Top 10 Best Air Fryers Review in 2021 | Get the Right Model for You

Best Air Fryer

Have you been searching stores, both real and online, for the best air fryer? If so you’re not the only one as more and more people have become interested in it.

The demand is not limited to households however as you’re going Who Makes the Air Fryersto find a growing number of restaurants and diners using it as well.

With the growing demand for healthy food, it’s hardly a surprise that air fryers are very much in demand. There are many brands of air fryers, but they all promise the same thing: the taste and texture of fried food with only a little of the oil used. Such a claim has no doubt stirred interest in people who like fried food but are concerned about their health.

But do air fryers work the same way, and will you get the same benefit regardless of the brand you buy? There’s no shortage of locations where you can purchase these things, but which is the right one? If you do a quick search online you’re going to find a lot of them, and each one says they’re the best.

That is where this guide may be able to help you.

We have extensive experience using air fryers, and we put that to good use in picking out the top air fryers. You can jump straight into the review sections below and pick out the ones that you find suitable.

If you’re new to air fryers and want to find out more about them, you can check out the guide we have prepared. We have tried our best to cover all the important aspects so you will know what you are buying. These sections are especially crucial for a first time buyer: if you’re going to cook your food here, you have to know what it is and the benefits.

Top 10 Air Fryers 2019 – Reviews and Comparisons:

Picture Product Name Description Rating Price
Power Air Fryer XL

Power Air Fryer XL

Brand: Power Air Fryer XL
Color: Black
Dimensions: 13.2 x 11.4 x 12.8 in
Weight: 12 pounds

Philips XL Airfryer

Brand: Philips
Color: Black
Dimensions: 12.4 x 16.65 x 11.89 in
Weight: 18.98 lbs
Material Type: Plastic
Philips HD9220 26 Airfryer

Philips HD9220 26 Airfryer

Brand: Philips
Color: Black
Dimensions: 15.35 x 15.35 x 14.88 in
Weight: 18.85 lbs
Material Type: Plastic

Gowise USA Gw22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer

Color: Black
Dimensions: 8.5 x 9 x 12 in
Weight: 12 lbs
Material Type: Plastic

Avalon Bay AirFryer with Rapid Air Circulation Technology

Brand: Avalon Bay
Color: Black
Dimensions: 11 x 13.5 x 12.75 in
Weight: 14 lbs

T-Fal Fz7002 Actifry Airfryer

Brand: T-fal
Color: Black
Dimensions: 11.75 x 19.1 x 15.6 in
Weight: 10.9 lbs
Material Type: Plastic

GoWISE USA 8-in-1. Electric Air Fryer

Color: White
Dimensions: 12 x 9.5 x 9 in
Weight: 12 lbs
Material Type: Plastic

GoWISE USA 2nd Generation Electric Digital Air Fryer

Color: White
Dimensions: 8 x 11 x 6 in
Weight: 11 lbs
Material Type: Plastic
Black Decker Hf110sbd 2 Liter Oil Free Air Fryer

Black Decker Hf110sbd 2 Liter Oil Free Air Fryer

Color: Black/Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 12.48 x 12.48 x 13.86 in
Weight: 12.6 pounds
Material Type: Plastic

NutriChef Electric Air Fryer and Multi Cooker 1200 Watt, Black

Brand: NutriChef
Color: Black
Dimensions: 10.8 x 10.5 x 12.1 in
Weight: 7.9 pounds
Material Type: Plastic

Top 10 Best Affordable Air Fryers for Home Use:

1. Power Air Fryer XL (5.3 QT Deluxe, Black)

The Power Air fryer XL has a capacity of 5.3 QT so it is suitable for two people. It can cook up to 400 F which is sufficient for almost all fried foods. The XL usually doesn’t need any oil: while other frying pans need at least a tablespoon, the XL doesn’t require a lot of cooking oil to give you great food.

