How to Use GE Air Fryer Oven? 4 Steps

Air fryers are generally good, but air fryer ovens are massively incredible to use. Air fryer ovens would save you time as it enables you to prepare multiple numbers of plates at once. And if you’ve got a problem trusting brands, buy air fryer ovens made from GE.

No doubt, air fryers generate heat at higher degrees than ovens to roast, slow-cook, bake, and toast all kinds of air frying recipes. Still, you can’t beat the fact that ovens replace typical air fryers perfectly, especially in executing these routines. How? GE has proven homeowners correct with its models.

 In fact, GE air fryer ovens could prepare a larger size of recipes at high degrees than air fryers. Therefore, if you prioritize an air fryer over an oven, why not buy our GE air fryer oven that can implement essential functions from the two?

A GE air fryer oven can make gourmets to crispiness’ definition at their zeniths, and that is whether you’re frying without oil or preparing desserts in huge numbers. Of course, it has got an air fryer mode with other fascinating features.

How to Use GE Air Fryer Oven? 4 Easy Steps

1. Functions

GE air fryer ovens have a larger capacity than conventional air fryers. The dimensions of GE air fryer ovens are commodious to suit family needs. Indeed, these features are visible on all GE air fryer ovens.

Their functions are touchscreens. Though there’s no preheat button on this, there are figurative buttons that range from zero to nine. They all emit lights for apt visibility. The light emission in every control button makes them usable at any time of the day.

There’s LCD on GE air fryer ovens also, which is waterproof. It displays virtually everything you dial and set on the control panel. Nevertheless, the inscription on each button makes the function easy to operate.    

2. Food Preparation

If you’re using a recipe to prepare a dessert, use the time set on the instruction to reset the timer on the control panel. Notwithstanding, at first, you want to ensure you use the right accessory to prepare the food.

Press the air fryer mode to use your GE air fryer oven as an air fryer. Most air fryer recipes require the food to be flipped when necessary. However, the only difference between this and a typical air fryer is that you’ll have to spritz cooking on the food while you flip to attain optimum crispiness.  

3. Using SmartHQ App

  • The unit’s features are available on the control functions on the unit. Mount Wi-Fi in your home to get your smartphone and appliance connected.
  • Download the app via the company’s official website or Google play store. Install the app to get it working underway.
  • Stay around the Wi-Fi radar to connect your device with the electronic appliance. Notwithstanding, press the Wi-Fi connection button on the electronic device to project the signal to the cloud. You can use the setting option or the remote control to operate the GE air fryer oven in your comfort.
  • There’s an inbox on the app that indicates when an update should be administered in order to have the best use of the unit, even when one is far away.
  • The whole activity is easy to carry out intuitively.

4. Troubleshooting Technical Faults

Attaining an effective heating temperature is a common fault among new users. Switching on the unit’s power and the oven isn’t heating shows there’s a technical fault.

First, check the shutoff valve to see if the source of power generation is a gas source. Open the valve to get the power running effectively. Also, it could be that you didn’t set the temperature rate properly.

GE provides cooking options that you can choose from. The manual comes with tips that maximize the best temperature setting for your food. In addition, if you’ve chosen the recommended temperature, but you aren’t having enough, increase the temperature by 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Disable the Sabbath mode whenever you see it enabled. It disallows the heating of the oven and restricts its function to baking only. Extend the cooking time if you’re preparing an air fryer recipe.

Is GE a Good Air Fryer Brand?

Yea, it’s a US company that has other various appliances. The products made by this company come with complete accessories, and they are backed with a warranty. They will be there to provide you with the necessary assistance when needed. You can contact the manufacturer for further inquiries.

How Long Does It Take for a GE Air Fryer Oven to Heat Up?

GE air fryer ovens don’t have a preheat option. However, the heat comes up in a jiffy. There are several heating options. The heating options are broiling, convection, oven heating, etc. The choice you select will determine the heating period. Also, learn to set the temperature of the air fryer so that you have hit your precisions absolutely.

How to Clean GE Air Fryer Oven?

Most GE air fryer ovens have a self-clean button on them. It does this by releasing high heat that flashes through the oven and its crevices to burn up food crumbs. GE oven will notify you of the sequence at which the heat processes the burning up of the crumbs.

You can remove the rack and clean them by washing and drying them. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe off the stains on the oven’s interior whenever the unit is cool. They are dishwasher safe.

GE Air Fryer Oven Accessories

GE air fryer ovens are available in different sizes and shapes. You can use the manual that comes with the model you’ve bought to decipher the accessories with your unit. Nonetheless, they come with racks, nonstick air fryer baskets, base trays, grill pans, etc. You can order the pieces from the manufacturer to use the very ones that would serve your basic needs.

How to Use GE Air Fryer Oven

Final Words

That’s how to use air fryer ovens, including those made by GE. It all starts with reading the manual very well and contacting the manufacturer when there is a need for it. Identify the features and accessories that your model comes with and use the manual to learn how to place them in the air fryer oven.