How To Use Dash Air Fryer? 8 Easy Steps

As you may already know, an air fryer cooks, fries, and roasts a wide variety of foods. It uses little or no oil. And that’s great for health reasons. In addition, it cooks faster and at a higher temperature, leaving the food crispy, crunchy, and delicious. There are several brands in the market. 

Dash is one of the best brands because it is easy to use and easier to clean. Some of its parts are dishwasher safe. This article actually discusses how to use the Dash Air Fryer. And some frequently asked questions have been answered too.

How To Use Dash Air Fryer? 8 Easy Steps

Step 1: Place the air fryer on a flat surface that can withstand heat. The device usually gets very hot when in use. 

Step 2: Preheat the air fryer for about 3 minutes. However, not every recipe requires you to preheat the air fryer. It has been added because most recipes require preheating.

Step 3: Use a spray bottle to sprinkle a little oil. Most recipes require you to add some oil to the fryer as it prevents food from getting stuck. Spraying the oil through a spray bottle helps to limit the quantity. Too much oil may cause the fryer to smoke.

Step 4: Place the food in the basket without overcrowding it. Cramming the food together may have an adverse effect on the outcome of the cooking. So, instead of cramming the food together, you may have to do the frying or cooking in multiple batches. 

Step 5: You need to place a slice of bread under the basket to absorb all the drippings, if any. Otherwise, the drips of oil or grease could cause smoking.

Step 6: You can open the fryer to turn the food over, but if it’s in small pieces like fries, you’ll need to shake the basket periodically to enable it to cook evenly. 

Step 7: When the food is done, you should pop the basket out of the drawer before you dump the food on a plate. This prevents left-over oil or grease from accompanying the food into the plate. 

Step 8: Finally, it’s important to clean the drawer and basket every time you use the air fryer. You may be tempted to wipe with a piece of cloth instead of washing it with mild soapy water. If you do, crumbs will begin to build up over time. And it may affect the taste of the food you cook in it subsequently. 

Mistakes to Avoid:

Many users make some mistakes while using the air fryer. That’s why you need to be aware of some of the mistakes to be able to avoid them. Overcrowding is a common mistake because a lot of people don’t like the idea of cooking in batches. Overcrowding has its effects on the food. Instead of coming out crispy, your food could be soggy.

Pat every piece of meat dry before cooking it. When you cook any meat with water on it, the meat may come out soggy and not crispy. 

Is Dash a Good Air Fryer Brand?

We used the cooking appliance for some weeks and we can confirm that it is a great brand. You can use it easily. Also, its parts can be washed easily. Most importantly, it will make your food tasty and crispy. So, in our humble opinion, Dash is a great brand of air fryer. 

How Do You Start a Dash Air Fryer?

To start the air fryer, set the timer, and the appliance will come on automatically. You’ll also notice that its heating light will come on automatically too. Based on how it is designed, the product will assume that you’re ready to cook once you set the timer.

Do You Preheat Dash Air Fryer?

According to Dash, you need to preheat the air fryer for up to 3 minutes before you start air frying. To do that, you just need to set the stipulated temperature. And you need to set the timer immediately after. The air fryer will heat up to that temperature within the set time. After adding your food to the air fryer basket, you need to set the timer again. 

How Long Does It Take for a Dash Air Fryer to Heat Up?

It takes about 3 – 5 minutes for the Dash air fryer to heat up. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that the unit tries to heat up within the time you set. So, it’s more about the time you set on the timer. However, it’s a good practice to give your device at least 3 minutes to heat up.

Do You Put Oil in a Dash Air Fryer?

Yes, of course. While it is true that not all the food you cook will require oil, it’s certain that 75% of them requires oil. You may have heard that you don’t need oil to fry in an air fryer. The actual truth is that you need a very small quantity of oil. 

How Do You Cook Frozen Fries in Dash Air Fryer?

You have to preheat your Dash air fryer first. Preheat it to 400o F. After 3 – 5 minutes, you can place the frozen fries in the air fryer basket. Close the air fryer and let the cooking begin. After about 5 minutes, shake the basket for even distribution of heat.

Repeat the same thing after another 5 minutes. After about 12 – 15 minutes, the fries should be done and crispy enough. If not, leave it for another 2 – 3 minutes. 

Can You Open Dash Air Fryer While Cooking?

Yes. You need to either turn each piece of what you’re frying or shake the basket. It is for even distribution of heat. You also need to open it to check if it’s done or not. This is not peculiar to Dash air fryer alone. It applies to every air fryer.

Dash Air Fryer Replacement Parts:

The following are the replacement parts for the Dash air fryer:

  1. Grill – It soaks excess oil, fat, or grease in the food being cooked so that the food will come out dry and crispy.
  2. Basket – The basket is where you place the food you want to cook. It prevents the food from coming in contact with the interior base of the air fryer.
  3. Drawer – This item makes it easy to pull out and push into the basket.

Can Dash Air Fryer Parts Go into the Dishwasher?

Yes, you can wash both the tray/drawer and the basket in a dishwasher. This is why the appliance is easy to clean. However, the unit itself is not dishwasher safe because it has electrical parts. Dipping the entire air fryer into the dishwasher isn’t advisable as it could lead to electric shock.

How To Use Dash Air Fryer

Final Words

To conclude this article, here are a few points to remember. It is important to preheat your air fryer before cooking, but not all recipes require preheating. Instead of overcrowding the basket, it is better to cook your food in multiple batches.

Overcrowding the basket could cause your food to become soggy instead of coming out crispy and crunchy. Finally, you should wash the food basket, tray, and drawer every time you use the appliance for cooking.