How Does a Hot Air Fryer Work? How to Use a Hot Air fryer?

If you’re like millions of other homeowners in the US, you’ll be quite updated with the latest innovations for the home. This could have put the air fryers on your radar, telling you a thing or two about a better way to fry your snacks at home. Like most homeowners who like to pride themselves to be tech-savvy, you might also be wondering how does a hot air fryer work.

How Does a Hot Air Fryer Work

With its compact and unique design, those who aren’t well-versed with electronics might be curious with how air fryers function. It can really pique one’s curiosity because their units look like those coffee makers that use pods, but they have an entirely different use.

How does a Hot Air Fryer Work and a Few Things to Consider about These Appliances:

1. A Lot of Hot Air but in a Good Way

As the name suggests, hot air fryers work with the help of hot air. The fast-moving hot air inside the basket actually does the cooking. Many often compare it to a convection oven as the circulation of hot air does the job for both cooking equipment.

Some also compare it to deep-fryers. As air fryers can achieve a nice crispy and crunchy outer layer in the food you cook with it, folks can’t help seeing the similarities with deep-fried foods.

These are the very reasons why these appliances are called air fryers. They use air to fry the food you put in them, therefore offering a whole new way to cook.

2. How Air Fryers Work

The hot air may be one of the most unique elements of cooking with an air fryer but it’s actually a lot more than just that. These electronics are also equipped with a heating element.

This increases the temperature inside the cooking basket, therefore creating the perfect environment for cooking.

The air then gets introduced to the chamber and then moves around rapidly. This movement makes it possible for the hot air to penetrate the ingredients you put inside, carefully cooking everything thoroughly. It’s actually very plain and simple, now that you get to think about it.

Where is the Air Coming From

3. Where is the Air Coming From?

Like any other electronic equipment that needs air to function, air fryers get the air they use from the atmosphere. It sucks in air to use inside the air fryer and then moves it greatly around to start cooking.

4. Can It Really Cook?

Some people may feel a bit skeptical whether these things can really work. You can be assured that they do, though. Just think air fryers as mini convection ovens that are shaped differently and that’s pretty much it.

Hot air moving at high speed inside a chamber isn’t exactly a unique concept, so you can easily rest assured that they do work.

5. To Oil or Not to Oil, It’s Up to You

Lots of people are actually enticed to get air fryers because of its promise of letting you fry your favorite foods without using oil. Due to their design, you can really do that. You can skip the oil part and get ahead to frying. It sounds like a truly novel concept, but it works.

However, if you want to, you can also use oil with most of the best hot air fryers. Like in traditional frying, oil can keep the ingredients from getting stuck on the pan. This proves that this ingredient can also be very useful for air frying.

But what can make a case for oiling your air fryer pan is its ability to make your air-fried dishes have a comforting effect. Comfort food is supposed to be greasy and indulgent, but if you don’t use oil for air frying what you make might be completely different.

Without the oily quality, you might not be able to get the taste you’re looking for. Make sure to add some just so you can really enjoy its fried texture and taste.

6. Shake, Shake, Shake It

Another important consideration when opting for an air fryer is the need to shake the basket. Some air fryer models do not require such as they come equipped with their own mechanisms to make the air move better and more efficiently.

Others, on the other hand, need to be shaken so you can reposition your ingredients to cook everything nicely.

7. A Healthier Way of Frying

Being the alternative to deep-frying, it’s just natural for lots of people to want to know just what makes air-frying better than deep-frying.

Is it really better?Healthier Way of Frying

Healthier, yes, as it uses less oil in cooking your food. There are so many benefits to low-fat and oil-free diet, one of which is better heart health. This alone qualifies it as a better alternative to deep-frying for lots of people in terms of one’s wellness.

Defining whether air frying is “better” in general can depend on the eater, though. Everyone has their own standards when it comes to what good food is. So, answering whether air-fried food is better than deep-fried can really be a very touchy subject.

Air-fried vs. Deep-fried

It’s also very important to note that deep-fried and air-fried foods are not identical. Air-fried foods are usually crunchy on the outside by tender and rather juicy inside.How do People Like It

Deep-fried foods tend to get rather dry after a while. They also have this specific oily taste that air-fried foods don’t always have.

This is where the differences in opinions come in. It really depends on your preference which one you’d like more.

It’s just that air-fried foods are less greasy with a lower calorie count, making them better options for those who want to eat better.

How do People Like It?

With millions of units sold worldwide in just a couple of years since the first air fryer hit the market, it can be assumed that there are lots satisfied users of this appliance. There’s no sign that its popularity is slowing down as well.

In fact, some brands even have their own cult following with a very strong presence online. You can actually find social media pages, groups, blogs, and communities dedicated to this technology. With all of these, it can be safe to say that people are receiving air fryers rather well.

How to Use a Hot Air fryer – 5 Easy Ways

Most people prefer to preheat their Airfryer before cooking with it, and that’s good. However, it is not bad if you don’t preheat it. But this article assumes that you have already heated your Airfryer.  So, here are the necessary steps involved in using a hot (preheated) Airfryer.

1. Bring out the fryer baskets

The first thing to do after preheating your cooking appliance is to bring out the hot baskets. While preheating your cooker, you should have been preparing the ingredients.  So, the ingredients should be ready before your Airfryer is preheated.

2. Arrange the food on the baskets

The next step is to arrange your foods on the baskets without overcrowding them.  If you do, it will take a longer time for the food to cook, and the heat may not be distributed evenly. So, your food may not come out as crispy as you want.

That’s why we will advise you to space the food on the baskets.  If you have so much food to cook, it is better to cook them in batches, instead of overcrowding your appliance.

3. Add a little bit of oil

Now, you can add a little bit of oil. You can now sprinkle one or two teaspoons of oil on the ingredients to make the food crispy and to also prevent it from sticking to the baskets. Frozen food may not require oil, but it won’t do any damage if you add some oil to them too.

4. Put the food in the appliance

You can now put the food in your Airfryer, set the temperature, and set the timer. Don’t make the mistake of setting the temperature to the highest just because you want to get the food cooked faster. It may come out burnt.

Every type of food has its suitable cooking temperature. That’s why it is necessary to read the user manual of your Airfryer before using it. The manual has a stipulated temperature for different types of food. In addition, the best cooking temperature for most foods is about 350 to 400 degrees F.  You should also remember that.

5. Check for doneness

Even though you have already set the temperature and timer, it is possible for your food to get done sooner than the set time. So, we advise you to check it at intervals, while you also shake the baskets to make the food get cooked evenly. When it eventually gets done, bring it out and leave it for about 5 minutes to cool down before you start serving it.

How often do you clean your Airfryer? You should clean it after every cooking session. You don’t want the particles of the food you cooked last to mix with what you want to cook today.

Final Verdict

If you’ve always wondered how does a hot air fryer work, we hope this quick guide enlightened you about this cooking equipment.

If you’ll think about it, it’s not entirely a difficult concept. It’s still rather amazing, though, as you can now basically bake, grill, and fry in just a single appliance that fits in most counter tops.

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