The XL uses Rapid Air Technology to quickly cook food. While it specializes in frying, the XL can also grill, sauté, steam, bake and roast. Because the XL is so versatile you can use it to cook other types of healthy foods. This also means you can use this 1700 watt cooker to whip up different meals if you want to take a break from “fried” foods.

The one touch controls makes it a breeze to cook almost whatever you want without or with less cooking oil. This is possible due to the XL Turbo Cyclonic Air which cooks food instead of oil. As you put food in and the cooker is turned on, food is cooked in ultra hot air, so no lard or oil is involved.

Since the XL doesn’t fry food in the traditional sense there’s no cooking fat and you consume less calories. The end result is food has the same crispiness, texture and taste you love minus the greasiness and trans fat. The touchscreen controls are very responsive so you can cook without messing around with a lot of controls.

The XL is also versatile, capable of cooking homemade potato chips, mozzarella sticks, potato skins, chicken wings and more. At just 14.5″ H x 12.5″ W x 14.9″ D it doesn’t use a lot of space either.
[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#228B22″ class=”posbox”]


  • Easy to use
  • Cleanup is quick
  • Does not need oil
  • One touch control panel settings
  • Cooks at up to 400 Fahrenheit

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#ff0000″ class=”negbox”]


  • Door is a little hard to close


2. Philips XL Airfryer

The Philips XL has been designed with your health in mind. It needs very little oil – up to 75% less than skillet – so your calorie consumption goes down. The design was approved by noted chef Gordon Ramsay as well as the recipes, an indication of how high the quality is.

The Philips XL makes its case for the top rated air fryer with its capacity. There is enough space here to fry 2.6 lbs. of French fries or other foods. You can also use the Philips XL to cook other foods via steam, roast, grill or bake, so you’re not limited to fried foods. The air fryer is also dishwasher safe so cleaning is easy.

It has a free Philips Air Fryer app where you can access 150 recipes, including some that Gordon Ramsay preferred. The capacity is large enough for two adults and it is fast too. Compared to skillets and frying pans, the Philips XL cooks faster. The controls may seem a confusing, but the instruction manual does a decent job explaining what you have to do.

Once you get the idea of how the Philips XL works you’ll be saving time as food is cooked quicker. Just for comparison, the Philips XL takes 24 minutes to cook a batch of chicken wings, whereas an oven would take 40 minutes. The food tastes great and being able to cook different ways is a plus.

Some of the recipes require a bit of oil, usually a tablespoon. Others don’t so you just have to check the recipe. Either way you’ll be eating healthier with the Philips XL.
[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#228B22″ class=”posbox”]


  • Uses 75% less fat than regular frying methods
  • Good capacity
  • Food is cooked quickly
  • Compatible with various Philips air fryer accessories
  • Free app has 150+ recipes

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#ff0000″ class=”negbox”]


  • Controls may be a bit complicated for first time users


3. Philips HD9220 26 Airfryer

The HD9220 26 Airfryer is an all-around cooker. It is primarily for healthy frying, but it also bakes, grills, and roasts food. You can do all these with just a tablespoon of oil or less, and the HD9220 comes with a double layer Rack so you can cook more food in it. No matter what you’re cooking, you can easily adjust the settings with the touchscreen controls.

The timer can be set up to 60 minutes so you don’t always have to keep an eye on it. The HD9220 cooks up to 390 F so you can “fry” food thoroughly. Once you’re done cooking you can put it in the dishwasher to clean it up. There is a free companion app with 100+ recipes to get you started.

The HD9220 uses Philips’ proprietary starfish design so hot air flows around the air fryer. It allows air to circulate so food is cooked properly and evenly. The end result is the food is tender inside and crispy outside. You can also expect the same results when you grill or roast so you’re not stuck with frying alone.

