How Much Does a Pressure Canner Cost? All You Should Know


How Much Does a Pressure Canner Cost

You have probably learned how effective a pressure canner is for canning food, and you’re planning to buy one but you have no idea how much it costs. This article will get you informed about the price of a pressure canner.

How Much Does a Pressure Canner Cost?

Pressure canners come in various shapes, designs, sizes, and features. Their quality differs too. So, they come at various prices. Here are the factors that determine the price of a pressure canner.

Brand Name: Some brands have been tried and they are trusted for quality. So, a pressure canner for a popular brand costs much more than a pressure canner from an obscure brand, even if other features are the same. For instance, Presto is a leading brand in the manufacture of a pressure canner.

A Presto pressure canner will cost more than a pressure canner manufactured by a new brand. When you buy a pressure canner from a new brand, you’re taking chances but when you buy a Presto pressure canner or a canner from another trusted brand, you’ll pay more for trust and quality.

The flip side is that the product of the new brand may turn out to be better and more effective than the one from a trusted brand. So, you have to balance the two sides in your choice.

Size/Capacity: Another factor that plays a role in the price of a pressure canner is the size and capacity of the appliance. Bigger canners usually have higher capacity.

In case you don’t know, capacity is the internal space or the number of jars it can take. The higher the capacity, the higher the cost, with other factors being equal. So, it’s better to choose the exact capacity that you need and not more. Don’t pay more for higher capacity if you don’t need it.

Other Special Features: Some pressure canners have other special features that make them superior. For instance, some pressure canners have an impressive power efficiency, while some come with a pressure gauge. The more its special features, the more expensive a pressure canner will be.

That being said, after checking Amazon and several other stores (offline and online), we can tell you that the prices of a pressure canner start from $65. We came across many canners whose prices are above $100. Every pressure canner will get the job done, so you should pick the one that suits your budget.

How to Buy a Pressure Canner?

With a pressure canner, you can preserve all kinds of food for months and even years. So, a pressure canner is a must-have for all homes. At the moment, there are numerous brands of pressure canners in the market, and this makes it a little difficult for buyers to make a choice.

So, we have composed this article to inform prospective buyers on how to go about purchasing a pressure canner. We have answered the most frequently asked set of questions on the topic. Without wasting any time, let’s get to it immediately. 

Is a pressure canner worth it? 

Yes, a pressure canner is worth it. You need to have it at home. No vegetable is available in the market all year round. You’ll get them in certain seasons, and they’ll be unavailable in other seasons. The only way to have access to your favorite fruits and veggies all through the year is to can them.

Another reason to get a pressure canner is quick preparation. Whether it is soups, meats, fish, fruits, or even vegetables, canning preserves them in a cooked, ready-to-eat state. So, anytime you want to eat, you only need to warm whatever canned food you want to eat, and your meal is ready in less than 20 minutes. 

The third reason to get a pressure canner is that it saves space in your refrigerator. All the food items, fruits, and vegetables that should have been stored in your refrigerator will be canned and stored on your shelf, leaving the space in your fridge for other items.

Finally, nothing eliminates bacteria and their spores in food like canning. Hence, canned foods are the safest. To answer your question, we will say that a pressure canner is worth its cost.

What should I look for in a pressure canner?

You should not just select a pressure canner at random. There are a few things to consider before you make a choice. Here are some of the factors to consider in choosing a suitable pressure canner.

1. Capacity

Pressure canners come in various sizes, and they all have various capacities. For instance, a 23-quart pressure canner can take 7 quart jars and 16 pint jars. So, what kind of jars do you want to use and how many jars do you want to process at once. 

We think that it is better to can 16 jars at once instead of canning 8 jars in two batches. Remember, your electric stove consumes power. So, it is better to get a pressure canner that can process 16 jars all at once. In other words, choose a pressure canner that can handle the number of jars you’re likely to process.

2. Durability 

There’s no point buying a pressure canner that may pack up after a few months. Go for a product that is known for durability. This is why we always advise people to choose a popular brand. Buy a brand that has a proven track record. Check the reviews of your preferred brand. If it is not durable, some of its users will mention it.

3. Brand 

It’s better to choose a product with a popular brand, even if you have to cough out additional dollars. Quality isn’t cheap. When you buy a known product, you’re also paying for peace of mind and quality. Purchasing obscure brands is like gambling. You don’t want to gamble with your hard-earned money. Select a known brand.

4. Purchase it from Amazon 

There are several online stores where you can buy a pressure canner, but it is better to buy it from Amazon because the platform offers competitive prices. In addition, you’ll find numerous informative reviews on the platform, and reviews are very important. They help to guide your choice.

The third reason to buy your pressure canner from Amazon is that all its products come with a 30-day return window. Within this window, you can return the product and get a full refund if you don’t like its performance. 

5. Test your pressure canner quickly 

Since Amazon sells pressure canners with a 30-day return window, it is better to take advantage of the return window. Try to use your pressure canner a couple of times within the return window. If you notice something you don’t like about it, you can quickly return it for a replacement or refund. If you wait until after the return window closes, and you find something you don’t like about the product, there’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t get stuck with a pressure canner you can’t use.

6. Look for a warranty

For additional peace of mind, you might want to go for a canner that comes with a warranty. Within the warranty period, if anything happens to your pressure canner, it may be replaced or fixed for you free of charge.

Warranty is an indication that manufacturers or distributors have huge confidence in the canner. However, you need to study and understand the warranty terms of your pressure canner. Find out what is covered in the warranty and what is not covered. More importantly, find out what can void the warranty. 

What’s the best pressure canner to buy?

As explained above, we advise you to go for a popular brand because of its proven track record. That said, we have tested tons of pressure canners, and we can recommend the best. Out of all the pressure canners that we tested, Presto is our best choice.

Presto comes in 12-quart, 16-quart, 23-quart, and other sizes. The only difference among the sizes is their capacity. Presto pressure canners are durable and very effective. In addition, we noticed that their gauges are always very accurate. 

However, if you prefer another brand of a pressure canner, ensure you consider the factors we discussed above. Check the reviews to make sure it is durable and easy to use. Find out if its gauge will remain accurate for a long time. Pick the size that suits the number of jars you plan to can at once. 

Don’t forget to buy it from Amazon to get a good price deal. And test it within the return window. To wrap it up, we recommend Presto 23-quart pressure canner. Buy it, and you’ll be glad you did. 

Final Word

The prices of pressure canners vary widely. The factors that determine the cost of the appliance are brand, size/capacity, and special features.

You may want to check the prices of pressure canners on several platforms before you make a choice. While you may want to pick the offer with the lowest price, be wary of overly low prices as the products may be used or refurbished ones being sold as new.

Finally, the prices of pressure canners start from $65 and they go upwards. There’s no upper cap to it. That’s why you should always go for what suits your budget.

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