes, and some lodge poles.  Based on your preferred design, you can cut the teepee pattern from the canvas.

About 45 feet of rope should be enough. We won’t advise you to use any synthetic rope because it is slippery and may not hold the poles tightly.

Step 3:

Now, you have to lay out the tripod poles. Arrange them on the ground the way they’ll stand. Start by laying two poles on the ground before you lay the third one across them. The third one should make an angle of 30 degrees.

Step 4:

Tie the poles together with a clove hitch. Remember that the point of intersection of the poles will be the pointed top of the teepee.  So, tie the poles together and leave enough rope for raising them.

Now, you have to stand the tripod poles in the location where you want to erect the teepee stand.  You can now add some poles to the tripod poles and intersect them. Ensure the corners are sturdy.

Step 5:

Wrap the poles together with more ropes and make sure it is very tight. It is now time to cover the poles with the cut-out piece of canvas.

First of all, you should lay down the canvas and place the lift pole on it. Roll the canvas around the lift pole and stand it near the other poles. Unroll the canvas and use it to cover the other poles.

Step 6:

After that, you can pin all the flaps together one after the other. One last thing – you don’t want a strong wind to open up your teepee tent and turn it into a parachute, right?

Then, you must secure it to the ground with metal stakes. Stake the canvas at several ends. The more the stakes, the more secure it will be. That’s all. Now, let’s talk about how to make a fire pit inside the teepee.

How to Build a Fire Pit Inside The Teepee?

In the teepee, decide the point where you want to build the fire pit. Remember, you must leave ample space for people to sit and sleep. With that being said, take the dimension of the fire pit. Start digging the pit.

It does not have to be so deep. After digging it, you must also create a tunnel for air inlet. If not, the fire will be a little smoky.

Dig the tunnel from the pit all the way outside the tent. You can now cover the tunnel with metal pieces or run a pipe through it. The latter is a better idea. As air passes through the tunnel into the fire, smoke will also pass from the fire outside.

Place a metal fire pit bowl in the fire pit to help you arrange bricks around the pit. After arranging the bricks, you can remove the metal bowl before you cement the bricks together. And your fire pit is ready.

On the other hand, you may decide to purchase a portable fire pit. If you prefer to buy a fire pit for your tent instead of building one, here are a few features to consider.

Buying Guide: How to Buy a Fire Pit?

1. Durability

You don’t want to buy a fire pit that will pack up after a few months.  So, you need to choose a fire pit that is sturdy and durable. We understand that you may not be able to determine the durability of a fire pit just by looking at it.

So, we will advise you to read the user reviews of your preferred fire pit. If it is not durable, it will be mentioned in the user reviews.

2. Lightweight

Since it is meant for your teepee, it is likely that you will be taking it for camping all the time. So, it is necessary to choose a light and portable fire pit. It will be easier for you to move it around. Remember, the heavier it is, the more difficult it will be to transport.

3. Ease of use

Also, some fire pits are more difficult to handle than others. You need to select a fire pit that is easy to use. Of course, you cannot be able to determine how easy a fire pit is to use until you start using it. That’s why we came up with the next point.

4. Consider a Return Window

Buy your fire pit from a seller that gives a return window. A return window is a period during which you can return the fire pit if you don’t like it. You’ll get either a replacement or a refund. This may not be possible if the window closes on you.

We encourage people to buy their fire pit from Amazon because the platform offers a 30-day return window for all their products. With a return window in hand, if you end up with a fire pit that is too difficult for you to use, you can quickly return it for a refund or replacement.

Consider the one with a grill: If you intend to cook with your fire pit, it is better to go for the one with a grill. It will be easier to cook with that one.

Some Camping Tips:

1. There Should be a Fire Extinguisher

For safety reasons, there must be a fire extinguisher around, and everyone should know where it is. If you can’t afford a fire extinguisher, you should have a bucket of water around. In case something happens and the fire gets out of control, you’ll be able to quench it quickly.

2. Dry Wood is The Best Option

Dry wood makes the best fuel for campfires. You may be tempted to add every combustible object around to the fire. This is not a good idea.

Damp wood and other materials cause smoke, but dry wood burns very smoothly. So, always look for dry wood. There’ll be enough warmth with less smoke with it.

3. You need a Rechargeable Lamp

You may not start your teepee fire until late in the evening, but canvas has one big problem. It does not allow much penetration of light.

So, it could be very dark in the teepee. That is why you need a rechargeable lamp to light up the tent until late in the evening when you will kindle your teepee fire.

4. Keep Some Pieces of Wood near Your Sleeping Bag

When the fire is out of fuel, its heat will reduce drastically. And when you start getting cold, you may need to get up and add some pieces of wood to the fire.  But this may not be necessary if you have some pieces of wood near you.

That way, you’ll just throw the pieces inside the fire from wherever you are without getting up. In other words, it is more convenient to have some pieces of wood near your sleeping bag.

5. Use Uniform Pieces of Wood

Your fire will burn more smoothly and without much smoke, if you fuel it with uniform pieces of wood.  On the other hand, if you just chuck in all sizes of wood, it won’t burn as smoothly as it should. We bet you didn’t know this trick before now.

You are not alone. Many people are not aware of it, as well. So, you should bear it in mind when next you need to start a campfire. The best type of wood is the non-treated, unpainted, and unstained pieces of wood without nails.


If you have been following this write-up from the beginning, you would have learned what a teepee is, what it looks like, its uses, and how to build one. We also gave you some tips on how to build a fire pit.

To wrap it all up, we gave some tips on how to get the best camping experience around a pit fire. We expect you not only to read it but also to share the information and apply it when necessary.

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