Except for the slight sound of the fan, the HD9220 is quiet even when filled to capacity. Cooking is straightforward and faster compared to regular frying. There are heat settings recommendations included, though you can change them up if you want. Some find suggested settings too high, so feel free to tinker with the settings until you’re happy with the results. The HD9220 also doesn’t take up a lot of space so it’s ideal for small kitchens.
[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#228B22″ class=”posbox”]


  • Uses a tablespoon or less of butter or cooking oil
  • Easy to adjust temperature control
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lots of recipes in the guide
  • Timer makes cooking easy

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#ff0000″ class=”negbox”]


  • Some food bits get stuck in the basket


4. Gowise USA Gw22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer

The Gw22621 lets you enjoy the taste of fried foods without using oil. Its touchscreen controls make it easy to change settings and cook food the way you want it. There are 7 preset programs: fish, shrimp, steak, chicken, meat and chips, so make your selection and the Gw22621 does the rest. You may also opt for manual programming to fine tune your dish.

The temperature is adjustable from 175 to 400 F so you can cook everything from chicken wings to fries without using oil. With the Gw22621 you also get a 30 minute timer with standby mode. After the timer runs out, the Gw22621 automatically goes into standby mode, so no need for manual switching.

The Gw22621 has ETL certification, and you can remove the basket to serve food. The results are consistent as hot air circulates evenly, allowing food to cook evenly. Whether it’s steak, chicken or something else, there are no uneven areas, and the 30 minute timer gives you full control.

The Gw22621 instructions are easy to follow, and the end results are very consistent. A light misting of oil may be needed in some recipes, but oftentimes oil is not required at all. A recipe guide is included so you’ll have lots of different meals you can prepare.

Gowise makes lot of quality air fryers, and the Gw22621 is one of the best they have to offer. Its generous capacity, ease of use and ability to cook foods like they’re fried makes it stand out from the rest of the pack.
[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#228B22″ class=”posbox”]


  • Cooks fast whether it’s fry, grill or roast
  • Easy to choose between the presets and manual cooking time
  • Timer has an auto standby feature
  • Easy to clean after use

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#ff0000″ class=”negbox”]


  • Basket does not slide as smoothly as other air fryers


5. Avalon Bay AirFryer with Rapid Air Circulation Technology

The 3.2 liter Avalon Air Fryer uses Rapid Air Circulation Technology so air flows inside the fryer quickly and accurately. It is the hot, circulating air which cooks food even without using a lot of oil. Once you’re done cooking you can remove the mesh metal basket and use the fryer to serve food.

A rack and baking pan are included, allowing you to cook in different ways without using a lot of butter or oil. It also has a timer which puts the Avalon in standby mode after cooking is done. The compact design of the fryer also means it won’t take up a lot of space on your counter-top.

The 3.2 liter capacity gives you a lot of room to cook. You can set the Avalon to cook up to 400 F, great for those dishes that need lots of heat. Even at this level you don’t need to use a lot of oil to get food ready.

The Avalon air fryer doesn’t fry food in the regular way, and it is more like a convection oven. Its XL fan system removes the fats and oils, letting them drip in the basket below. Once the fats are removed, the Avalon fries the food by raising the oil. This process goes on continuously, cooking food thoroughly.
The end result of all this is food gets “fried” properly, with a crispy exterior and a tender interior. You can also use the Avalon for baking, and it stirs and deep fry foods quickly.
[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#228B22″ class=”posbox”]


  • Generous cooking capacity
  • Cleaning up takes only a few minutes
  • The removable metal basket can be used as a food server
  • Intuitive controls and design
  • Does not take up a lot of countertop space

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#ff0000″ class=”negbox”]


  • Some models don’t have a cookbook


6. T-Fal Fz7002 Actifry Airfryer

The Fz7002 Actifry cooks different types of food ranging from seafood to meats, deserts, vegetables and stir fries. With just a tbsp. of cooking oil you can cook up to 2 lbs. of fries.

