How to Use Convection Oven as an Air Fryer? 4 Steps

Air fryers perfect luxurious and modernized kitchens, and so does convection ovens, too. Moreover, air fryer recipes are doable palpably inside the two food heaters. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that they are perfect substitutes for one another despite their differences. How? Convection ovens provide you with a broader range of benefits than their comparison.

Furthermore, convection ovens have better spaces than air fryers and could generate high heat at the same rate as air fryers. The two can cook, fry, toast, and roast in their respective capacities.

So, if you actually want to save time and air fry a substantial number of recipes at a time, you should consider using a convection oven instead. They use convection fans to generate heat waves that can circulate from the bottom to the top of the food.

Obviously, the two can substitute one another in preparing wings, air frying vegetables, chicken nuggets and tenders, and others. There are niggling challenges using the two.

Air fryer recipes require some fundamental dos and don’ts to make the recipe come out crispy and admirably fresh. And if you want to scoop the best result, you’ve really got to check this article out wholly.

How to Use Convection Oven as An Air Fryer? 4 Easy Steps

1. Prepping Recipes

A convection oven can prepare vegetables, chicken tenders, wings, tomatoes, baking, and others at a commeasurable rate.

Notwithstanding, preparing them before initiating the cooking process is as essential as cooking them. Slicing your veggies into petite sizes and, likewise, others are crucial. Slice them into pieces.

Avoid toughness or thickness in their widths. Drying the food before air frying the recipe will prompt absolute evenness throughout the air fryer. Preheating the recipe for minutes before cooking the food will maximize your chances of getting precisions.

For chicken wings, widen the chicken wings if it has been sliced and the breasts cut into strips. Season the chicken and whatever the recipe maybe that requires pepper, salt, and other condiments. Ensure you do this first before moving on to the next step.

2. Setting the Convection Oven for Air Frying Recipes

  • You’ll need dependable cookware for the exercise. We recommend perforated cookware so that heatwave can circulate the air fryer recipe so perfectly.
  • You can use an oven rack instead of the cookware also. However, make sure you lay a baking sheet underneath to ensure that the crumbs are held safely.
  • You can slice, tear, flatten the food top with a spatula before spritzing condiments, and prepare the food for air frying in your convection oven. Avoid too much olive oil; it could fasten the drying time of the food. Too much spray of oil could eventually make the oven soggy also.
  • Air fryer recipes take between 20min and 30min on their time setlists. You can preset your oven within this time range to air fry your recipe to brown and crispy form.
  • Widely spread the recipes so that the crispiness can surface on the golden crust in no time. Close the convection oven door and preset the oven’s timer when you’re through.

3. Steps to Using Convection Oven as an Air Fryer

Air fryer recipes must be flipped from one side to another to avoid unevenness. Flipping the recipe and spritzing seasons on the recipe as you flip it from one side to another depends on what you’re cooking.

Since the convection oven requires an intermittent check of the recipe to constantly evaluate the even spread of the brownish golden crisp on the recipe – it’s mandatory-you pause the timer as you crosscheck.

You can use the spatula’s top to suppress and make swollen parts become even. You can close the convection oven door afterward to allow the continuation of the air fry in the oven.

Also, the estimated temperature has to be reduced by 25 degrees Fahrenheit to get absolute crispiness while you’re on the flipping mode.

4. Determining Doneness & Crispiness

The cooking time of air fryer recipes is longer in a convection oven than air fryer. Air fryers produce hotter waves than convection ovens.

 Therefore, if the recipe manual stipulates a particular degree, you can increase it on the oven’s temperature setting. Non-convection ovens could have 25 degrees Fahrenheit added to theirs to meet up with the precision.

  The recipe would become evenly brown and fascinating. Every tender tendon of the recipe will become heated. Notwithstanding, there’s a tendency for your convection oven’s timer to exceed the air fryer’s; the air fryer convents hotter heat while convection ovens’ heatwave is more searing than toasters’ and some sorts.

However, once the estimated time elapses at first but the recipe hasn’t become crisped, set the timer 3min interval from one stoppage time to another.

Can You Use Your Convection Oven As an Air Fryer?

Yes, you can as long as your oven uses convection fans. Convection fans transfer heat from the top, sides, and the bottom of the oven. It generates sufficient heat that surpasses room temperature and can cook recipes. However, the electronic unit’s timer helps users safely control the food’s duration in the oven. Although the convection oven automatically stops the operation of the heat generation once the time elapses, there is a stop-time function that aids users in remarkably halting the process of the convection oven.

What Temperature Do You Air Fry in a Convection Oven?

Air fry recipes have their duration range between 25min and 35min. Nevertheless, a convection oven requires extended time because it generates lesser heat and crispness at the same temperature as air fryers.

The cooking time on air fryers and convection oven range between 300 degrees Fahrenheit and 500 degrees Fahrenheit; it all depends on what one is cooking. You might need to crank the degree in the convection oven further or extend the frying period. Food heaters without the convection fans should have their temperature cranked up by an additional 25-degree Fahrenheit.

Does a Convection Oven Make Food Crispy?

Yes, a convection oven makes food crispy at the same rate as air fryers. While crispiness is attainable, the convection oven ought to be checked often. Why? This is because heat spread in convection ovens isn’t as effective as in air fryers’. Meanwhile, this is because of the vastness of conventional ovens.

Heat doesn’t convent from the bottom of most units, and the presence of the rack could prolong the doneness period of less-exposed sides. Indeed, that is why the cooking time of air fryer recipes has to be extended beyond the stipulated period.

How is Air Frying Different from Convection Baking?

Air frying offers different functional output from convection baking. Air fryers are fast and generate high heatwave that can cook recipes than convection ovens. Notwithstanding, a convection oven provides a broader space for convection baking than air fryers despite the two can bake and fry. Basically, they can do the same function, and they are kitchen appliances that complement luxurious lifestyles.

Which is Better, an Air Fryer or Convection Oven?

An air fryer is better if you’re frying, roasting, toasting, and cooking air fryer recipes in their minute numbers. In other words, provided you’re preparing your recipe one by one or bit by bit to get quick and 100% crispness, then an air fryer is the ultimate.

On the contrary, if you’ve got a lot of air fryer recipes to prepare, you can consider the betterments of the convection oven over its comparison to save time and space.

How to Use Convection Oven as an Air Fryer

Final Words

You can now use your convection oven as your air fryer. You can use it for air fryer recipes and some other cooking options. The ultimate essential is to set the temperature and the time limits perfectly, and you’d get the best fascinating result.

In a nutshell, use the steps we’ve provided you to make the correct preparation of the recipe. Use the instruction in the manual list to prepare the recipe with your convection oven. In addition, your discretion is needed while executing this still.