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How to Light a Lava Rock Fire Pit

Due to the outdoor fun and pleasure that fire pits offer, many homeowners have built a fire pit in their homes. Some people have even taken it further by lacing their fire pits with fire glass or lava rocks.

However, the focus of this article is on lava rocks. One of the questions that we receive frequently borders on how to light a fire pit laced with lava rocks.

We came up with this topic to answer the question. Lighting a fire pit is quite simple if you understand it. However, it can also be dangerous if you are not properly guided.

First, we will explain how to light a gas fire pit. After that, we will also talk about lighting a wood-fueled fire pit. Just sit back and read this piece through.

How to Light a Gas Fire Pit Laden with Lava Rocks?

There are ways to light a gas fire pit. We have the match light ignition, the push-button spark ignition, and the electronic ignition.

1. Matchlight Ignition

You need a long-stem lighter for this method. The first step is to open the gas valve slightly. If you open it fully, a lot of gas will be released, and when you light it, there may be an explosion or fire with thick flame. You don’t want that to happen. So, you must open the gas valve slightly.

Then you can strike the match or spark the lighter to light it. Depending on your preference, you can leave the valve the way it is or open it more when you see how the fire burns.

You can also use the valve to control how the fire burns.  To extinguish a gas fire pit, just turn off the valve. When the gas supply ceases, the fire will go off.

You can remove the lava rocks closest to the burner before you light it. When it starts burning, you can arrange the rocks back. Ensure they cover the burner enough to shield it from intense heat.

2. Push-Button Spark Ignition

If your fire pit works with push-button ignition, here is how to light it. Remove the lava rocks around the burner first. The next step is to open the gas valve slightly.

After that, you should press and hold the ignition switch. There will be a spark, and the spark is powered by a battery. The spark will ignite the fire.

Then, release the button and allow the fire to continue burning. Control the flame by opening or closing the gas valve to a preferred extent. Then, you can arrange the lava rocks that you removed around the burner. To extinguish this type of fire pit, you only need to turn off the gas valve.

3. Electronic Ignition

This one is slightly different from the other two fire pits. It requires electricity to power it. Don’t get it wrong. It does not require electricity to run. It also runs on gas. You only need to power it with electricity. We love this style because it is easier to light. It is very convenient.

Start by removing the lava rocks that are close to the burner. Then, you can flip the power switch on. This will ignite the pilot light. It is the pilot light that will light the fire pit.

Once the fire pit is on, you can return the lava rocks to their positions. Use the same button to switch it off. When you flip the button off, it will sever the flow of gas, and the fire will die off gradually.

How to Light a Wood Fire Pit Laden with Lava Rocks?

Since we have talked about how to light a gas fire pit, it is also necessary to balance it up by explaining how to light a wood-fueled fire pit. Unfortunately, this is a little more difficult than the others. First of all, you must remove the lava rocks before you start it.

Fill the fire pit with the pieces of wood that you want to use. Then, you can add a little fuel to before you start the fire. When the fire starts burning, you need to give it some time to stabilize.

You should also arrange the wood in a way that will make the flame burn smoothly. Then, you can now add the lava rocks one by one. Arrange them evenly on the fire pit. You may also add a layer of sand at the base before you arrange the lava rocks on it.

Extinguishing this kind of fire is difficult. You can douse it with water and wait until it cools off completely before you leave. In the alternative, you can wait until it dies off on its own. This may take some time.

This is a better option because dousing your fire pit with water will gradually reduce the lifespan of the fire pit. The sudden change in the temperature can kill it.

So, we recommend the latter. An hour to your extinguishing time, you’ll stop adding wood to the fire. This will make it die gradually. In fact, you may also remove some of the wood with a long shovel. Reducing its fuel (wood) will weaken the fire. It will get weaker and weaker until it dies off.

How to Arrange Lava Rocks On a Gas Fire Pit?

It is important that you do not only lace your fire pit with lava rocks but to also arrange the rocks properly.  If you arrange them properly, lava rocks will shield your burner from intense heat and harsh weather conditions.

They will also promote even distribution of heat. Most importantly, lava rocks will make your fire hotter because they will absorb and radiate their heat to the atmosphere in addition to the heat generated by fire.

However, you can only enjoy the benefits if you arrange the lava rocks properly on your fire pit. This is why we will explain how to arrange lava rock now.

The first step is to wash each of the rocks because they often come with some dust that is not fire-friendly. Wash off the dust and allow the rocks to dry up. Don’t hurriedly place wet rocks in your fire pit.

They can explode and fly off the fire. Flying pebble or rock can cause injuries when they land on anybody. They can also cause a dent when they land on a vehicle. The worst is that they can smash any glass surface that they land on.

When the lava rocks are dry, you can arrange them one by one on your fire pit. Make sure you arrange them evenly. This will promote even distribution of heat. Even if you find out that the rocks are not enough, arrange the little ones evenly.

Remember to buy the same size of lava rocks. If they are in different sizes, it may hinder the uniform distribution of heat.  That’s all. It is as easy as that. Now, let’s talk about the tips of making the best of lava rocks.

How to Use Lava Rocks in Your Fire Pit?

1. The Ground has to be Level

To get the best from your lava rocks, the ground has to be level. You must ensure that the base of your fire pit is level.  If it is slanting, you may not get uniform heat from your lava rocks. In other words, level ground is very important for lava rocks.

2. Don’t use them When Wet

We have said this before, but we need to remind you again. Never use wet lava rocks in your fire pit. They can explode or fly off the fire.

3. Ensure they are Evenly Distributed

You must ensure that your lava rocks are evenly distributed around your fire pit. That will make them distribute heat evenly.

4. Don’t Expose them to Sunlight

There’s no object that long exposure to sunlight will not affect.  When you expose your lava rocks to the sun for a long time, they will be destroyed gradually by the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

So, when your fire pit is not in use, we will advise you to cover it. This will shield the pit and its content from the sun and other harsh weather conditions.

5. Wash them Before use and Once a Year

Another tip is to wash your lava rocks on delivery because they come with some dust, and the dust will make your fire quite smoky.

After that, it is also necessary to wash your lava rocks once a year or more frequently. Each time you wash them, pat them dry or give them time to dry up on their own.

Our Final Words

With this write-up, we have explained all the possible ways to light up a fire pit laden with lava rocks. In addition, we also gave you the necessary tips on how to arrange lava rocks around your fire pit.

Towards the end of the article, we gave tips on how to use lava rocks for a fire pit. As we always advise, don’t read it and keep the knowledge to yourself. We expect you to share it.

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