Food is fried the way you’d expect it to be, soft inside and crispy outside. All you have to do is put the ingredients in, add a tablespoon of oil, set the timer and the Actifry does the rest. When the food is ready the timer notifies you, that’s all there is to it. There is no need to preheat as the Actifry cooks food evenly.

Its 2.2. lb. capacity is good for 3 to 4 servings, and its on/off switch is easily accessible. The timer is digital and easy to set up, and the transparent lid lets you see what’s going inside the fryer. A paddle and nonstick pan are included so you can start cooking right away.

The nonstick pan is FOA and PTFE free, and the lid remains secure during cooking. A filter is built in so there’s no smell, and the exterior is always cool to touch. You can cook different types of foods in the Actifry, and its recipe book contains 38 recipes.

The Actifry uses the T-Fal AirFry heating technology to ensure food is cooked properly. With this, hot air is fully optimized and circulates so all areas are evenly heated. The combination of the pulse heat system and the paddle cooks food evenly and without using a lot of oil. Whether you want to make French fries or other meals, the Actifry simplifies the process so even a first timer will know what to do.
[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#228B22″ class=”posbox”]


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quick cleanup
  • Uses only a tablespoon of oil
  • Food is evenly cooked
  • Cooks different types of food

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#ff0000″ class=”negbox”]


  • Just average capacity


7. Gowise USA (GW22611) 8 in 1 Electric Air Fryer

The GoWise 8 in 1 is an all-purpose fryer that also bakes, roasts and grills food. Available in black and red, the GoWise 8 in 1 has ETL certification so you’re assured of quality and performance.

There are 8 presets: Fish, cake, meat, steak, chicken, chips and warmup. Simply choose the desired function and the GoWise 8 in 1 starts cooking. Its timer can be set up to 30 minutes, so you can just leave the fryer and let it cook. Temperature range is from 176 to 392 F so it has the power needed for thorough cooking.

Using rapid air circulation, the GoWise 8 in 1 cooks food without the need for a lot of oil. Its air circulation method is the same one which is used for baking, roasting and grilling, and with equally good results. Rather than use a separate cooker, the GoWise 8 in 1 functions as a do it all.

You can remove the pan for easy cleaning in a dishwasher, and the handgrip is always cool to the touch even when frying at 390 F. It is also versatile and cooks a lot more than the 8 presets. There is also an overheat protection system that kicks in, keeping you and your kitchen safe.

The GoWise 8 in 1 also complies with the Electro-Magnetic Fields standards to ensure quality. There is nothing fancy with its design, but it gets the job done as far as cooking is concerned. If you’re looking to fry food without the grease, this may be what you need.
[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#228B22″ class=”posbox”]


  • Consistent results regardless of what you’re cooking
  • Does not take too long to clean even with used extensively
  • Comes with cooking presets for quick meals
  • Timer is reliable and lets you go about your daily routines
  • Compact design saves space

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#ff0000″ class=”negbox”]


  • Too small for baking


8. GoWISE USA 2nd Generation Electric Digital Air Fryer

This one is of the top air fryer products available today owing to its many features. You can cook chicken wings, fries, hotdogs and other foods without having to add oil, and this lowers your calories even when you eat several helpings. The temperature range is from 175 to 392 F so it’s versatile enough to handle different kinds of foods.

With its 30 minute timer you can set this airfryer to cook for a specific time and go about your daily business. Once the timer is done you will be notified. The same convenience is found in the temperature controls: a light appears to let you know the temperature you want has been reached.

You control the temperature and timer with two separate knobs for precision. After cooking you may remove the basket to transfer food. Performance wise there really isn’t a lot more to ask as the Gw22622 cooks food thoroughly whether it is French fries, chicken wings or other food.

The controls are easy to figure out, and the instructions make operation easy to follow. The GoWISE USA 2nd Generation Electric Digital Air Fryer doesn’t make as much noise as other air fryers either. Aside from the noise reduction, it also cooks food faster. This is also ETL certified and built for durability so you can use this every day.

