How to Use a Mirro Pressure Canner? 8 Easy Steps

How to Use a Mirro Pressure Canners

Mirro canners are dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean them. They come with different warranties from 3 years to 10 years limited warranties. All the pressure canners manufactured by the brand have a high Amazon rating. Now that we have given a brief introduction, let’s discuss the basic parts of a Mirro canner.

There are several brands of pressure canners in the market but we singled out Mirro because it is one of the best-selling brands of pressure canners. We took the time to find out why it is a popular brand and we discovered some attractive qualities.

First, Mirro has several sizes of pressure canners, so buyers can pick the one with the most suitable capacity. Also, apart from canning, you can use a Mirro pressure canner for pressure cooking and steaming. Being made of aluminum, the product is resistant to both rust and corrosion.

Also, you’ll love its safety release plug. Once pressure begins to build up in it, the plug will pop up and lock the handle. And when the pressure comes down, it releases the pin.

One quality of a Mirro pressure canner that you should take seriously is the accuracy of its pressure gauge. Without an accurate pressure gauge, you can’t possibly follow canning recipes to the letter. That’s why we’re glad to tell you that all Mirro pressure canners have accurate pressure gauges.

A typical Mirro pressure canner has a pot and its lid, regulator, vent pipe, rack, and pressure gauge. The pot is where you place the jars. The regulator blocks steam and regulates the internal pressure of the pressure canner. The vent pipe allows steam to escape before pressure begins to build up.

The rack is placed at the bottom of the pressure canner. The jars should never come in contact with the walls or bottom of the pressure canner. The heat can break the jars. So, you have to place your jars on the rack. Finally, some Mirro pressure canners come with a dial gauge, while others use weighted ring gauges.

8 Parts of a Mirro Pressure Canner:      

Here are the basic parts of the pressure canner.

1. Pot: This is the main part of the canner. It is like a pot. This is where you place the filled jars to be canned.

2. Cover: This is the lid of the canner. It fits firmly to the pot and it is airtight.

3. Handle: This is the handle of the canner. You can carry it around with the handle.

4. Regulator: This a screw-like object that is screwed to the vent pipe to block steam. It also regulates the pressure. The higher the internal pressure of the canner, the more the regulator will dance.

5. Vent Pipe: This is the hole on the cover of the canner. It allows steam to escape. The vent pipe is also the same opening where the regulator is fixed.

6. Rack: This is placed inside the pot, at the bottom. It is meant to prevent the jars from coming in contact with the bottom of the pot. That’s why they are placed on the rack.

7. Pressure Gauge: Some Mirro pressure canners come with a pressure gauge that gives the amount of pressure in the canner.

8. Weighted Rings: These are the weighted ring-like objects placed on the regulator to gauge the internal pressure of the canner. When you place a 10-pound ring on the lid, the regulator will not be able to rock until the pressure gets up to 10 pounds.

So, when the regulator begins to rock even with a 10-pound weighted ring attached to it, you should conclude that the pressure in the canner is at least 10 pounds. Now that we have explained the function of each component, let’s explain how to use the canning device.

How to Use a Mirro Pressure Canner? 8 Steps To Follow

Step 1 – Study The User Manual

Every pressure canner comes with a user manual and recipe book. Mirro isn’t an exception. So, you must take the time to study the user manual before you start using the device.

The more information you have, the more you’ll understand the product. This will help you make the best use of it. You don’t want to make any costly mistakes.

Since Mirro canners usually come with a warranty, you might need to study the warranty terms as well. You need to find out what these warranties cover and what they don’t cover.

Step 2 – Fill it With Water

The next step is to fill it with some water before you place the rack in it. Conversely, you may place the rack inside the canner before you pour some water into it. This makes no difference.

Step 3 – Place The Filled Jars

You can now place the jars that you have already filled with what you want to can. Place them inside the rack one by one before cover it.

Step 4 – Heat the Pressure Canner

Turn on your stove. Make sure the top of your range is flat. Don’t add the regulator yet. Give it some time for steam to escape through the vent pipe. This process takes about 10 – 15 minutes. Allowing the steam to escape exhausts the air in the canner and this makes canning more effective.

Step 5 Add the Regulator

Now, you can fit the regulator and add the weights. Pressure will begin to build in the canner gradually. When the pressure reaches a certain level, the regulator will begin to rock. By now, you must have checked the time stipulated for the process.

Wait until the regulator rocks steadily at about 2 -3 times a minute. You can now begin to time the process. Different types of foods are canned in different durations. So, the time depends on the food you’re canning. Wait until the time elapses.

Step 6 – Allow The Canner to Depressurize

Once the time runs out, turn off the stove and allow the pressure in the canner to come down on its own. With the safety feature of the device, you won’t be able to open it until the pressure drops to a safe level.

We’ll advise you to leave it for at least 15 minutes before you try to open the canner. When the pressure in it reduces, the safety lock will unlock automatically and you’ll be able to open it.

Step 7 – Remove The Jars and Allow them to Cool

You can gently remove the cover and lift the jars one by one. Place them somewhere safe and allow them to cool down. You can leave them for about 6 hours or leave them overnight.

Step 8 – Wash and Store the Device

You can pour out the water in the canner. Wash and store it. We have told you that the device is dishwasher-safe, so you should be able to clean it easily. Don’t leave anything in the canner for too long.

Can I can in a Mirro pressure canner?

Yes, you can use a Mirro pressure canner to can your foods, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, soups, and broths. In fact, Mirro pressure canners are known for high-quality canning. However, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best canning results. Also, follow the canning recipe religiously too.

How do I know if my Mirro pressure canner is working?

After placing the jars inside the pressure canner, the next thing to do is to cover it and turn the stove to medium or high heat. Within 10 minutes, the pot should start steaming. If you don’t see a sign of steaming after 20 minutes, it’s a sign that your pressure canner isn’t working.

Also, when pressure begins to build up in the pressure canner, the regulator should start jiggling (dancing). If it does not dance, it means the pressure isn’t building up in your canner, which in turn means that the pressure canner isn’t working.

How often should the weight jiggle on a pressure canner?

The weighted regulator should jiggle about 1 – 4 times in a minute. After the steam has been vented off, if the regulator does not jiggle, it means that pressure is just starting to build up. When it begins to jiggle once in a minute, the pressure is building up, and it will continue to increase.

When the number of jiggles hits 4 in a minute, it means you have reached the desired pressure. Turn off the heat at this time. If the jiggling gets more than 4 times in a minute, the pressure may be too much.

Are Mirro pressure canners good?

Mirro pressure canners are great, and that’s why the brand is popular. Its pressure canners come in 12-quart, 16-quart, 23-quart, and other sizes. In addition, those that have been using it have confirmed that Mirro pressure canners are durable. And most importantly, the pressure canners have accurate pressure gauges.

Final Word

Mirro is one of the most popular brands of pressure canners, and that’s because the Mirro pressure canners have great qualities. They are available in several sizes, so you can pick the size that suits you. We are also aware that Mirro pressure canners are very durable. Many of its users have confirmed it.

According to the manufacturer, it is necessary to take the pressure canner for inspection at least once a year. In addition, you need to check it before every canning session.

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