How Do Smokeless Fire Pits Work? 7 Benefits & Buying Guide

How Do Smokeless Fire Pits Work

First of all, we need to make it clear that a smokeless fire pit is not 100% smokeless. It is just that it gives off very little smoke compared to other types of fire pits. Nevertheless, it is a masterpiece.

The equipment combines the intense flame of a real fire pit with the smokeless ambiance of an electric fireplace. Before explaining how smokeless fire pits work, we need to talk about the advantages that make them very popular.

How Do Smokeless Fire Pits Work?

To explain how a smokeless fire pit works, we also outlined the functions of its two basic parts.

1. Triple wall Construction

Having multiple vented walls allows the fire pit to pull air down into it and then pushes the air back up through its vents. This is how a smokeless fire pit promotes an adequate airflow in and around it.

2. Re-Burn Vents

Re-burn is also known as secondary combustion.  The hot air leaves the fire pit at about the same time with the flame.  When they mix up, the very hot air causes the smoke to re-burn.  The smoke that would have been released into the atmosphere gets re-burned to give more warmth for a longer period while burning less firewood.

This is how a smokeless fire pit ensures that only a little smoke escapes into the surrounding air. We have made the explanation very simple now.

That’s not all. The secondary combustion also produces even heat for cooking, baking, and grilling. Imagine eating some nicely-grilled barbecued chicken while enjoying the warmth from a fire pit. We believe that a smokeless fire pit should be in every home.

7 Benefits of a Smokeless Fire Pit:

1. The Wind does not Affect it

One of the challenges of outdoor fun is wind. The wind can blow smoke into your eyes or even put out your fire. That’s why a lot of people cut their outdoor fun short on the arrival of the wind.

The good news is that the wind does not have any impact on the performance of a smokeless fire pit. With your smokeless fire pit, you will enjoy yourself for as long as you want to.

2. It Burns Efficiently

Smokeless fire pits do what is known as a “re-burn”. It is explained right below. This is the second burning of the same flame. This makes them burn efficiently while using smaller resources. In other words, smokeless fire pits are much more cost-effective than others.

3. Flame Control

A feature that you will love in your smokeless fire pit is the flame control. The feature allows you to control the flame of your fire pit. This gives you full control of the ambiance around your fire pit.

Also, your guests will find it rather amazing. However, not every smokeless fire pit offers the feature. Nonetheless, many of them do.

4. Consistency

Unlike a traditional fire pit, this type of fire pit has a consistent ambiance. The level of smoke will remain the same for as long as you want. Even the wind cannot turn things upside down for you. The consistent ambiance makes the atmosphere romantic.

5. Little or no Irritation

When there is little or no smoke hovering around, there will be little or no irritation to the respiratory system and the eyes. You will agree that irritation makes people very uncomfortable around a naked fire. But when you see a fire without smoke, it is always fantastic.

Even if you live in a neighborhood where houses are built very close to one another, you can still enjoy your smokeless fire pit. Your neighbors won’t complain of any disturbing smoke.

6. Hotter Fire

Due to the re-burn effects, a smokeless fire pit usually produces hotter air than others while consuming smaller resources. So, your smokeless fire pit will give you more warmth than other fire pits of the same size.

In other words, it will consume less wood to produce a hotter fire for a longer period of time. A smokeless fire pit is simply amazing.

7. Reduced Residue

Since it burns smoothly, it leaves a significantly lower amount of ashes and other residues. Hence, it requires less cleaning and less frequent cleaning. Maintaining a smokeless fire pit is easier.

How to Make the Best Use of a Smokeless Fire Pit?

There should be a lot of space around your fire pit. A little warmth can turn to scorching heat with poor ventilation. So, you must give enough space for seats around.

You need even more space if you intend to cook with the fire pit. Remember that we told you that a smokeless fire pit is not 100% devoid of smoke. It is just that the smoke is reduced.

Find a way to keep bugs away. One benefit of smoke is that it keeps bugs away. But now that you are using a smokeless fire pit, you need to find a way to keep bugs away so that you can enjoy quality outdoor time.

Buying Guide – How to Choose a Fire Pit?

1. Safety

There are lots of safety concerns related to fire pits, so you also have to be very mindful of how safe a fire pit can be before deciding to get one. Aside from these, it should also have some safety features that will prevent accidents.

As these fire pits are quite easy to light, the ignition knobs should be designed in a way that makes it difficult to light accidentally.

2. Your Budget

Fire pits are found in a very wide price range, so you might also want to consider setting a budget to narrow down your options.

3. Your Location

Where you intend to put a fire pit can also play a huge role in choosing such appliances. Local laws might prohibit owning one, so that can already affect your decision greatly.

Its actual placement in your property can also affect your decision as some spaces might require higher BTU ratings than others.

Final Word

As a conclusive summary, a smokeless fire pit burns smoothly with little smoke due to a phenomenon called the “re-burn”. Also, it is not 100% smokeless.

Rather, it burns with very little smoke. Some of its advantages are – reduced residue, hotter fire, little or no irritation, consistent ambiance, flame control, and efficient burning.

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