This air fryer is one of the most popular products that GoWise has released, and its extensive feature set is the reason why.
[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#228B22″ class=”posbox”]


  • Knobs make it easy to control the temperature
  • Indicator light tells you when desired temperature has been attained
  • Cooks lots of different foods with little to no oil needed
  • Dishwasher safe basket
  • Foods taste great

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#ff0000″ class=”negbox”]


  • Some foods like tenderloin may take longer to cook than others


9. Black Decker Hf110sbd 2 Liter Oil Free Air Fryer

The Hf110sbd Air Fryer is equipped with dual convection fans work together with heat to ensure hot air circulates for crispy, tasty food. You can cook all kinds of food here, and the 2 liter capacity gives you space for dishes to snacks.

Its timer can be programmed up to 60 minutes so you can fry and cook lots of foods. After cooking, the timer turns off the Hf110sbd, a very convenient and useful safety feature. It also has variable temperature control from 175 to 400 degrees F so you can still enjoy those deep fried treats without copious amounts of oil.

The indicator lights are also useful as it tells you if the power is on and if the preheat temperature has been attained. These are seemingly small things but go far in terms of making your cooking more enjoyable.

The Hf110sbd is durably built, and food tastes great. If you’re like most people there is this feeling of guilt when you eat fried foods because of the health risk. Now with the Hf110sbd you can eat as much as you want without having to fear the consequences as it’s healthy.

Being easy to use is another reason why the Hf110sbd has become in demand. Most people use this to prepare potato chips and fries, but it’s just as effective for vegetables, fried chicken, burgers and other food. You can even use this to make cakes and other desserts. It doesn’t need preheating so that’s another advantage.
[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#228B22″ class=”posbox”]


  • Makes French fries quickly
  • Foods are crisply cooked with little to no oil required
  • The indicator lights provide are very helpful
  • Very good temperature control
  • Dependable performance

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#ff0000″ class=”negbox”]


  • Capacity is good for 1 to 2 people only


10. NutriChef Electric Air Fryer and Multi Cooker 1200 Watt, Black

Any list of the latest air fryer won’t be complete without mentioning the Nutrichef Electric Air Fryer. With this you can cook food that is as tasty and crispy as fried food but without or very little oil. Reducing the amount of fried foods you eat is important for health reasons, and with the Nutrichef you get to eat healthy and tasty foods.

The Nutrichef is easy to use; you just put the ingredients in the basket, set the temperature and time, and it will do the rest. No matter what you’re cooking the end results are always the same, crispy foods that rival any fried food. Besides frying you can also use the Nutrichef to grill, bake, roast and broil.

The versatility of the Nutrichef is the reason why it is a good investment. Because it can cook in different ways, you no longer need large kitchen equipment, deep fryers or ovens, as the Nutrichef can do it all. The fryer doesn’t take up a lot of room on your countertop, making it ideal for those with limited space.

The Nutrichef relies on air circulation to fry food, so they’re delicious yet don’t have that greasiness which is too common with deep fryers. So whether you want a barbecue, burgers or prepare chicken, the Nutrichef won’t disappoint.

The Nutrichef is also easy to clean, and the major parts re dishwasher safe, and not using oil makes it even easier to clean. With regular frying pans, cleaning up all the grease is a tedious chore and more than a little messy.
[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#228B22″ class=”posbox”]


  • Lets you cook food in different ways
  • Fast cooking time
  • Takes away the hassles of cooking fried foods
  • Food is evenly cooked
  • Doesn’t use up a lot of countertop space

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_list icon=”icon: warning” icon_color=”#ff0000″ class=”negbox”]


  • Instructions for use are a bit lacking


What is an Air Fryer?

What is Air Fryer

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance for cooking fried food but with less oil needed. The less oil used the less amount of fat you consume. Unlike a regular skillet, air fryers don’t need hot cooking oil to cook.

In spite of the name, an air fryer doesn’t actually fry food. Strictly speaking, the “fry” means to cook with fat, and that’s not what an air fryer.

This cooking appliance is a convection oven, self-contained with an oven inside. Its orientation is vertical and has a fan which uses an electrical heater element to direct air downward.

The air flow begins from the top, gets hot and goes into the food via a basket cooking mesh. The air then goes through a drip that moves the air along the top again. During the process food is suspended in the center.

The mesh basket resembles a deep fry container, but there is no frying going on here as there’s no oil. Because of the way air fryers cook food, it is healthier than regular skillets and frying pans.

That is basically how air fryers work, but there are differences due to the way an air fryer is designed by a particular brand.

Who Makes the Air Fryers?

All brands claim to be the best, but based on our experience the best ones are those that are durable, long lasting, and have good capacity.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes for a good air fryer, so you have to consider your own needs and if the air fryer meets them.

Since all brands make the same claim, you have to set your own criteria and use that as your guide. This is where knowledge of air fryers becomes critical so you don’t get confused with the language used.

What Can You Cook in An Air Fryer?

What Can You Cook in An Air FryerAnything you can cook in a frying pan can cooked in an air fryer. Hotdogs, burgers, pork chops and chicken are the most popular, but there are lots of other foods you can prepare. Potatoes, fish fillet, fries, steak and other foods can be prepared here as well.

Potato wedges, potato croquettes, and roasted vegetables don’t need a lot of cooking oil when used in air fryers. These are also great if you like fried meatballs but don’t want the fats.

Apart from the standard fried food, an air fryer lets you be more creative. You could for instance, concoct bacon wrapped shrimp, cheddar bacon croquettes and fried spring rolls.

Other foods you can whip are Korean BBQ satay, chimichurri skirt steak, stuffed garlic mushrooms, Moroccan meatballs, portabella pepperoni pizza and mushroom, onion and feta frittata.

Your air fryer should come with a recipe booklet and you can find lots more online. Because an air fryer doesn’t use a lot of oil, you don’t have to be as concerned when it comes to cholesterol and other effects. Even with little cooking experience you’ll be preparing a lot of recipes in no time.

Where to Buy Air Fryer?

So now the question is where you can buy the best air fryer?

Well the good news because you can buy these in a lot of places. The first place most people turn to is the web, and why not as it is convenient. With just a few clicks you’ll come across hundreds of air fryers from the most popular brands.

Online shoppers can purchase from any of the popular retailers or buy directly from the manufacturer. Buying online makes it easy to narrow your options according to budget or specific features, something hard to do with “real” stores.

Another benefit of shopping for air fryers online is you don’t have to leave your chair to process the order and have it delivered to you.

Of course you can still buy these from standard stores so you can see the item in person. Regardless where you decide to buy, there is no lacking in options. What is important is to make sure you use the proper criteria so you will end up with the right product.

Just like when buying any product, you have to buy only from reputable websites and brands that are known for good customer service.

How Good are Air Fryers?

How Good are Air Fryers

Air fryer quality varies from product to product and brand to brand. In general however air fryers are excellent kitchen appliances. They are easy to use and as pointed out earlier, you can cook a wide range of foods on it. Basically anything you can fry can be cooked here as well.

These air fryers also have special features that simplify cooking. Most have timers so you don’t have to guess about the timing, and they also provide you with control over the temperature for cooking. A lot of air fryers also have lights that indicate they’re cooking.

Most importantly, air fryers do a great job of cooking food. Its claim – the same texture and crispness as fried food without frying – sounds too good to be true. But ask anyone who has tried these and they will tell you that it actually works.

The way you prepare and cook recipes vary from one air fryer to another, but the end result is strikingly similar to real fried food. So while quality and cooking time can vary, you can be certain that air fryers do a good job of simulating the taste and texture of fried food.

Do Air Fryers Use Oil?

As we mentioned earlier, most air fryers only need a small amount of oil, a tablespoon or less. However, there are some air fryers which don’t any oil at all. The fact that air fryers use very little or no oil is beneficial to your health.

Cooking oil, especially vegetable oil is unhealthy because it contains too much polyunsaturated fatty acids. Most cooking oils are also processed using toxic solvents and various chemicals not meant for human consumption.

Vegetable cooking oils also damage your body’s fatty acids, in particular omega 3 and omega 6. The imbalance caused by cooking oil produces a chain reaction that negatively affects your organs. Cooking oil also makes you more vulnerable to inflammation, increases bad cholesterol and just overall bad for your health.

The bottom line is the less cooking you use the better, and that is what you get with an air fryer. It doesn’t have the unhealthy aspects of fried food, so you can keep eating without feeling guilty.

If you’re not sure how much oil to use, check the recipes. Some may need a tablespoon while other foods may require less or none at all.

What Brands are the Top Air Fryers?

As the demand for air fryers have grown, so to the number of companies that manufactures them. It is impossible to name one single brand that makes the top air fryer because these brands manufacture scores of air fryers.

However, we can name several brands that should be included in any best air fryer brand list. Power Air and Philips are known for their high quality air fryers and so is GoWise USA.

If you look up air fryers online you’re also going to find a lot of products from T-Fal, NutriChef and Avalon Bay. Black and Decker is also known for their wide range of kitchen appliances including air fryers. It should not surprise you then the air fryers that made our top 10 air fryers are made by these brands.

Are there other quality brands?

Yes there are more than few, but the ones we mentioned here can be found in almost all lists of the top air fryer manufacturers.

If you’re going to buy an air fryer it must be from a reliable brand, and these companies earned their reputation by their consistency. If you want value for money, these are the brands to trust.

Is the Air Fryer Healthy?

The short answer to this question is yes, they’re healthier. Frying pans require lots of cooking oil, and as has been explained earlier too much oil isn’t good for you. You may not feel the effects now, but as you get older the ill effects will be apparent.

Air fryers let you enjoy the taste of fried food without the health risks. To recap, air fryers just need a tablespoon of oil to cook food.

Instead it relies mostly on hot air to brown, crisp food. So in terms of appearance, texture and taste the food is similar to fried, but it doesn’t need as much oil.

There is no lacking of evidence for the ill effects of fatty and fried foods, so it makes sense to invest in an air fryer. Even if you feel healthy, the less fried foods you eat the better.

How Much are Good Air Fryers?

So how much is the good air fryer?

The price tag depends on the quality, capacity and other factors. Prices change all the time but it is usually around $70 at the low end to a couple hundred dollars or more. Keep in mind that retailers online often have discounts so you may get them for a lower cost.

Even so, air fryers are still more expensive than frying pans. Most skillets are from $12 to $40 give or take. So is there a reason to buy an air fryer given the discrepancy in price?

Yes, it is worth buying for many reasons.

First you should not compare it to a regular frying pan as they’re very different. Just to think of the air fryer as an investment for your health. Whatever amount you spend on an air fryer should be considered relative to your health. The cash you spend for an air fryer will pay for itself in terms of a healthier you.

Bottom line: If you love fried foods but starting to get worried about your health, then there’s every reason to get an air fryer and think of the long term benefits.

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10 Benefits of Using an Air Fryer:

We have mentioned to a certain degree of the benefits of air fryers. But now it is time we took a closer look at what they can do.
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  • Air fryers cook tasty and health foods. Whether they are hotdogs, burgers, fries or something else, the taste and quality are just as good.
  • Air fryers are safe to use. Cooking oil can be dangerous if not handled properly, but air fryers don’t pose any risk in the kitchen.
  • Air fryers can be used for more than just healthy “frying”, as you can also use it to prepare muffins and other desserts. Just take a look at the recipes in your air fryer booklet or go online.
  • Air fryers prevent food from drying inside, but still retain the texture and crispiness. Drying is one of the most common problems when frying food and results in uneven taste.
  • Food is cooked rapidly without compromising the flavor and taste. In fact many cooks say food tastes even better because it doesn’t have the greasiness which some fried foods have.
  • Because air fryers are versatile and cook food quickly, it is more convenient and practical to use. Aside from fried foods, air fryers can be used for a wide range of meals.
  • “Frying” in a fryer is more convenient than using a skillet. With a skillet you have to do a lot of preparation, such as making sure the oil is the right amount.
  • Even though there are different types of air fryers, most of them are easy to use. Recipe books are included as well as timers so you don’t have to guess when food is cooked.
  • Air fryers use very little oil. Aside from health benefits, it also means you don’t have to worry about spills, burning, grease or fire due to the oil.
  • Air fryers are simpler to clean because it doesn’t use a lot of oil. If you have ever cooked in oil you know how difficult it is to clean up afterwards. Most are also dishwasher safe so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.


Those are the major benefits that you will get from air fryers. But apart from these, any food you cook have 80% less fat compared to regular frying methods. When you consider all these benefits, it’s easy to see why they’re popular.

Buying Guide – 5 Things to Consider Before Buying an Air fryer:

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If you want to shop around for an air fryer, you have to consider several factors to make sure you take the following into consideration.

1. Capacity

Most air fryers have a capacity of 2 to 4 lbs. Other air fryers state the capacity in liters or cups so you may need to convert the measurements to find out if it meets your needs. Your choice has to be based on your current needs and how often you intend to use them.

You have to consider how much you intend to cook. If it’s just for you, a compact air fryer will do. If you’ll be cooking for friends and family or like to eat large meals, get the biggest air fryer you can afford. For average meals and needs, the 2 lbs. capacity is sufficient for fries and chips. Larger capacity is needed for turkey and chicken.

2. Size

Don’t confuse this with the capacity as we’re referring to the physical dimensions of the air fryer. Is there enough space on your kitchen countertop for the appliance?

Physical size is closely related to capacity, though some air fryers have become creative in their design. If you need a large capacity air fryer, you must make space on your counter-top. To save space some air fryers have a vertically oriented design. Others have built in cord storage to save space.

3. Brand

Buy from a manufacturer that has a good reputation in air fryers. They must have good customer support, reasonable price and solid built. Once you’ve narrowed the choices down to one or two, check their different products and the specs.

The more well-known a brand is the better. This isn’t to say new companies aren’t able to produce quality air fryers. However a well-known brand is more likely to provide customer support.

4. Wattage

Most air fryers have a wattage range of 400 to 800 watts so ensure your power outlets are compatible and can handle this kind of power.

5. Other Features

While air fryers have the same basic function, it’s the extra features that set them apart.

Settings: The settings must be easy to change as there’s no point having lots of options if they’re inaccessible.

Temperature range: Most air fryers can go up to 360 F, but others can go up to 400 F. Range is important depending on what you intend to cook.

Timer: Timer limits vary but it is indispensable for a lot of people. With a timer you’ll be able to cook foods with precision. A timer also ensures the air fryer automatically shuts down. This is a handy feature especially if you often forget to shut the air fryer down.

Warranty: The longer the warranty the better. A long warranty is also indicative of the brand’s commitment to quality. The extent of the coverage is crucial, because if there’s a problem and it falls in the warranty period, you can have the air fryer repaired or replaced.

Final Verdict

Hopefully this guide has helped you find the right air fryer to satisfy your needs. We made sure only the best were included in our list so no matter which of the ten you choose, they’re going to satisfy your cravings for fried food without the fats. As to which of the ten is the best, that’s something only you can decide by going through their features.

Searching for the best air fryer isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Before there were only a few ones sold, and prohibitively priced at that.

But now you can find a lot of these online and at more affordable prices. If you’ve been using frying pans for the longest time and worried about what it is doing to your body, it’s time to switch to the great air fryer.